Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Lessons From The Jokers Of AIM

Christmas Cracker jokes from within A.I.M 2014

Last year I sat around the dinner table pulling crackers with the extended family, each of us had a small plastic flute inside which played a single note. As the nominated conductor flagged you in we blew the flute one by one to become a very basic orchestra. This year we have seen some really big Christmas crackers but these are my top 3.

1.) Lenigas said that Leni Gas & Oil (LGO) had no need or intention of issuing shares in a placing as some have speculated. He is fully funded to drill aggressively in Trinidad boosting output materially in the near term. (June 2014)

It's a CRACKER - LGO today announces that the Company has raised £7 million before expenses, by way of a Company arranged placing of 200 million new ordinary shares (July 2014) - The company went on to raise a further £2.3 million (Oct 2014) Totalling £9.3 million.

2.) We have carried out an extensive reevaluation of seismic data at Horse Hill, Then in response to a twitter question David Lenigas replied '' we believe we will hit the right side of the fault due to there interpretation of 3d seismic data...

It's a CRACKER - Neil Ritson confirms Lenigas must have been confused as we don't have 3d seismic data, (Only 2d) which left the usual typo error excuse all at sea as he had tweeted not once not twice but three times that 3d was on offer - IT WASN'T

3.) David goes quiet on Monday with the line '' I'll let the results do the talking '' (within a matter of hours prior) Lenigas comes out fighting suggesting naughty shorters were behind the fall which could lead folk to believe that a placing was not coming (which I suggested is exactly what would happen) oh and he was excited.... (Oct 7th 2014)

It's a CRACKER - The Board of UKOG is pleased to announce that the Company has raised £2,000,000 before expenses by way of a Company arranged placing of 166,666,667 new ordinary shares of 0.01p each in the Company (the "Placing Shares") at a placing price of 1.2 pence (8th Oct 2014) that's right the very next day...

I'm often asked do I not like David Lenigas? And my reply is the same, he's a master class at what he does!!! He's also trying to manage an ego the same size as his gut which is causing a real battle with reality.... '' Perhaps I'm an angel who was put on this earth to be the voice of reason '' or perhaps the devil within just causes me to keep digging into this despicable behaviour. The Aim regulators, the Aim investigators and the FCA and ASIC has a duty of care to all UK and global investors...

Never take all of what you read as gospel, take heed of the festive message: Carry out extensive due diligence and #KnowTheGame before risking your hard earned cash into the Aim circles, be wary, treat everything with concept and don't trust people who are offended if you don't give yourself to the markets easily '' It will snatch the life right out of your portfolio at the blink of an eye ''

Stay say, stay strong and stay on top.....

Merry Christmas, Happy holidays



Friday, 19 December 2014

The Evolution Of Twitter

If a rabbit could tell you how much it loved carrots it would start by repeating itself like a child that wants to be given sweets or like gollam with his precious. The transition from eagerly wanting it to forcefully needing can be quick...

I find twitter has began to evolve this way, I want you to want it as much as I do, then you must need it as much as I need it. this horrific transformation takes place right in front of your eyes and should you dare not to mention something the reader wants you to, your systematically questioned about your person belief.

95% of people lose, I'm not one of that 95% so find myself asking, what do I get out of twitter? I believe I've acted in the best interest of myself and others around me by being open,frank and honest whilst giving an insight to the mechanism of the markets in the city of London.

If you have no point to prove then why engage in wasteful exchanges? The Christmas break is certainly time to reflect. Gold mines in Wales, Holding companies in Oz, Children mowed down in Pakistan, Sieges in Sydney and more spiders webs in Perth than a scenes from arachnophobia or perhaps its just a heroin like cravings from morons.

Do we really need Twitter.

All the best Folk's


Sunday, 14 December 2014

DocsLaymanChatter Vol XXXI.

Oh boy! What a week, over a $100Billion evaporated from the markets in the worse week in years and whilst my portfolio has slipped 10% recently, (yes backwards) I find myself answering the cry of '' your no expert and you're a shit tipster '' jeez Louise as if I'm solely to blame for the collapse in the oil price or in fact the slump in the junior resource space...

I think its safe to say the markets are full of utter twerps, some of which '' see no evil, hear no evil '' but my sanity is replenished when i speak to guys like Josh who are not only industry experts in their field but ruddy good folk to suit. I've spoken to a few good folk recently and discussed a wide variety of topics so accept that whilst there is an army of retail punters relying on blind faith! there are also the Alex or Josh of this world to give me hope.

I work 18hrs each day, eating,sleeping and shitting the stock market and yes I'm a saddo! not as sad as my mate Tom Winnifrith but sad nonetheless. Now to be clear to the odd loony that goes to the trouble of setting up accounts to sling shit towards myself or anyone else for that matter, you really must take heed of this message:

I'm about as thick skinned as you can be, feel free to spout off all you like, your engagement with me ends instantly when i hit the block button, there are plenty of people I have had heated debate with that I follow and engage with (even if I strongly disagree with them) however mutual respect for anothers opinion was the way I was brought up, now you might be thinking if he's that thick skinned why comment? I want to be very clear here:

I'm not an expert, I have tipped companies that have gone to zero (just the one but hey) and I have believed in an asset prior to finding out just how bent certain executive officers of companies are. I accept those calls, I accept people criticising me and I accept that life's like a box of chocolates. Feel free to oversee some of the biggest calls in the small cap sector over the last few years, I opened my account as a writer with a company that did a 40% or 60% gain (it slips my mind now).
it took a few months and i was ecstatic, I held no position as I didn't want any emotional distractions. My time as a writer consisted of picking stocks 90%+ of which i wasn't financially reliant on or exposed to. Any writer worth his salt will tell you that its hard enough without the added pressure, however overtime I found myself backing winners and losers in the markets as well as writing. The point here is I disclose my positions as much as I can, if i write i say if i hold or not, if i tweet i may or may not say what I hold and when but this is often down to the lack of time in the day to keep a full diary from the 15,000 tweets I've made. What I will say finally is I have put as much into this industry as I have taken out which is more than a lot of the punters looking to shoulder blame with someone else for there lack of knowledge. At this point and old analogy comes to mind.

  • You can lead a horse to water but you cannot make it drink....

Now to the overview of the markets and the companies that are hot or not, not, not,not, with over one hundred billion evaporating this week its been hard on most.

Sula Iron & Gold: The company released news this week which clearly triggered further interest in the companies pending JORC results, clearly Sula has had a really tough time the geographic position of sula's assets are less than favourable with the ebola outbreak however chief worrall has been out country overseeing some of the work. The very fact Nick sees it fit to travel tells you everything, his experience in the field and country is invaluable so whilst times are hard it just shows that there is some interest within the resource sector.

Sound Oil: I've watched the world collapsing around oil stocks recently and whilst sound has come off a little from the 12-13.5p range it has shown the aggressive appetite to go after projects and companies that it believes offers significant upside against a limited down. Sound Oil is actually a predominant gas play with assets out in Italy, fiscal terms are good, they have revenue from 2 x producing wells which covers G&A cost thus the finance (funding) is being sunk into game changing operations like Badile which is valued at $400m upt $1.2bn. There is a high risk associated with drilling this well however the reservoir value is huge, so much so that industry majors are looking at the company closely. With oil on its uppers its hard to know where things can go but rest assured that those with the strongest outlook will hold on longer and recover quicker.

Management Resource Solutions: Come off 20% on their second day in the markets, rough justice for a company that has a revenue stream,dividend and by the admission of the company are ahead of expectations. With news due early 2015 to finger this very point it won't be long before MRS is picked up, the company came to life 7 years ago doubling in size each year. It's my belief we will see more of this as the next month or two unfolds, in a recent interview the CEO said we are acquisitive thus intend to keep growing not sit stagnant. I think there are a few misunderstandings in the market when it comes to MRS, one is they raised cash at 7p before coming to market! I have it on good account this is not the case after chatting with an analyst who carried out DD on management resource solutions. The other is they are a recruitment business and with things not looking hot in that field then its one to miss. Personally i see the infrastructure budget and boom a great assurance to the company and whilst I accept coming to market in the worst week in 2 years is about as bad as it could be. Companies with a revenue stream, profits,divi's and ambition often become seen as safer havens for risk in portfolios of private investors. Sustainability is very much taken care of...

UK Oil & Gas: I backed this first time around at 0.35p as many of you know and whilst the 2d/3d seismic scandal showed a level of visibility the HHDL chairman has, we have to take a measured view of events. Most of the stock has changed hands much higher (great) the company has raised money to enter the next bidding round (great) UKOG has secured a bunch of assets from NOP (overpriced but hey ho) and they have some production. I don't see them going bust even in this market so at worse will baton down the hatches, however the grand master of promotions Mr David Lenigas has not returned to take stick, he like the glitz and glamour of aim and I'm as sure as eggs that he has something brewing in here (great) which is why I'm back holding for the big game....

African Potash: Ed Marlow went onto Tiptv Friday and give a great account of himself, the shares have been hammered form 4.88p to a penny. Strong rumors are surfacing that a deal is imminent with either the Chinese or Indians as Ed's mecca ensues AFPO shareholders wait with baited breath. To quote Ed from the interview he clearly states '' I cannot tell you for regulatory reasons that we are in negotiations (referring to take out suggestion) however I'd be silly not to be in dialogue '' which is then validated by the recent hole results from the Lac Dinga project and the size/value of neighbouring assets. As with all things mining its hard work but potash is a commodity which is growing in demand in order to help fertilize and feed the world.

BoxHill Technologies: The company has one of the craziest stories around however with accounts due out to show the world isn't ending (i.e recovery underway) and with a gaming (gambling access) gateway both online and in casino's it means that players can get cash onto a table or into an online account to enjoy their pastime, we could be wrong to think walking into a bookies or casino is normal but in many countries including the U.S its now difficult to access cash to play. Box has the software to work with online providers to enjoy a sensible punt at the 2.10 newmarket or maybe a spread bet on the forex. The interesting factor is the access to the casino's of London where Boxhill are popping up with on site facilities to offer players cash at a 4.9% charge. It's all easy money and should Phil Jackson and his small team keep it up then Box will bounce back with a bang.

Finally, twitter,forums and bulletin boards - Sadly it would appear that twitter is becoming a conduit to over promote and ramp a company, it reminds me of the BB's 2 or 3 years ago!!! It's not big and its not clever, it's also highly off putting so in the New Year I'll be reevaluating my account and its use. Perhaps a clean break all around is needed - these environments are highly influential and damaging.

Note: I was something of a Directors Talk fan when the site first come to life and whilst I appreciate some of what they do I really can't abide the site over promoting shit in a one dimensional perspective, thats not news its marketing or promotions. Please be clear who are your client and what is news, and what is promoting. This is a warning to private investors '' whilst i/we give it a chance to correct the slip in quality we should be aware that this is now falling into the hands of the corporate and out of the retail palms....

All the best


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(These are but opinions derived from my own experiences and thoughts and are not adopted as a statement of fact)

Saturday, 6 December 2014

DocsLaymanChatter XXX.

Another week and another chain of events for investors to consider, Oil continued its disappointing run, Gold blows luke warm then cool again, The main exchanges look to be starting their Christmas rally (ready to fill up the bonus bag for the city elite) and the world goes mad, but not a little bit mad but raving loony mad....

Women breast feeding, Mario's anti semitic remarks, Dave Whelan the racist and the chancellor being mocked for his appearance '' high as a kite ''
(I mean come on, for fuck sake)
Whilst the extremely intelligent people of this world give their spin on current affairs etc, We shall embark on a brief overview of the weeks events which will hopefully be far more use than pointless debate of saving,changing or re-writing - The world As It Stands
Union Jack Oil: The company has set out its clear timeline on drilling now permitting has been given the green flag, The company is trading cheaply offering new and existing investors the chance to accumulate a moderate exposure to some conventional onshore assets in the UK.
Sperati (ca): The board, announced their intention to become an investing company ( I assume in the meantime to a clearer direction ) however the prime focus here is Drummond, Rowlands and Nilesh Jagatia (DL association) these guys have not got involved with a £1m market cap business to work their socks off to share out the buttons or coppers. It has the hallmarks of something much bigger.
Sound Oil: With an aggressive low ball offer for Antrim Energy now being taken serious by the Antrim board, Sound Oil look to be shaping into a right old Christmas cracker, James Parsons seems to be revelling in his position as CEO with the company building a solid Oil & Gas E&P company. Buy the weakness as much more to come here.
Ecr Minerals: Ecr updated its shareholders on its Australian (Mercator Gold) progress which helped buck a downward trend (Rightly so) towards its future. ECR has has a diverse portfolio of Op. and Non Op. Assets being driven by Stephen Clayson and Paul Johnson, The testament of time has shown the team to be hard working and frugal but with a keen eye for a deal, don't be surprised to see more of ECR over the next 12 months.
Paternoster Resources: Blast from the past PRS seems to be the ugly duckling in the micro cap space although we all know how that story ends, so prior to the swan like entry into this space I suggest investors consider the company's liquid assets, against private interests coupled to listed shell growth into the natural resource space - Things look a lot brighter yet the price says nothings changed '' I disagree as I can see speculative buyers returning as Paternoster prevails.
Stellar Resources: Well the big gold report looked a flop as shares traded hands nearly 50% cheaper at one point, oh boy the RNS was below my marker (which wasn't too high) leaving investors fed up and at odds. Whilst I don't rate these guys much I do rate the return of DL being based on HH thus while the gold may leave you rosey, the HH oil dreams may surface sooner than you think.
Box Hill Tech: Box spiked up back in October doubling its SP on a two pence, the dreaded RNS was released by the nomads request and the SP came crashing down, however on my analysis the company has been making good progress cutting debt and increasing revenues (Rebound play anyone?) although the timeline was not within the regulators criteria hence the RNS was forced. I believe the company will trade inline with expectation (If not above) on the next news which will provide a window of excitement, having chatted to Mr Jackson I believe the gateway this company offers is particularly bullish. On this basis I'll be doing more and adding more.
Sunrise Resources: Announce good news and the markets miss the trick, eventually they will float by the MM who should see some stock and interest resulting in an upward movement, its not rocket science - Under 0.40p is good value.
Sefton Resources & Range Resources: The swan song shall be played, one much sooner than the other but both are lessons on how not to run an aim company in the interest of shareholders.
All the best


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(These are but opinions derived from my own experiences and thoughts and are not adopted as a statement of fact)

Thursday, 4 December 2014

Well well well, my old spar David Lenigas appears to be back....

I have to say I'm pleased for investors to see Leni back as he can use his greatness to calm the market and preform one man magic yet again but please folks no moaning if it goes tits up!

Personally I think Leni is a bit of a wrongen but at the end of the day he's a nice guy according to me old mucker BMD '' who am I to argue '' Welcome back Mr Lenigas and lets hope you can make all those UK Oil & Gas investors some money. 

The rumour is UK Oil & Gas are about to embark on a special sort of journey, one which could involve unicorns, trolls and angelic wings (Ok I made the last bit up) however the words out that UKOG has been hammered down to hard and regardless of the oil price today their is much work to be done, I used to watch Paul Daniels with amazement and whilst I accept now as a grown man PD was hardly the best magician he still remains my favorite.

I asked a source why does Dave always insist on looking up at the ceiling when having his picture taken, I pissed myself when they responded '' David only likes to discuss things when the SP is moving upwards hence the picture message, now all the shits out the way he's back with a bang '' 

I'm getting too old to keep putting out the warning '' be careful '' so now I say go for glory magicman as the last trick will be a tough one to come back from....

Enjoy the show folks.... 


Note: I have not confirmed this is 100% David Lenigas but have requested confirmation from DL

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

QPP, Tom & The Other Wrongens

Today Rob Terry finally holds his hands up, sadly he has chosen to do so right at the final hurdle leaving the company and its investors with a mammoth task to save the business. Terry should be held to account for such despicable behaviour and whilst shareholders often cry for help on public forums, few of them form a comprehensive case to submit to the FCA. I hope Tom or somebody of his kind will draft a template letter for shareholders to fill in and submit to the FCA,SFO,Aim Regulator/Investigator....

Tom Winnifrith my friend has been vindicated as have BMD,Lucian Miers, Gotham City and many many more. I believe it is time folk apologised and for those of you who have eaten at the RMPC as I have '' Having enjoyed it on both occasions '' you could pop in and say thanks by way of purchasing a meal and leaving a true review of the place... '' Well done lads ''

Sadly QPP are one of many poor companies operating on the A.I.M exchange, they are certainly not alone in systematically taking liberties whilst exhausting value. San Leon a company I have talked about for sometime have raised over a $100m yet delivered absolutely nothing. Osin Fanning the Chief of flannel has managed to wind down nearly all of the value from the company whilst paying himself and his counterparts handsomely (millions of dollars). I call for all investigative bloggers,commentators and journalists to now align themselves with the story and dismantle the toxic regime before a total loss event ensues.

Stellar Resources: are yet another company that have promised much and delivered little, not only has it failed to deliver any tangible value todate, it also has an extremely questionable way of delivering updates. To view more click here

Uk Oil & Gas: Many of you will remember how I updated you all on the HHDL chairman misleading investors as on three occasions he tweeted that he (the company) believed they would find better traction at the weald basin due to their interpretation of 3D seismic data (which they did not have) many private investors lost fortunes due to this misinformation and whilst Lenigas has bowed out from social media the facts still remain '' How can you get away with this??? '' Ironically he was also chairman of STG (above) when the company gave many half baked promises of securing an extraction license or diamond drilling to validate feasibility at its welsh gold asset... - The 2d/3d seismic debacle was not an isolated case!!!

Wake up to the raft of disingenuous operators on aim...

Keep your pecker up


Thursday, 13 November 2014

Stellar Resources - All Hat, No Cattle

Today I published a piece giving reason on why I believe Stellar Resources are a company now in big trouble, this is due to poor results in all they have done with little to no value creation. The company has been threatening for years to actually get things up and running at Clogau however the powers at be have failed in all attempts to get going.

Years have passed since the company promised to drill,prove,extract and mine in Wales yet today we see little evidence of anything other than jam tomorrow.

You can read my full shareprophets piece here

You can view the mine footage here

Further Images of the setup here GMOW & STG 

I talk more about my own opinion on STG here

What investors need to understand is the SP has no consequence to me as I have NO material gain from either a long or short position. The company was born out of fractured beginnings of which I shall start to piece together over the forthcoming weeks and months.

The local manager Raymond Roberts has left (gone) and no longer words with GMOW, STG directors are moving off!!! The company don't have the money to really get into any sort of production thus the leach that is the listing will need to keep tapping out in order to get funding away.

The boys from Bond St, St Helier are holding the fort for mystery Mick but like all good jigsaws we start around the edges and work in.

Check out:

47 Charles Street London

Check out:

Allied Trust Company Limited
Name -Clark
Name -Lezela
Name -Bryans

Check out:

5 Bond Street
St Helier
United Kingdom

Check out:

Suite 3B Princes House
38 Jermyn Street
United Kingdom

Happy hunting folks....


Saturday, 8 November 2014

All Gave Some, Some Gave All - Docslaymanchatter XXIX

This weeks blog features why we should remember all of our fallen and those of others '' That's right - the others '' we also look at a number of companies in the small cap markets along with some of the macro mechanics effecting us all.

First I urge others to remember those that have fallen through conflict, often there are few winners in war as the devastation stays and lives within humanity for generations. I recall a chat I had with a very old wise man who in his last months told me how it saddened him that whilst he/we remember our fallen hero's, the Germans (The war of his time) never had a fixed time/place or event to remember there's. Whilst chatting about his time in WWII he described the German as ''good soldiers,proud and very much like us '' I think what he referred to was the distinct pride and passion that the opposing soldier held. We then chatted somewhat about the catalysts of war as well as those that make decisions for nations which ultimately end with those on the ground following a chain of command they believe to be righteous and truthful. Its apparent that most of the lunatics ruling as dictators do so with an iron fist that none of us (unless having suffered it) can comprehend just how overbearing this must be.

Most of the financial world quakes with uncertainty as the footsie's value thrusts up and down with the importance of a lunar landing. The gold price keeps finding new reasons why we are never going to see $1900 again (soon) although we all know that physical golds value will rocket on any major disaster in currency. Angela Merkel now seems to have slipped on a banana skin as gone are the glory days of calling all the shots on the EU bailouts of Greece & Ireland, now the GDP nightmare looks to be worsening.

Over to the smallcap roundup of what's hot and perhaps not.

Savannah Resources: Seems to be brewing up a storm as investor sentiment grows by the day, the rumors that Bergen have been disarmed (taken out) and the selling would subside sent the shares soaring upwards. In light of transparency I own shares so rather than whittle on, heres a great summary by Elias Jones

Westminster Group: The company in my mind have made one great step forward in running the ebola appeal to my knowledge things are moving along as well as can be expected and in the shortage of feel good news the SP languishes at 27p. I fully support and expect the wind of change to blow over Wsg however I get disappointed to read how little regard some investors feel when their fellow man are in crisis but this is again a great indicator of how the stock markets affect the mental processing or the gravity of the crisis in W.Africa. If any of my followers have ever fancied buying me a pint for a helping hand then don't bother '' I'm an ungrateful sole '' but the people of W.A may appreciate a £5 to the appeal.

Mx Oil: The Mexican focused Oil & Gas play seems set for greater things, with Pemex meeting in London and the international oil community taking counsel with the Mexican heavyweights it leaves me feeling a hint of confidence that not only will Mx Oil win assets but they will win big if they can just squeeze into the frame. My sources tell me that things have never been so close and while some can argue '' yet so far '' I'd expect the forthcoming presentation at the shareprophets seminar next week to be the start of better things to come.

African Potash: I have commented on a number of times through buy recommendations which I have to say have gone exceptionally well. I feel that the company has been hammered down to the low in the cycle and should hole 1 results (Anytime now) impress then the shares will be passing to and fro for a fair whack more.

Union Jack Oil: After a disappointment from Burton the shares have now nearly halved, this really is unfair as Burton represented only a small proportion of the overall value '' Infact 5% '' although sentiment and momentum are eight tenths of the law on aim so accept that a minor blip prior to the forthcoming workover is where we are today. At 0.24p in a company that has 0.19p of cash and a proven discovery under its belt then it has to be worth adding in the current climate.

LGO Energy: I called this down last week on twitter at 4.85p, the usual shit ensued of how I was a blagger and charlatan... Infact one broker called me fit to burn in public, OK well he accused me of breaking or not understanding aim rules (he's wrong) - '' Telling the truth isn't usually a brokers strongest point as often they are the ones peddling shit ''
(Bit rich ay Christian - Fuck You)  

Companies that are either cheaply priced or that have now factored in any negatives worth watching closely for a major correction are Hurrican Energy, ECR Minerals, Sunrise Resources and Sound Oil

All the best


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(These are but opinions derived from my own experiences and thoughts and are not adopted as a statement of fact)

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Gamblers At Work - #KnowTheGame

A little while ago I penned a piece on misinformation after HHDL chairman David Lenigas informed his followers/investors (wrongly) via social media that the HHDL team were far more bullish of the drilling outcome as the 3D seismic would help the team drill the right side of the fault. Today the company announced a discovery from its Portland intersection (which was lighter than expected) along with a failure to find gas of commercial value. '' Obviously natural gas has helped procure interests in abundance.''  

Now is the time that P.I's should look at the misinformation and how it has effected your decision making, then raise this issue with the FCA and aim regulation team, clearly there is a duty of care to provide actual facts to investors and should you feel this isn't the case then now is the time to initiate your complaints. I myself have a dossier now formulated on a multitude of grey area's or slam dunk LIES from the smallcap resource space. 

Here are a few AVOID notes to keep if serious about investing in the AIM markets.

* Steller Resources (To my knowledge) have no extraction licence to mine it's so called welsh gold. Also there are rumors that Raymond Roberts has flown the nest and the mine has been re-locked and stands idle.

* Credible companies like LGO energy with reliable production and £130m mcap shouldn't be fighting to raise cash at bucketshops - Surely II's or an RBL would be better for the shareholders?

* UKOG bought assets from NOP that NOP had up for sale for sometime with the value written down so why pay over the odds for the assets?

* Doriemus,Lohnrho,Octaganol are but a few Australian race horse's - Someones laughing at UK investors as they cherry pick buzz words and phrases. Go back through interviews and you will see the trend '' Who's the joke on? '' It's not the company or its directors.

Investigations are now ongoing into the transshipping of finances from/to a number of well known aim listed companies, corruption is rife and whilst some may dislike Tom Winnifrith, Ben Turney, Daniel Levi or myself the reality is this kind of business needs to be unearthed. 

Before I submit my own collated information (which I won't share with a sole to prevent any leak) to the FCA,Aim regulator,SFO and the official aim investigators I suggest you look deep into the mechanics of whats burning Innocent investors in this market. 



Sunday, 26 October 2014

DocsLaymanChatter XXVIII

What a week in the markets, share price snakes and ladders seems to be the order of the day as the schizo markets changed its mind yet again. In the wake of a wipeout wave during october the calming of the storm has descended onto the small cap sector. There has been plenty enough excitement for one week so here's to the weeks events but not before we focus on a few well discussed principles one should hold.

When good news breaks the markets generally know before the retail hence an aggressive pull back pre RNS, Likewise if a disappointment is coming we often see a rally and tank on news. This is not always the case and we must put this into perspective as the memorable cases are those that are really hyped up leaving the expectation well ahead of probable outcome investors are thrown into uncharted and unexpected territory which in essence presents the sacrificial lambs. We as private investors need to have a strategy in every event, but most of all try and remain as balanced as physically possible.

The talk of the town has been Horse Hill, expectations have been built up and many are left asking questions, at this point it would tee me up nicely to sling shit at Lenigas however I think the damage has been done there and its a pointless exercise but what I will comment on is BMD and the attention that he has had for breaking the story early on. It happens that if you give private investors what they want '' Early shout on news '' then your an areshole because you didn't then take them by the hand and execute their position one way or another. Some would argue P.I's are best left like lemmings however I disagree and believe that simple,robust principles which are applied without emotion can really help investors get a grasp on how to beat the markets maker.

After Vigorously defending David Lenigas and clearly with a good source close to the operation it begs the question was my friend BMD thanked by having his tits twisted with yet more misinformation or was he absolutely spot on to report his findings? I tend to agree with Ben Turney when I say Dan had a duty to report the news, whilst folk argue the detail it really was a big call of which I believe BMD acted for the best and with rightful interest of others. Let the final outcome do the talking and also remember that this was valuable news '' Big scoop '' even if the follow up reaction was not so....

UK Oil & Gas: Tanks on the portland oil discovery update by HHDL, I have stated all along that I believed Oil would be found at Horse Hill and I'm sure there will be another twist or turn in developments 3 miles north of Gatwick airport.

Independent Resources: IRG took off on friday with record breaking volumes this year, with lots of demand from the retailers to secure an interview with the company I look to find out more about a company whose shares here have traded significantly higher in 2011 & 2012 at 100p and 40p respective, clearly much has happened, the SP languishes at 8-2p this year however there does seem to be a disconnect between assets and the market cap of £3m more to follow.

Northcote Energy: Traded significant volumes mid/late last week, this is a real bull signal regarding newsflow. The markets build up expectation and anticipation on what's due! here it would seem that the company are trading off their 12 month low point giving an excellent binary play if nothing else. there has been an acute focus on the oil price which has helped depress all the oilers recently however a decent piece of meaningful news will set the hare running back towards a penny. '' watch out for shoats creek ''

Sunrise Resources: I have chatted a little about this undervalued mining company that has been hammered down recently, again trading up off the lows and with a healthy operational period upon us sunrise has enough to heat up the trading weeks and months ahead. Take some counsel from the recent RNS and look at the Gold,Diatomite,Diamond and Silver assets, things should start to tick along nicely.

Savannah Resources: I have been asked much about Sav via social media over recent weeks, let me clear I have not simply ignored the requests I'm simply looking at the pro's and con's to its current portfolio of assets against the Bergen funding agreement. I think should they slightly tailor their agreements and kick off operations then the company could move back towards the previous high's however Its one to analyse further.

Armstrong Ventures: Is an out and out punt stock that has recently announced Peter Redmond to the bod, Redders is something of a quick starter and slow finisher i.e he'll have a plan on how to create interest and big swings north then often sits on his hands at a slower pace. I believe that AVP will potentially pull out a white rabbit thus a good short punt play. (you are playing Russian roulette here though folks in some respects)

All the best


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Friday, 17 October 2014

Lets Get BMD Some #Facts Here...

Today my friend BrokerManDaniel jumped to the aid of David Lenigas who in his typical ozzy manner has spat the dummy out yet again, before folk stress about David '' The Tweet '' Lenigas's apparent withdrawal from twitter I'll draw your attention to the raft of companies that he represents on twitter that all have feeds in which he can tweet until his little heart's content.

What has happened here is the guy has cocked up twice in quick succession whilst arrogantly ridiculing people as '' Unable or Incompetent '' at running a public listed company, or perhaps worse suggesting that his all mighty knowledge is superior to others....

Thats fine as the guy has clearly had some success but lets not forget the royal fuck ups or the fact that he has used twitter as a conduit for self prophecy and promotion. When you drop a clanger you own up, you contact your PR team (which you pay handsomely) and you ask they take care of tidying up the mess. Within 7days David avoided a blackout period prior to a funding call in which he commented on the company which some could describe as positively before announcing a £2m placing. This brings into question the morality of such an occurrence. We in the market accepted his reasoning (As he weakly hit back) only to find that on three yes three separate occasions DL had alluded to the fact the company had 3d seismic data. For anyone like BMD who doesn't quite get the significance of drilling assisted by 3d data or difference it makes to the outcome of analytical work and drilling team execution then please feel free to look it up.

I'm happy to accept that Dave didn't realise what he was actually talking about hence the mistake or that he was tired, over worked or hungover. But he should have held his hands up and corrected the mistake, I believe other writers and commentators agree with me but unlike other unnamed folk I have no business or working with him on anything thus not agenda driven. I do find the guy to be a condescending fat piece of shit who strongly believes his own twaddle whilst attempting his Peter Pan style run on the city....

You see Rolf '' Perfect treat for the family '' Harris claims he did nothing wrong (Initially) it quickly became the love of a girl in which he had sexual desires and encounters (Once of age) '' It was just a simple mistake '' Or Stuart Hall who like half the BBC thought they could brush up against a women whilst squeezing her tits because they were privileged and protected by fame or notoriety. (Obviously this has no similarity to my argument but you see the point?)

This story is not the end of a social media era '' ITS THE START '' of a bigger investigation.

To remind folk of a tweet made by the big man, '' Doc's a good research journalist '' he was right I am and when you misinform people whilst masquerading unscrupulously as you do then I feel no shame in highlighting it in the public domain - I fear others won't as the circle of wealth distributes great rewards for those who can keep tight lipped. '' I cannot '' I'm a simple man from humble beginnings and contrary to belief I live a simple life.

If you want to know what the Mr Tweet thinks of investors or shareholders watch this

'' I couldn't give a rats clacker '' to quote the poor old sod who's getting a tough time.....

Daniel fuck off its utter twaddle and you know it, i'll give it 12 months and you will be singing a different tune, however my friend BMD is a good honest and decent person who I have a whole lot of time and respect for so shall wind my over opinionated neck in and continue with my nerdy due diligence on other bollocks or rocks dropped...

I believe that HorseHill will find Oil and I also don't have any doubt that this is a bonafide Onshore Oil play. My comments are about behaviour and misinformation and not about the operation on the ground.

A few days with the tree huggers at HorseHill would do Daves ego the world of good....




Saturday, 11 October 2014

Markets Submerge Further...

This weeks blog looks over the car crash of the markets over the last week.What does this holds for the punters & pro's! A decent correction often leaves private investors perplexed and fearful, I'm not going to brush off this aggressive move as nothing more than the mechanics before a significant drive in forming new highs however I would suggest that before people run to the door! they actually contemplate where things stand on each pocket of economic data released.

Quantitative easing, low crude price and a falling baltic dry index.... What does it mean?

Well QE is speculated as the booster jab the globally community needs and Europe seem to looking for their next fix, The USA has stalled a little as it seems to have handed over the belt of global supremacy which is now up for the taking, leaving Putin rushing to pass a bill preventing women having tattoos in the small of there back.

Low brent means that things will be cheaper to ship however the commodity linked industry has to accept that its not all '' good in the hood '' never worry to much as pretty much oil to gold the money will insist on capitalising as the mexican stand off between collapse of physical gold and collapse of the global stock markets will ensure volatility,fear and international worry... I shan't be shaking like a shitting dog just yet but do concede that keeping some powder dry '' just in case '' never did anyone any harm. The big financial Christmas run will commence bringing temporary relief if nothing else. Rumors of finacial meltdowns are closely followed by the planet being infected with ebola by sept 2016 leaving 70% of the global population dead. Should the I.S rule the world or Swine flu emerge I'll make sure I have a good Christmas by drinking,smoking and spending a few bob on loved ones.

Folks lifes about managing the good,bad and ugly, the current run of form will be no different than the last correction. For those following the BDI then its back to consistent levels of a decade ago, were likely to see some consolidation and continuity of the world's shipping lanes. '' Nothing more worrying than that in my opinion ''

My old mate Tom Winnifrith sticks the boot in on another aim company that has been around for a while and currently at a loss ratio of a quarter of its value. However Tom takes DickHead Dave at face value. I mean please.........

He has a relevant point and this is one of the primary reasons I believe Tom is such a valuable commodity to private investors, Quindell,Blinkx and Sefton are all but a few companies that Tom and co. have been absolutely 100% correct about. '' Is he right to highlight failings in a company that has yet to perform and is he also right to remain steadfast in his defence of all that is dear to him including DD '' whilst we don't agree on everything including his recent coverage on Patrick Cheetham of tertiary, for the record since Cheetham came into the rat race of aim over 1/3 or 700 companies have gone to the wall! Tym has not. I won't argue the corner but will do after I return from our meeting next week.  I do respect the meaningful relationship Tom and I have (I would say friendship but clearly a southern posh knob and a heathen northerner could never have anything in common) having said that he has my unequivocal support on the slaying of unethical publicly listed companies...

We can talk about companies all we like but when a bear raid ensues then sometimes its best we board up the windows and hide behind the tears of a clown. Perhaps the brave & foolhardy could try and buy the hammered down stuff, keep some powder dry and try and evaluate the impact damage/limitation to each piece of news...

A guy pulled me up about my foul language this week for which I'm sorry!

Exclusive - Aussie Investor (Probably RRL) kicks off with twitter heavy weight BigGib

All the best


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Monday, 29 September 2014

Investor Seminar - RMPC

Tom Winnifrith kicks his seminar evenings off tonight down at his RealManPizza Company, I think a few will be surprised how good the food tastes ( I know I've eaten there ) I also find it hard to believe that folk prefer to sling mud rather than doff their caps to the guy for rightly pointing out what a piece of shit QPP was when it was valued significantly higher.

Anyway these things will always be a bi product of dumb private investors who remain steadfast in believing in Peter Pan, Santa Claus and Leprechauns whilst they have their heads buried firmly up there arseholes. I read that some have made threats to kick off at his event (Classy) I can't wait to see that as Fela the boxer (I mean chef ) was Liberia's knock out king... Before swapping the gloves for the dough!!!

Life's to short and hammering frustrations out on those that were right seems such a misguided action, but hey I guess that's the downside to money,loss and a lack of understanding

Keep your pecker up


Sunday, 28 September 2014

DocsLaymanChatter XXVII

As one opines the weeks events from the small cap markets we also consider the wider global events which directly and indirectly affect sentiment and momentum. When we talk about civil / political or religious unrest we think about problems in both the Middle East and the old Eastern bloc, both regions have rarely been at peace for more than five minutes however this has caused money to move into a tighter herd which is my explanation for the seemingly pansexual rises we see from time to time in aim companies.

I was asked about WRN and the forum chatter of £2 '' would I buy or could I see the upside potential from here '' - Oh boy! was a favourite catch phrase from one of my favourite childhood T.v shows quantum leap... If we look at the quantum mechanics or the phenomena of WRN its very very hard to find logical reasoning for buying stock now, however I'm a keen advocate that logic can be profoundly damaging to investor/traders so look for technical and fundamental formula to validate a buy or sell position and the truth is V+M-T= Avoid (Volatility+Manipulation-Traders=A)

The markets are full of shares and if taken in by them will give you a 2 day feeling like you're sailing on the love boat and then a lifetime aboard RMS Titanic as the inevitable iceberg collision takes place. There is no doubt that you can make money in such fervent demonstrations within the market but managing one's expectations has to always take priority.

This week I approached the concept of '' New Money '' entering the markets, are we seeing an increase in private equity spending or are we witness to a relaxed attitude form institutions!!! however the general consensus is '' Simply the herd are avoiding dangerous pastures and now channeling into the same environment which is the spearhead to some bumper rises in the small cap sector. Whilst analysts predict the worse (yet again), I'll be sticking to the program and moving into the small caps with a clap of excitement. Why? well the volume increase in a bundle of small cap resource stocks tells me there is a game to be had so consequently I'm happy to sit at the table until the violins are played, at which point we can reavaluate.

The alliance are now in full swing as bombing raids over Iraq and Syria are ramped up, Islamic state are the new enemy now that Bin Laden has expired. Jeez even Al Qaeda are calling for the release of British aid workers and the FBI have identified jihadi John. '' Oh how things change '' - Syria's president Assad is now not an evil pumpkin slaughterer of his own people, he's the head of a state under attack by I.S. Fuck me we were arming these rebels 12 months ago (from the west) now we are dropping 300lb bombs on them, If you're confused then you have every right to be!!! The world has gone mad....

Mx Oil: Had a significant pull back as private investors speculated on timelines, I believe there is far more newsflow coming than has been credited so on this basis I see Mx Oil as company likely to really catch a few out by surprise. The PSA process will not simply be '' we have signed '' The company has steps to take to secure the agreement but also a deeper level of transparency and value should come from this. If Mx Oil get a tiny fraction of something then the SP will react well... That's quoting a well known oil analyst who shall remain unnamed.

Sound Oil: Investors were left mesmerized by the companies big cap feel as they formally focused on its institutional support who have entered the register at a 75% and 25% premium to the share price, Badile alone is worth over double the SP today and with high end valuations of $1.7bn
Its no surprise that meetings with Mid cap and industry majors are becoming a somewhat regular event. Watch these closely over the next 3-6 months (Edison,ENI anyone)

Nostra Terra: I'm not going to focus too much on Nostra as I do believe that the investor base wanted bigger and more controlling assets which would return greater rewards, by doing so you have to accept that fast tracking costs money (Nobody likes it) but thats the way E&P companies run at the bottom end of the markets, this is no exception. Click here for my full thoughts

Westminster Group: Have been under the cosh from lack of expected contracts and a world recognised epidemic Ebola breakout. As much as folk want news just count how lucky we all are not to have to endure poverty or fatal infection of disease. I fully expect news to flow nicely once the epidemic has peaked as I believe the contraction of infected will recede quickly, this is a well run company however natural disasters or breakouts like this are unavoidable.

Now some of those companies that can sink you quickly: Leni Gas & Oil is well and truly overvalued, Hurrican Energy maybe carrying out a funding drive so beware when taking positions over the next few weeks - Lots of talk at the Oil Barrel of awkward moments when asked about the situation, Worthington Looks far too choppy to get into the water, Kalimantan Gold need funding immediately and in my opinion we will see more of the HH (Horse Hill developments investment companies) placing into the drill excitement - watch out you have been warned here

All the best


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Saturday, 20 September 2014

Docslaymanchatter XXVI

This week has seen some significant swings in the markets but nothing quite as fascinating as the Scottish referendum. I say this not because of the number voting or the result but simply how intriguing people are, even today folk believe that decisions like this are made by the people! It has been my opinion for a long time that minority capitalist communities control everything other than anarchy which is something that every regime in history or across the globe fear most. This is normally the start of change but in the modern western society we really are to well trained to revolt so in short we abide by decisions made by the few to control the many.

One man one vote is rarely ever successful as this concept is reliant on the democracy they live under being fair and honest '' I mean c'mon really '' - Enough of my opinions lets look at the markets...

In last few weeks we have seen a real uplift in the horse hill excitement which has helped the flagship UK Onshore oil play and associated companies as their share price rise like a salmon in spawning season. With this in mind and with a success of a discovery beneath them Union Jack Oil is showing real signs of picking up over the coming weeks more to follow, click here.  (to listen to the ADVFN podcast.)

The pounds been under the cosh from the Scots referendum aswell as macro economics fealing the heat from economic events, the brent price hasn't done any better however this is rumoured to be the end due to the majority vote strongly favouring the Union remaining whole.

Interestingly the markets showed renewed strength from the IPO of Alibaba and its instant hit with investors leaving early investors significantly up. This reminds me of the Royal Mail IPO which triggered a pretty good run from October 2013 '' Lets see if mid September is the trigger to the 2014 run '' surely all this money sloshing about shows some confidence.

Mirada: Mira announced a new contract this week, I have followed this story for a little while since my old pal Tom Winnifrith flagged it up at 11.75p with a 24p target price (I agree with Tom), I bought a little stock as the leaks from the city were good, needless to say the CEO released news mid week yet the windy markets didn't bubble with excitement. This lead me to connect with the CEO (Phone call) which can be heard here. I think you have to look at the bits investors have missed. I expect more news and soon

African Potash: The company announced decent initial results from its first hole drilling from its Lac Dinga potash project, however this was off the back of a very slight delay which i believe is the crux behind us not seeing a bigger market reaction, again this caused me to probe Ed about their findings and push a little on where he see's the companies recent developments. The result was typical of a decent guy like Ed Marlow  you can hear it here. Things look to be progressing very well as expectation appears encouraging for hole two (which is well on its way), The CEO is in country next week so lets see if we have more for folk to look into. The markets are driven on anticipation and expectation....

Union Jack Oil: Ujo is slowly becoming a household name as its share price has gently increased over the last few weeks, we accept that all great movers need multiple stimulatory factors so here are a few. UK Onshore is brimming with confidence (Look at HH) Union Jack have reported a discovery which will be worked over in a couple of weeks, also Union Jack expect the spud from its next investment asset. The company have secured a big chunk of cash, with acquisitions of near term or producing wells being the order of the day. The primary reason is demand, this little oiler was crabbing along for over a year and suddenly they can raise huge sums of cash against its market cap coupled to a significant increase in volume '' These metrics are enough for most '' - I also take great comfort from my old mate Zak Mir backing the technical aspects as the shares trade above the death zone of the 200d SMA.

Inspirit Energy: Insp have secured a major trial deal with house hold name Calor Gas Ltd, with big rumors of a deal with a top 6 energy provider the markets and investors seem to be surfacing to hear more on its mCHP boiler, with new blood (Flow) joining the company it seems that a bigger and widely anticipated deal is on the cards.

Mx Oil: I have high hopes from Mxo over the coming weeks & months but for those of you who need convincing moving early into Mexico will prove pivotal in business, then take a look at the private equity slipping $500,000,000 into Mexico click here Or to hear my own thoughts click here.

Sound Oil: Interesting developments occurred this week with Sound Oil's conference call being put back, this is a typical news move and I'm banking on it being good, If not we are meeting the company next week one to one so can drag him over hot coals or pat him on the back. Feel free to join us click here.

All the best


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