Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Gamblers At Work - #KnowTheGame

A little while ago I penned a piece on misinformation after HHDL chairman David Lenigas informed his followers/investors (wrongly) via social media that the HHDL team were far more bullish of the drilling outcome as the 3D seismic would help the team drill the right side of the fault. Today the company announced a discovery from its Portland intersection (which was lighter than expected) along with a failure to find gas of commercial value. '' Obviously natural gas has helped procure interests in abundance.''  

Now is the time that P.I's should look at the misinformation and how it has effected your decision making, then raise this issue with the FCA and aim regulation team, clearly there is a duty of care to provide actual facts to investors and should you feel this isn't the case then now is the time to initiate your complaints. I myself have a dossier now formulated on a multitude of grey area's or slam dunk LIES from the smallcap resource space. 

Here are a few AVOID notes to keep if serious about investing in the AIM markets.

* Steller Resources (To my knowledge) have no extraction licence to mine it's so called welsh gold. Also there are rumors that Raymond Roberts has flown the nest and the mine has been re-locked and stands idle.

* Credible companies like LGO energy with reliable production and £130m mcap shouldn't be fighting to raise cash at bucketshops - Surely II's or an RBL would be better for the shareholders?

* UKOG bought assets from NOP that NOP had up for sale for sometime with the value written down so why pay over the odds for the assets?

* Doriemus,Lohnrho,Octaganol are but a few Australian race horse's - Someones laughing at UK investors as they cherry pick buzz words and phrases. Go back through interviews and you will see the trend '' Who's the joke on? '' It's not the company or its directors.

Investigations are now ongoing into the transshipping of finances from/to a number of well known aim listed companies, corruption is rife and whilst some may dislike Tom Winnifrith, Ben Turney, Daniel Levi or myself the reality is this kind of business needs to be unearthed. 

Before I submit my own collated information (which I won't share with a sole to prevent any leak) to the FCA,Aim regulator,SFO and the official aim investigators I suggest you look deep into the mechanics of whats burning Innocent investors in this market. 



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