Tuesday, 18 November 2014

QPP, Tom & The Other Wrongens

Today Rob Terry finally holds his hands up, sadly he has chosen to do so right at the final hurdle leaving the company and its investors with a mammoth task to save the business. Terry should be held to account for such despicable behaviour and whilst shareholders often cry for help on public forums, few of them form a comprehensive case to submit to the FCA. I hope Tom or somebody of his kind will draft a template letter for shareholders to fill in and submit to the FCA,SFO,Aim Regulator/Investigator....

Tom Winnifrith my friend has been vindicated as have BMD,Lucian Miers, Gotham City and many many more. I believe it is time folk apologised and for those of you who have eaten at the RMPC as I have '' Having enjoyed it on both occasions '' you could pop in and say thanks by way of purchasing a meal and leaving a true review of the place... '' Well done lads ''

Sadly QPP are one of many poor companies operating on the A.I.M exchange, they are certainly not alone in systematically taking liberties whilst exhausting value. San Leon a company I have talked about for sometime have raised over a $100m yet delivered absolutely nothing. Osin Fanning the Chief of flannel has managed to wind down nearly all of the value from the company whilst paying himself and his counterparts handsomely (millions of dollars). I call for all investigative bloggers,commentators and journalists to now align themselves with the story and dismantle the toxic regime before a total loss event ensues.

Stellar Resources: are yet another company that have promised much and delivered little, not only has it failed to deliver any tangible value todate, it also has an extremely questionable way of delivering updates. To view more click here

Uk Oil & Gas: Many of you will remember how I updated you all on the HHDL chairman misleading investors as on three occasions he tweeted that he (the company) believed they would find better traction at the weald basin due to their interpretation of 3D seismic data (which they did not have) many private investors lost fortunes due to this misinformation and whilst Lenigas has bowed out from social media the facts still remain '' How can you get away with this??? '' Ironically he was also chairman of STG (above) when the company gave many half baked promises of securing an extraction license or diamond drilling to validate feasibility at its welsh gold asset... - The 2d/3d seismic debacle was not an isolated case!!!

Wake up to the raft of disingenuous operators on aim...

Keep your pecker up


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