Saturday, 28 February 2015

Investor '' Get together '' London & Manchester 2015


Private Investors '' Get Together ''

In 2015 I intend to arrange a number of get together's, these can be a simple pint of ale and a chat or a more formal wine & canapes like arrangement. Needless to say the primary aim is to stimulate group discussions over a host of common interests namely the stock markets, we've had a positive initial response from twitter to the London & Manchester suggestions however this is a social invitation to one and all.

The idea is to cater to the numbers thus anticipate that London is currently a 65/35 split. This will not deter or prevent either date taking place, it simply means we will try to now gauge and cater for each group accordingly. There is no hard sell or pitch coming your way, this is wholly a retail event which relies on you the attendee to pitch up and get involved with active chat/debate or conversation. I'm no great host nor do intend to take folk by the hand although a welcome greeting and brief introduction with a drink is the least we can do.

In September we had about 25 private investors meet after an oil barrel conference, this '' get together '' went well so hope to replicate it throughout the year. I/we have no allegiance to any market related business, but should one or more companies decide to foot the food and booze bill then I'm not going to argue.

Let me be 100% clear, there will not be any brokers / PR / corporate's or companies invited to these events unless they adhere clearly to the simple rule of open dialogue in an open forum. I feel its a pertinent point to cover as other events (not mine) have reported that pushy brokers had been trying to run the jedi mind trick over them (pitching services).
In September we had a solid group of private investors along with, an aim listed Oil&Gas CEO, the infamous BrokerManDan, super cool technical guru Zak Mir, Myself and the incredible '' Day trading magnum @BaronTrading '' During 2015 we'll follow a similar line, there is no criteria so lucky mug punters, expert tech guys, fundamental overseers, forensic accountants, sophisticated and unsophisticated investors, newbies or those looking to bounce ideas around are truly welcome.
The average running time is a few hours but i myself enjoy a beer so this could easily run over, I hope to meet with you soon for an informal chat and beverage. '' We are simple folk with simple needs '' do not be put off as many often can be by such events. The unknown is not to far from a night at the local pub chatting amongst friends.

Register your interest here:

If you have any questions, suggestions or concerns please email in, over the next few weeks we will carve out dates, meeting places and times. don't expect bells and whistles but do expect an enjoyable experience.
All the very best

Sunday, 15 February 2015

DocsLaymanChatter XXXV

The last 7-10 days have seen a clear shift in sentiment throughout aim, we have seen a bunch of companies which have been weighted to the bottom seemingly start their shift toward respectable levels, sadly many of these are still very much depressed as private investors are still nursing the pain of aim within their portfolios. For weeks if not months we here at Docslaymanchatter have been predicting a turn in the tide for one very simple reason, and that is the distinct need for cash!

Many aim listed companies do not generate revenue and those that do often don't create enough to keep the train pootling along the track, this ignites the annual funding season which looks to be fast approaching. Either we will see a jump up in liquidity, interest and placing's or by the summertime we will have dozens upon dozens of junior resource, tech & bio companies hitting the skids going bust. I tend to follow the premise that the tier 3 city outfits need  these leeches of the investment world as much as the low life facilitators need them.

A huge proportion of the square mile is solely reliant on companies that are in incubation, this is the terminology for genuine embryo companies but also lifestyle pay day creations. Our job is to try and spot the good apples in the barrel, clever investors recognise the cyclical nature of all aim companies thus find trade opportunities across a broader range. We have to be a matter of fact about which ethos we are following, to jump back and forth can be a challenge. Personally I don't follow any set guidelines as after years I find the markets more compelling and rewarding by moving inline with the changes but this can be something of a fast pace to follow so advise against it until you have a strong set of principles that are working effectively.

Like learning to drive you have to feed the wheel and use your mirrors, after you pass you can roll your seat back and crossover hands, although similar to investing you need to have the credentials and ability to pass the test before you can hit the open road alone. Lets look at a few companies that are becoming interesting in the small cap markets.

TEA: Formerly SPR the company has changed name, moving away from the button company sperati. TEA team of Jason Drummond and well known uber wealthy investors has pegged this tiny micro cap on the map. Investors like myself are banking on the company making positive steps however this is more a forecast from a blinded position rather than some inside line into the TEA nerve centre.

Union Jack Oil: Seems we have been talking about this company for a while, we have had some pretty good moves in the company, yet we all stand by our beds waiting for the official line that we have a commercial well which is producing ahead of expectation. This would be the ideal end to a turbulent run for many of the partners operating in testing times, it's my belief that a good result here will bode well for all including Union Jack. We await the confirmation over the forthcoming weeks, remember folks UJO has a strong cash position and are funded through to 2016.

Sound Oil: Have bounced back hard after a slip towards 9p after the OP crash, The company has a full nearterm calendar with Nervesa and Badile pending. To be clear this is the second drill in an already commercial project at Nervesa, the company in 2015 should if the roster is to be believed have a solid cash flow and big operation finalising towards year end.

Sefton Resources: My old mate Daniel Levi (BMD) has his work cut out here, but then Dan probably wouldn't have it any other way. Sefton has to have the cross guarantee lifted as soon as possible to allow the company to breath again. Without BMD intervention Sefton would have surely suffocated at the hands of the old regime. I wish him well and hope to book a busy slot in his diary to catch up - stay tuned to for that interview.

Paternoster Resources: Once Zoltav finalise the sale of there remaining few PRS shares the companies SP should rebound nicely above the current level of 0.22-0.25p I anticipate a correction north of here and with a rumoured £20,000 of Zoltav overhang left to go we should see that sooner rather than later.

Solomon Gold: Jumped from the oversold position as private investors were tempted into the stock once some liquidity returned, I bought this company based on its depressed position with a theory that whilst the 5yr chart said 1.3p possible the markets were nowhere near as bad as 2013 when the whole european currency was about to collapse (which it hasn't to date yet!)

A few companies to watch for interesting developments are Boxhill Tech,African Potash,Sunrise Res,Uk Oil & Gas,Barron Oil,Verona Pharma and Wishbone Gold.

All the best


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Friday, 6 February 2015

3D Dave '' A Man Of His Word Or A Wanker? ''

So 3D Dave alienates himself from the very retail investor he uses his twitter feed to communicate with? not a great move for 3D Dave but hey don't take my word for it, take the rafts of folks who feel you are persecuting them for holding a different view than you.

The Draconian dictatorship may work with the paid for services in and around the city but the everyday punters need people to help fill in the gaps, sadly your dislike for me or your power hungry ego is driving you down into the shit you've created for yourself.

We know 3D Dave, is a loose cannon with the facts:

3D seismic @ HH                    - Fail 
No LGO placing                      - Fail 
No REM placing                      - Fail 
Ukog fundraiser                        -Fail

Just a few of the claims that 3D Dave had claimed were not on the agenda but actually were being worked or worse to proclaim you have some technology you actually ' do not '

On Monday you attended the ' Free Speech & Liberty Pizza House ' to promote UK Oil & Gas, a company I believe will go up in value (By the way) however the irony comes in the small hours when you tweet out to your followers:

'' All on my twitter, if i see you follow that Doc Holiday avatar you will be blocked ''

Now in order to be a man of your word you must ban a whole host of people, so I'll help you by pointing out folk you must block immediatly. Now I have a very funny feeling you won't remove  these people as this will stop you getting your word out. However it will help genuine private investors understand just how little they mean to you as clearly if you '' Block Holiday Followers '' then you should do so without prejudice, That's assuming you value each person equally '' I fear you do not ''

Harpers - Block
Christian Dennis - Block
Craig Ribton - Block
Matt Lofgran - Block
Solo Oil & Gas - Block
Darren Attwater - Block
Zak Mir - Block
Tom Winnifrith - Block
BrokerManDan - Block
Shareprophets - Block
Malcy Graham Wood - Block
Gary Newman - Block
Ben Turney - Block
TipTv - Block

The above people, you follow or they follow me, remove them immediately? or pipe down you egotistical clown, your own blinking company is following me. Your making yourself appear very silly with this cavalier attitude.

You won't block these people because they have an influence, respect or decency that you need.

For those of you that have been banned as a result of not bowing to 3D Daves bonkers request I salute you.


Block (Doc)

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