Saturday, 6 December 2014

DocsLaymanChatter XXX.

Another week and another chain of events for investors to consider, Oil continued its disappointing run, Gold blows luke warm then cool again, The main exchanges look to be starting their Christmas rally (ready to fill up the bonus bag for the city elite) and the world goes mad, but not a little bit mad but raving loony mad....

Women breast feeding, Mario's anti semitic remarks, Dave Whelan the racist and the chancellor being mocked for his appearance '' high as a kite ''
(I mean come on, for fuck sake)
Whilst the extremely intelligent people of this world give their spin on current affairs etc, We shall embark on a brief overview of the weeks events which will hopefully be far more use than pointless debate of saving,changing or re-writing - The world As It Stands
Union Jack Oil: The company has set out its clear timeline on drilling now permitting has been given the green flag, The company is trading cheaply offering new and existing investors the chance to accumulate a moderate exposure to some conventional onshore assets in the UK.
Sperati (ca): The board, announced their intention to become an investing company ( I assume in the meantime to a clearer direction ) however the prime focus here is Drummond, Rowlands and Nilesh Jagatia (DL association) these guys have not got involved with a £1m market cap business to work their socks off to share out the buttons or coppers. It has the hallmarks of something much bigger.
Sound Oil: With an aggressive low ball offer for Antrim Energy now being taken serious by the Antrim board, Sound Oil look to be shaping into a right old Christmas cracker, James Parsons seems to be revelling in his position as CEO with the company building a solid Oil & Gas E&P company. Buy the weakness as much more to come here.
Ecr Minerals: Ecr updated its shareholders on its Australian (Mercator Gold) progress which helped buck a downward trend (Rightly so) towards its future. ECR has has a diverse portfolio of Op. and Non Op. Assets being driven by Stephen Clayson and Paul Johnson, The testament of time has shown the team to be hard working and frugal but with a keen eye for a deal, don't be surprised to see more of ECR over the next 12 months.
Paternoster Resources: Blast from the past PRS seems to be the ugly duckling in the micro cap space although we all know how that story ends, so prior to the swan like entry into this space I suggest investors consider the company's liquid assets, against private interests coupled to listed shell growth into the natural resource space - Things look a lot brighter yet the price says nothings changed '' I disagree as I can see speculative buyers returning as Paternoster prevails.
Stellar Resources: Well the big gold report looked a flop as shares traded hands nearly 50% cheaper at one point, oh boy the RNS was below my marker (which wasn't too high) leaving investors fed up and at odds. Whilst I don't rate these guys much I do rate the return of DL being based on HH thus while the gold may leave you rosey, the HH oil dreams may surface sooner than you think.
Box Hill Tech: Box spiked up back in October doubling its SP on a two pence, the dreaded RNS was released by the nomads request and the SP came crashing down, however on my analysis the company has been making good progress cutting debt and increasing revenues (Rebound play anyone?) although the timeline was not within the regulators criteria hence the RNS was forced. I believe the company will trade inline with expectation (If not above) on the next news which will provide a window of excitement, having chatted to Mr Jackson I believe the gateway this company offers is particularly bullish. On this basis I'll be doing more and adding more.
Sunrise Resources: Announce good news and the markets miss the trick, eventually they will float by the MM who should see some stock and interest resulting in an upward movement, its not rocket science - Under 0.40p is good value.
Sefton Resources & Range Resources: The swan song shall be played, one much sooner than the other but both are lessons on how not to run an aim company in the interest of shareholders.
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