Saturday, 8 November 2014

All Gave Some, Some Gave All - Docslaymanchatter XXIX

This weeks blog features why we should remember all of our fallen and those of others '' That's right - the others '' we also look at a number of companies in the small cap markets along with some of the macro mechanics effecting us all.

First I urge others to remember those that have fallen through conflict, often there are few winners in war as the devastation stays and lives within humanity for generations. I recall a chat I had with a very old wise man who in his last months told me how it saddened him that whilst he/we remember our fallen hero's, the Germans (The war of his time) never had a fixed time/place or event to remember there's. Whilst chatting about his time in WWII he described the German as ''good soldiers,proud and very much like us '' I think what he referred to was the distinct pride and passion that the opposing soldier held. We then chatted somewhat about the catalysts of war as well as those that make decisions for nations which ultimately end with those on the ground following a chain of command they believe to be righteous and truthful. Its apparent that most of the lunatics ruling as dictators do so with an iron fist that none of us (unless having suffered it) can comprehend just how overbearing this must be.

Most of the financial world quakes with uncertainty as the footsie's value thrusts up and down with the importance of a lunar landing. The gold price keeps finding new reasons why we are never going to see $1900 again (soon) although we all know that physical golds value will rocket on any major disaster in currency. Angela Merkel now seems to have slipped on a banana skin as gone are the glory days of calling all the shots on the EU bailouts of Greece & Ireland, now the GDP nightmare looks to be worsening.

Over to the smallcap roundup of what's hot and perhaps not.

Savannah Resources: Seems to be brewing up a storm as investor sentiment grows by the day, the rumors that Bergen have been disarmed (taken out) and the selling would subside sent the shares soaring upwards. In light of transparency I own shares so rather than whittle on, heres a great summary by Elias Jones

Westminster Group: The company in my mind have made one great step forward in running the ebola appeal to my knowledge things are moving along as well as can be expected and in the shortage of feel good news the SP languishes at 27p. I fully support and expect the wind of change to blow over Wsg however I get disappointed to read how little regard some investors feel when their fellow man are in crisis but this is again a great indicator of how the stock markets affect the mental processing or the gravity of the crisis in W.Africa. If any of my followers have ever fancied buying me a pint for a helping hand then don't bother '' I'm an ungrateful sole '' but the people of W.A may appreciate a £5 to the appeal.

Mx Oil: The Mexican focused Oil & Gas play seems set for greater things, with Pemex meeting in London and the international oil community taking counsel with the Mexican heavyweights it leaves me feeling a hint of confidence that not only will Mx Oil win assets but they will win big if they can just squeeze into the frame. My sources tell me that things have never been so close and while some can argue '' yet so far '' I'd expect the forthcoming presentation at the shareprophets seminar next week to be the start of better things to come.

African Potash: I have commented on a number of times through buy recommendations which I have to say have gone exceptionally well. I feel that the company has been hammered down to the low in the cycle and should hole 1 results (Anytime now) impress then the shares will be passing to and fro for a fair whack more.

Union Jack Oil: After a disappointment from Burton the shares have now nearly halved, this really is unfair as Burton represented only a small proportion of the overall value '' Infact 5% '' although sentiment and momentum are eight tenths of the law on aim so accept that a minor blip prior to the forthcoming workover is where we are today. At 0.24p in a company that has 0.19p of cash and a proven discovery under its belt then it has to be worth adding in the current climate.

LGO Energy: I called this down last week on twitter at 4.85p, the usual shit ensued of how I was a blagger and charlatan... Infact one broker called me fit to burn in public, OK well he accused me of breaking or not understanding aim rules (he's wrong) - '' Telling the truth isn't usually a brokers strongest point as often they are the ones peddling shit ''
(Bit rich ay Christian - Fuck You)  

Companies that are either cheaply priced or that have now factored in any negatives worth watching closely for a major correction are Hurrican Energy, ECR Minerals, Sunrise Resources and Sound Oil

All the best


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(These are but opinions derived from my own experiences and thoughts and are not adopted as a statement of fact)

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