Monday, 29 September 2014

Investor Seminar - RMPC

Tom Winnifrith kicks his seminar evenings off tonight down at his RealManPizza Company, I think a few will be surprised how good the food tastes ( I know I've eaten there ) I also find it hard to believe that folk prefer to sling mud rather than doff their caps to the guy for rightly pointing out what a piece of shit QPP was when it was valued significantly higher.

Anyway these things will always be a bi product of dumb private investors who remain steadfast in believing in Peter Pan, Santa Claus and Leprechauns whilst they have their heads buried firmly up there arseholes. I read that some have made threats to kick off at his event (Classy) I can't wait to see that as Fela the boxer (I mean chef ) was Liberia's knock out king... Before swapping the gloves for the dough!!!

Life's to short and hammering frustrations out on those that were right seems such a misguided action, but hey I guess that's the downside to money,loss and a lack of understanding

Keep your pecker up


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