Friday, 23 October 2015

DocsLaymanChatter XLIII

This week we talk more about the markets events, much of it has been filled with the excitement of the CEB resources podcast with Justin Waite of sharepickers in which Dave talked about his future plans within the listing remit, this has been questioned by some market commentators citing '' crossing the line '' having met Dave I'm fully aware just how professional he is in everything he does, more so how annoyed he would feel at the thought crossing the line as he's an extremely professional individual (I say let the powers at be decide) however the story looks pretty good for those invested.

On the flip side we see Sefton resources hit the rocks, as sad as it is for investors there was no shortage of warnings. I recall being interviewed on the ADVFN podcast (ironically) advising that the smart money would move from SER into CEB and low and behold they both suspend on the same day. SER in utter failure and CEB pending an update on the 26th October 2015. SER lost 98% of it's value whilst CEB gained 100%+. Regardless of the propaganda pushed out by the axis of evil the testament of time always proves those that are fit to operate at this level.

Only the strong survive, and knowing the game is just as essential....

I shan't revel in the SER demise as I genuinely hope investors can recover from this but advise investors learn from this before jumping in feet first in the future.

Today's tweet of the day came from Bang bang Levi...

@Chairman_Nick Where's the sefton Resources money gone you thieving bastard! £1m in cash July 31st!! Where's it gone?

Barron Wuffet then went on to reveal his Intelectual hand...

''Hope you have legal insurance YOU BASTARDS when i find who has stolen the money ie £700,000 in 90 days i will be after YOU ''

Clearly the boys have learnt a hard lesson in Karma, I just hope that they can find a place in which they can find positive expectancy moving forward.

At nobody is watching o'clock ADVFN released there results '' Ouch!!! '' what a mess, they fought off an approach to requisition the company via a legal battle (Irony here too) which left the board exasperated but just about still in control. The balance sheets look like a train wreck which may help explain why the Advfn board of directors agreed to join the Sefton hot seat, again messy but cash heavy (ut oh sorry the money has gone) and in typical Laurel and Hardy fashion you now have a situation where Hodges and Chambers are involved in one company that's today suspended, damaged and with dwindling cash, whilst clinging onto Advfn who could if they don't cut costs quickly could find itself trading insolvent.

The hot spot in the results is other administrative expenses of £8.755m from revenue£9.2m Losses increasing from £454,000 (2014) to £1.56m (2015). clearly the company makes plenty of money however the distribution of that is not keeping shareholders in a healthy place with an ever expanding waistline. Advfn shares closed down on it's 5yr low of 65p, which I anticipate will look worse come Monday morning when the markets reopen.

I suggest that the focus should be on regaining what was once a potentially strong and prosperous business model instead of cavorting with Barron Wuffet and Bang bang Levi.

Keep your peckers up


Saturday, 3 October 2015

DocsLaymanChatter XLII

After a long break we are back talking markets, the Marco picture remains uncertain with the micro markets becoming the frog like science project that many 80s kids endured at school. Mining seems hot on the agenda for 2015/16 with a murmuring of positivity towards the buy side of blown out resource stocks. The catalyst to change is the complete grounding of all normal correlation as trading pairs appear to have divorced one another over the last year. Gold,Oil and currencies all look disconnected which paints a perfect picture of  anarchy.

As the years draw on we flip from understanding market mechanics to applying them which is actually two different concepts. I accept that some people follow the blogs etc and get it... Others however do not which leads them to believe there is a more sinister outlook of the markets. I want to be crystal clear when I say '' I have made the bulk of my money in the markets from technical analysis coupled to a clear vision of market mechanics '' the latter I see as following short term momentum & sentiment which by its very virtue is nothing more than a technical extension. Call this what you will but the testament of time has proven this works time and again.

Lets look over the markets and perhaps evaluate the movers & losers across the small cap markets as well as a quick look at the bigger fish in the pond. Remember we have to be able to forage in other areas otherwise we handicap ourselves, forcing us back into the net when the trawlers about to haul.

Paragon Diamonds: Caught my eye this week, the confirmation that a heavy weight bear raid was underway was quickly addressed by the company with a bullish sounding RNS which suggested the company were very nearly there. However a number of points remain unclear, how will they fund the PLC costs as this is not a part of the debt facility with the balance sheet looking thin at £300,000 with an outstanding loan £500,000 now overdue to suit. PRG needs another $80-$100m (By PM admission here) with the mines not due to get into full production for 18-24 months. ITGT are still apart of the future plans but not in the financing at this early stage. Finally Friday we're informed a significant shareholder was selling as of 23/9/15, I must add PM sounded extremely confident which mirrored the RNS they put out. I get the feeling there is more to this than meets the eye however should Paragon navigate this difficult period then the business offers real gem stone potential '' Time will tell whether its a 1p or 10p company ''.

CEB Resources: We first flagged these up at 0.25-0.30p, many investors attended a P.I get together in London where we were fortunate enough to hear a little about Whitby's plans moving forward. Dancing Dave did not disappoint as he described his plan to farmin into producing (revenue yielding) wells in which CEB would optimise and increase production & revenues. I've covered much of this over the many months yet feel important to recognise a guy who stands outside the office and personally greets (by shaking hands) each and every attendee whether or not a shareholder.This says a lot about the man, I anticipate the market shall not have to wait much longer, it just leaves us waiting to see if they still have enough rock & roll to get the market to its feet.

New World Oil: New was a taboo company for quiet sometime however one of the most major events over recent months has taken place. Aside from short comings of a self professed oil analyst accidentally spending his mums pension buying half a company. The alliance trust who acted as a brake on the stock by consistently selling into the market at 0.07p has now been taken out, which will mean that on any consistent buying we will see the companies share price rise like a salmon at spawning season. I have it on good account that the vote is with Adam Reynolds joining the board '' I'll be pledging my 1% of the company to that vote '' however to me it makes no odds. If they want to drill the market will speculate on it's outcome as recently witnessed with Red Emperor from 1.5p to 7p before its duster. To further compound the unofficial vote, I believe the Reynolds call has 35% or more of the vote as we speak, if the Board don't walk I'd look to carry out a full forensic review of the companies books and practises as clearly there is a reason these guys are clawing at these positions.

Glencore: Wow what can we say other than that collapse from 350p to 180p before bombing out at 66p was a real wake up call for the big boys in the game. Billions has been wiped away from the companies market cap and we as investors are left perplexed at who'll be next. The rebound has been strong although I anticipate another scorpian sting down to 45p area should there be a sniff of further bad news.

Keep your pecker up


Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Thoughts Moving Ahead...

As of the 1st September (today) I shall be open to working on projects which create shareholder value and stimulate positive expectancy, this will not come from working as an IR/PR relation to a company but more open to discussion which leads to a winning formula. I anticipate some people will question this announcement and statement so for the avoidance of doubt I DO NOT work with or in any capacity formally with public listed companies currently but more importantly DON'T want to be ring fenced from considering an extended idea pathway which may-well lead to positive expectancy / returns. Having worked tirelessly for 5 years within the aim markets and much longer within the wider markets, I believe the winning formula is not to act as a conduit or mouth piece for companies but more offer a solution translation between the retail and corporate disconnect thus affording both worlds the opportunity to interconnect.

There will be NO paid for promotions nor will I deviate away from the current method of working within the markets as an out & out investor. I have found personally that remaining a lone voice in the face of prosperity or adversity as the crux to securing credibility which appears to be in scarce supply within the London Markets. I want to reiterate this is not to suggest things will change but more allows me to remain transparent to followers etc in my idea's of helping to harness value for listed companies and its shareholders. During my time there have been many many offers to align me with certain operations within the City which in turn I have never felt compelled to engage however as time draws on I have passed up the opportunity of input as I've never felt there was the acceptance to do so. I now feel a sense of clarity which may enhance my ability to find solutions & success from my experiences.

I hope this message is open,clear and to the point. '' Ultimately I'm an investor running a majority held (retail) Hargreaves Lansdown broking account looking to compound gains from a well structured strategy '' which now involves the potential to engage ideas which lead to enhancement.
All the best

Sunday, 26 July 2015

Meeting With Prospex Oil & Gas

This week I had the pleasure of meeting Ed Dawson of Prospex Oil & Gas, I found Ed to be quite an affable yet cautious man who clearly didn't want to talk out of school, so on this occasion I became a good listener. The company raised £1m and is currently capitalized at £1.02m which kind of suggests the risk has been taken out of this aim cash shell, so whats PXOG and Ed planning for the future?

I talked about the attraction to aim cash shells from my own previous decent track record with Oil & Gas shells, none more so than UK Oil & Gas or Mx Oil (formerly Astar Minerals) The catalyst to great returns are a clear and concise outline of what the company intends on doing to trigger value creation for shareholders, particularly those bonkers enough to get in early.

Rather than waffle on in a sales pitch manner I prefer to look at the facts, Dawson and Co. come from an institutional/hedge fund deal flow background, the impressive back story of creating a $100m deal with industry majors or a consistent year on year place on the hedge fund podium at RAB capital it became clear that the guys at PXOG are more than well positioned to have a fair crack at progressing Prospex Oil & Gas on.

The simple way for this to happen would be to vend in some attractive assets and bingo '' we have a result '' however Dawson wasn't to willing to let the cat out of the bag on how this would happen other than to remind me that he doesn't want to piss on the chips of people who have been prepared to back the company in its embryonic stage of the cycle. The early move advantage often comes from showing foresight which is where I am personally as a shareholder of Prospex, some can argue that this motivates me to give a one sided appraisal of the situation but to be brutally frank there isn't actually to much we know right now.

Its important to understand the strategy -
To acquire meaningful assets with high impact near term deal flow not dilly dallying with shooting seismic for the next 18 months. (Check)

It's important to understand the Boards back story -
This comes by the virtues of historical success, ED worked successfully in finance & management of Junior O&G companies whilst holding a keen analytical eye on what works against what doesn't. (Check)

Getting a sense of capability and Viability -
Does the company have the capability to make this transition in tough markets and is there enough interest to build. (Check)

The surrounding influences within the company -
The management team has a historical (combined) Billion dollar deal flow from seed to sapling sized business before well engineered moves into the junior natural resource arena. (Check)

(Note) - Whilst I hold a bullish outlook on Prospex I do however understand the need to move things along, I feel confident that a deal will be done sooner rather than later however in light of transparency I would suggest should the company not secure a deal this year then they are at risk of becoming another modest cash shell wasting space on aim.

I'll be talking more about PXOG in due course.

All the best


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(These are but opinions derived from my own experiences and thoughts and are not adopted as a statement of fact)

Saturday, 11 July 2015

DocsLaymanChatter XLI

As a kid I would sit watching VHS videos with my dad, the ones that your mum doesn't like you to watch but the ones all dads love to share with kids. I remember a particular scene where Johnny had gone into the forest with deputy Kern hard on his tail with his group of deputies, Col.Trautman walks in as the official, sent from Bragg to bring their man home. 

Company leader to identify Baker Team - Rambo, Messner, Ortega, Coletta, Jurgensen, Berry, Krakauer confirm! This is Colonel Trautman. Talk to me, Johnny

The story goes of John Rambo an ex- Vietnam war vet caught up by the snare set by his own government, now left in limbo aimlessly wandering state to state without purpose place or need. C'mon you all remember the film and the story line... 

During the past couple of weeks this scene or movie resonates with the markets more than anything, gang banging corrupt officers! Blood hungry dogs, a broken system with a government that seem to have forgotten them. At some point normality will return but with China in Crisis and Greece between a proverbial rock 'n' hard place then It's no doubt fair to say we can expect a choppy summer and potentially a turbulent continuation during 2015. 

Regardless just how good the Jedi mind tricks are, or in fact the Mr Buffet beating snake oil sales man peddling the Italian princess's clients, we as private investors have to measure whats dictating the markets price action. We must treat the markets with contempt, believe little to nothing while trying to insulate against wipe out protecting capital being the paramount ingredient to keeping us in the game. That said unless you intend to take a 2-3 month break then you have to try to yield some returns from the markets and I believe this will come by identifying the weakness in a turning peer group/commodity. I believe resource stocks with finance already secured are now basking in shallow water leaving a spear fishing session worth consideration as the chase the ace of junior resource stocks kicks off over summer . (manage expectations and don't steam roll into the markets, rather take a measured outlook

Kodal Minerals: After hitting the markets at 0.90p a wham bam thank you mam pump took them to the dizzy heights of 2p, today sits at a near 95% loss. The company has some cash, operational news pending and crying out for some love. Consistent updates,momentum and support are needed, when this comes in you have the recipe for value creation. Kod is one of a string of cheap looking stocks that should the micro mining trend flare up again then I see plenty of upside. 

Noricum Gold: Have been on a roller coaster 12 months in the market however with a decent cash position circa £900,000 coupled to an expectant work program / update leaves investors more interested in Fridays session ( closing 17% higher ) NMG have already drawn the line in the sand with its recent results released 9th June. I've personally backed this one for much of 2015, I remain moderately confident.

Nostra Terra Oil & Gas: After announcing a new chairman (Ex-GKP Financial controller CFO Mr Ainsworth) the company has more recently announced a JV partnership with the U.S second biggest private company. Yet shares remain stuck range bound at 0.145-0.20p should any slight weight of positivity drop one way or another on the scales of success I can see Ntog growing stronger.

Prospex Oil & Gas: A small funded shell, furnished as one (if not) the cheapest aim vehicle, Pre- Pxog the company was a washed up gold mining company who's board managed to crash the business however with a completely new outlook and setup Prospex are searching to acquire / reverse value accredited assets into the shell. The Board have £1m cash of a £1.1m mcap which smacks of a embryo MXO / CEB in the making. 

AIM is a very tricky place, great when you are winning but terrible when taking heat, I advise all investors to protect capital, understand the markets mechanics. I also urge investors to carry out as much due diligence in the people they support within the alternative investment markets, yet again today BMD pens a piece of diatribe and nonsense. The modus operandi has been well reported and the cack handed 2 suddenly fall into the arms of Miss Whitford, you see they cannot progress single handily and with the markets not taking the same line of bait twice the boys have to capitulate. Now that doesn't fit the remit of bad boy Dan from Manchester so a gentle bonding over some Ellerton dirt will do the trick. 

Prickles and nettles will never stop stinging, its apart of the makeup but should you be able to make a clear path you have a chance to succeed, history cannot be erased however the future can be changed i wish Miss Whitford the best or luck and damn I'd love to see Sefton shareholders get some of there loses back, if this means BadmanDan and Snake Oil making money by virtue then so be it but be under no illusions of who tanked the SP while financially hijacking others for personal gratification using there public presence.  

NoteIt has been suggested that I am the Kaiser soze of Aim, masterminding short squeezes while working over dozens of aim stocks!!! I still await any evidence of this or a long threatened expose, '' You see folks bullies work to either cosy up to you or destroy you '' please remember who was invited to Annabelle's ( and refused to sit at the table of greed ) or who helped Mr Levi only to then be attacked when failing to capitulate with cheating and shafting UK investors.

Keep your pecker up Folks....

All the best


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(These are but opinions derived from my own experiences and thoughts and are not adopted as a statement of fact)

Saturday, 27 June 2015

Potential Scam Being Operated - Beware

Displaying 10277710_1006592012704728_2758225227704322368_n.jpg

Warning!!!! Please share, don't become a victim of this scam. 

It is understood that a man with a beret on looking militant accompanied by a weedy looking fellow wearing a pinstripe suit and '' Krays '' like glasses are rumored to be in the Trafford Centre operating this scam, one victim reported. 

'' Today I was walking through the Trafford Centre when I was approached by a smartly dressed man with a che guevara mask on  who asked me if I would like to smell his cheese. As he asked this he gestured his hand towards my nose which was in the extended palm position. Being a lover of cheese I saw no harm in taking the man up on his kind offer. 

As he brought his
 hand up to my nose what I hadn't noticed was that his other hand was in the clenched fist position at the base of his extended palm (see picture). When his finger tips reached my nostrils I could neither see or smell the cheese and it was too late to retract as his now perfectly aligned fist of the other hand was now traveling towards my nose at speed, which then struck me with considerable force.'' 
There was never any cheese! This was a scam to catch me off guard and punch me in the nose.
No matter how much you love cheese do not accept offers to "smell my cheese" off of people you don't know and for fucks sake never believe everything you hear in share world either. 

Keep your pecker up folks


Tuesday, 23 June 2015

DocsLaymanChatter - Midweek Special

As the markets become a mine field of lies,deceit, and dishonesty private investors feel the unsolicited wave of uncertainty rolling over them. The markets are rigged folks, the excessive level of corruption never really hit home until the anchors are slammed on the markets and things start to go in the wrong direction. Now before everyone runs out and hits the sell button you have to consider where in the cycle is your investment and will a drier liquidity level significantly change the game for you? 

We know that the markets slow down, we know that private investors are often stifled into selling at the wrong point and of course we know just how green private investors are. This leaves people with a conflicting sense of what they need to do against actually doing it. One has to take preventative actions however the bulk of the investment community start to take such measure right at the pinnacle of change and on the wrong side of a trade or investment. 

Never find yourself buying or selling on emotion, never find yourself allowing wider factors affect your day-to-day decision-making and for crying out loud, KnowTheGame folks... 

Capital protection is paramount as this is the foundation to what gives us the ability to invest / trade. Never lose sight of how valuable your capital is. 

Whilst the last 3 weeks has presented the shitty end of the stick towards private investors we must all remember that the markets are built by design to draw us into making the wrong decisions at the wrong time... hail a sucker rally or best a pre Grexit pump!!! I expect the heat will come back at the end of summer but a few bright days before could well be on offer. 

Don't expect miracles but use each and every roll of the dice to improve your personal position - '' Money can buy you a good dog but it can't buy you a wag of it's tail '' 

Savannah Resources: SAV recently announced a deal that all LT investors new it could secure, naturally any lag of news forces the impatient to exit on any sniff of interest however Rio Tinto is a little bit more than a flim flam deal so I expect to see many more twists & turns 3p area looks good value on what we know now against last week. 

CEB Resources: Came out of suspension among a lot of speculation with the SP getting anchored by the placees taking there fill and moving on, personally I see another MXO in the making and whilst this is exciting it all takes time. I have added to my already significant position and will intend to scale in further as news / deal flow should be pretty encouraging. Whitby is no stranger to value creation with his last shell running from $1.6m to $600m market cap.

Afren: Is the company under the watchful eye of aim, are we seeing the death role playing out of a celebrity investor name taking his place briefly on the podium or is it literally a pre crash rally to allow the boys out??? - Time will tell but I see folks making some money out of AFR over the coming weeks but it won't all be clean money. 

Keep ya pecker up 


Sunday, 7 June 2015

Investor Meeting Manchester to Join the London '' Get Together ''

The investor meeting in Manchester has been delayed and re scheduled for later in the summer, Both sets of attendees are invited to join us in the city in late summer. 

The event delay has come by way of overwhelming demand for London and the flexibility shown by investors with a serious interest. If they /  you are happy to travel to the city who am I to argue with that..

The last company to attended an InvestorMeeting in Sept. 14' has watched it's shares rise significantly, We hope to deliver a company with a strong and pragmatic outlook to match or exceed last years event.

Further updates shall follow here.


Note: We appreciate their maybe a small number disappointed thus will look to try and schedule again for autumn. 

Friday, 5 June 2015

How the TiT's intend to work on AIM

Hey Folks,

Some of you will be aware that I've personally shown some concern Re: the recently announced new (subscription based) tip TiTs / blog site. Let me be clear about my rationale behind showing resistance towards the concept!

As I believe 90-95% of punters on aim are losing or struggling to break even, I feel that this concept preys on the weak and vulnerable, winners won't pay for this information but somebody at a loss would (or in fact say anything) if they thought it could help recover lost life savings. To suggest you are the closest thing to inside information is reckless and misleading, the pitch is based around charging you £10p/m for privileged or worse insider information. The practices within the aim exchange are positively shocking as we see on a day to day basis thus naturally sites like this have been born out of a '' Do as we please attitude '' which is immoral, unethical or illegal.

As I show resistance to the concept, I myself have thrown my head between the foot & ball, yet again picking up more additions to the doc holiday hater bus. Frankly i see this as a compliment that injecting hours of time to try to steel or hijack my credibility (built up over years within the markets) as flattering, but proclaim -

I will not be deterred no matter how hard these agenda's are pushed, this is the oxygen I need to carry on in a market which I see as bent,corrupt and habited by ruthless scoundrels trying to invent new and ingenious ways to climb the greasy pole...

Self promotion and prophecy comes in all guises and I myself accept that running a blog (like this) or acting as a small cap market commentator could be viewed as contradicting to this piece, however I believe showing a consistent responsibility from consistent winning results as a far cry from running shotgun over a weak or displaced community.

Often the analogy '' Winners focus on winners & Loser focus on winners '' is quoted.

I tend to think winners can lose and losers can change, but you have to show dignity,humility and most of all a commitment,drive and motivation to become comprehensive at what you do no matter how improbable an idea it may first seem. The aim markets are a mystery to many which makes securing a solid foundation similar to navigating the horn or Africa - Pirates ahoy, but in time you reap what you sow...

I want to stress new ideas and holistic thinking is not something I've ever been against (regardless of bogus claim)  I have a good record of helping people with new ideas, although not all ideas thought up in a pub are good ones. I believe that the concept of charging for something you shouldn't or may not even have is wrong, creating a new site to compete with others (or better work alongside) as a great idea, we all need to start somewhere.

For those behind the idea? Well some have a checkered background, Others have none - This is not a personal thing just a simple rationale behind my thought process. I genuinely wish the team at TiTs or the California Joe blog all the very best in promoting and selling the idea to the private investing community or the wider corporate fool however as the dragons den saying goes '' I'M OUT ''

At least until we have a more responsible attitude shown towards the product and its people, the testament of time will tell....

Keep your pecker up


Sunday, 17 May 2015

DocsLaymanChatter: XL

Well what a week it's been in the markets, many points to consider but first and foremost it's nice to see Zak Mir back at The ShareProphets. My buddy Brokermandan has gone out on a full scale assault with his involvement with New world oil & Chris Oil, I wish them well as much as I hope Ben Turney gets the result he wants. I agree with Ben that the markets are screwing investors consistently, leaving the need for someone  brave enough to pick up the banner. Dan and Ben although at logger heads here have very much the same view regarding UK private investors being treated as prey by the London markets, although with very different views in the way they each see a rescue coming from.

Summers upon us and I for one very much look forward to kicking back and enjoying the fruits of my labour in what has been a labour intensive few years, I like many of you have been working up to 100hrs a week and this takes its toll. Entering into meaningless arguments or bickering is to me a big waste of time and whilst sometimes difficult to avoid but the reality is bickering is non productive. I will during summer be sharing bulletin updates on the new Docs Blog page here.

This will allow those of you interested to get eyes on what i'm doing without the flannel of twitter, it also gives those tuning in a head start on social media.

Lets look across some of the stocks that are interesting me and of course more importantly the companies talked about by you the retail community.

Boxhill Tech: Box has been a company I've covered for much of 2015, we have been aware that the company been in the recovery process but often the case that bad news lags and whilst new exciting things were happening in the background, the news runs behind thus leaving the market unsure to its credence. Naturally the recent update points very much to better times from the micro stock. (Note: Both TEA and now BOX have done 100% or more since discussing them. shorter term traders will have had a decent return - the testament of time will tell if they have a longer term workable plan) - Micro-cap watch returns in Autumn.

LGO Energy: I see LGO has stirred once again which could mean the usual move to 4p should the 3p or above hold for a session or two, although It remains unclear on the decline curve of the wells which means the story to me does not have the visibility to hold. LGO becomes a trader's stock until investors can understand i.e: Yr 1 2000bopd Yr 2, Yr 3,Yr 7 and so on as it's my belief that in years 2-7 the decline would wipe that production back to a few hundred barrels.

Galileo Resources: Has been the epitome of sad news with its CEO suffering a fatal heart attack, this has been a loss to the company and massive distraction, on top of this one of its institutional holders has (through policy change) been winding down its position '' talk about double kick in the balls ''. This has left the share price falling from 7.88p down to 2p however all is not lost. Colin Bird of Xtract (XTR) holds 35% and is holding the forte, I believe with a calming of the waters coupled to the distressed seller leaving GLR has every chance of moving back above 3p towards 4p. I'll talk about this more as things unfold however accept that this is a risky play which could yield high returns or punch holes in your portfolio.

Red Rock Resources: The deal's been done and the news released Friday here at 6.22pm this outlines that any Kenya threat on assets is being mitigated (hopefully) and the long awaited Columbia sale has been completed which means money in the bank, royalties and now a fresh pastures outlook. (I've been criticized for backing Andrew Bell here but he's really been a shining light on a number of fronts which will only become more apparent over time).

Edenville Energy: The kings of disappointments has come from this company over a well stretched out tenure ship on AIM however even though I fear all the excitement will come to less than some hope, we can't ignore the renewed interest not only in EDL but also in their peers. Kibo had a decent run (Eventually) and it would appear that EDL is having its moment in the lime light. I fully expect a continuation to the upside, i just don't see the longevity some may hope for. The first rule in the markets is expect the unexpected, so looking past the fossil fuel slaying business they are in I'd look out for a carry-on of volume to be the crux to bigger and stronger technical ranges. If it drys up then ship out, if it continues liquid then hold for greater returns.

All the best


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(These are but opinions derived from my own experiences and thoughts and are not adopted as a statement of fact)

Sunday, 10 May 2015

DocsLaymanChatter XXXIX

As punters raided the city for there keep last week many communities are left reflecting, It would appear that New World Oil '' The company without a squeeze '' saga has seen its shares soar by 10 x there amount at the high's.

Commentary has been overwhelming leaving some punters tired or bored of the relentlessness of it, understandably these events appear to have taken all of the limelight however rest assured there are a few more twists and turns (which I see starting early Monday pre open) I envisage the whole debacle will start to simmer down although not before at least one more huge spike up & down through mass volatility.

The NWOG guys are adamant there are multiple ways to block the conditional vote being past, thus leaving short positions exposed. I believe this comes by the NO vote being blocked by its NWOG members who have a substantial holding in the company or from a lawful case relating to the shares illegal circulation.

The YES vote guys believe the placing has been structured in the best interest of shareholders by requesting the board suspend remuneration (until able to pay them) along with a close monitoring of near term events by suggesting fundamental changes to the business and potentially the management team.

Whatever the outcome I can positively say that events and behavior from all sides has been pretty toxic, I have personally watched investors caught on the wrong side (turn bandit) and those on the right side (make life changing cash) however there are very few people feeling happy.

This week many people have commented on my own characteristic being off, this is simply due to a well formed / presented group of PCB clients attacking my very being, I've kept much of this personal but please accept my apologies if it's grown tiresome. I shall be summing this up in the weekend DLC attached here.

I have been asked on twitter by D Abberley what I make of Fred W. Peters joining the register so here goes: As I understand it many of the new significant shareholders joining the 3%+ register are NO voters, this information has been sourced carefully so has to be given some credence. We can expect to see one or two more potentially joining them however don't know much more than that other than a few could do with remembering who could see this mammoth 5 - 10 times the multiple rise against those who totally missed it.

I must also comment on the hatred shown to investors caught on the short side or infact Cornhill Cap. this has been pretty viscous and not needed, '' Burning people really isn't cool '' but if it happens then lessons will be learned but lets remember the great business these guys have also done recently too.

Lets see how things pan out Monday, I believe there will be a continuation although further news will come to change the gears up & down before sundown.

All the best


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(These are but opinions derived from my own experiences and thoughts and are not adopted as a statement of fact)

Sunday, 26 April 2015

DocsLaymanChatter XXXVIII

After a less hectic week this week we hear much of Olympus falling as the Greek woes slowly starts to increase on the fear-o-meter, to mimic Draghi of the ECB its getting critical but not quite imminent - does this mean we are being prepared for a slap around the EU face as the earthquakes start to rumble again regarding the single currency collapse. It's early days yet (apparently) but stay tuned or more importantly on your guard.

The markets are compressed with terminology/facts of misinterpretation which often causes conflict and confusion, this is one of the many reasons when communicating with other investors within the private investment world i believe we should be forgiving or understanding. Money,fear,loss can manifest itself in mysterious ways which is a sad reflection of the outfall of the darker parts of AIM. As investors lose on AIM there emotional level evolves into a manic state of mind which again is a bi product of the markets allowing the game to issue you a final knockout blow. Don't become a statistic of the game '' Know it ''

This week we look at a few very different companies for very different reasons, liquidity is a stable part of your investment diet, never be caught up in too many illiquid stocks at any one time... - Hear todays ADVFN podcast with Justin (Sharepickers) on Red Rock, African Potash, Prospex Oil:

African Potash: A company that has been very rewarding yet somewhat disappointing has recently give away its biggest sign that its road to recovery precedes the once thought road to perdition by doubters, Chris Cleverly is very much onboard with some very near term dynamic moves. The recent AGM should have been a formality in making room to issue the 2nd and final tranche of funding coupled to the axing of its Bergen instrument which has single handedly hammered the price from 2p down to 0.4p. A year ago 5p was the main level of attack and whilst this seems a distant memory I can very much see a quick rebound to 1p+  the retreat down to current levels seems harsh and now unnecessary (Bergen goes, the price will rise) I fully anticipate very near term buoyancy.

Prospex Oil: The little unknown company has recently been flagged up, Formerly Premier Gold (PGR) the company of old crashed against the rocks leaving the shell which was rescued via a CVA / clean up by the new management team. Now Prospex Oil after raising a slug of cash and with a newly formed board appears resonates very much with a little unknown Mx Oil (This time last year) formerly Astar Minerals. Some may remember the 1p to 5p move there and I very much get the feeling that PXOG is a mirror image. Ironically the MXO doubters were quickly put in there place as the shares have consistently traded at a significant gain leaving Prospex as the next highly anticipated and very much unknown shell looking to move into near term O&G acquisitive space. If they secure a close to home onshore asset then expect shares to soar, if they sit on there hands for 6 months then expect a troublesome future. '' I'm a speculative buyer of the stock ''

Red Rock Resources: Andrew Bell has been fighting on many fronts and whilst the brave samurai has been busy (nearly falling on his own sword) it would appear that with all of the debt removed, remuneration reduced and far less liabilities it looks to me that 0.08p will be the foundation to the companies recovery story. I expect the shares to trade up somewhat assuming AB keeps concentrating on doing his job rather than the usual lack lustre spivvy old money roll as an executive. Things have changed and RRR and Bell need to do a days work as well as enjoying the city life of boozy lunches.

Mx Oil: Shares have soared recently on a highly anticipated update on acquisition progress, MXO has been a real gem for penny investors and we stand by for the long awaited news flow. During the UK Investor show Mx Oil was particularly popular - Pretty Polly or Pretty Exciting '' You decide ''.

UK Oil & Gas: Sadly my popularity on UKOG has dried up, after 1000% of gains called on this company, from a time when very few people even knew what they were doing back in 2013/4 It pains me to say that UKOG looks a sell rather than a buy. If an equity issue comes or the funding of a second hole kicks in then I strongly believe the shares value will decline. I do however want to wish David all the very best for a peach of a promote and also wish all holders/ex-holders a bright and fruitful future. I'm 99.9% sure that hundreds of billions of barrels won't be secreted from Horse Hill (Weald Basin) but very happy to be wrong, the risk now is above and beyond even me.

Sefton Resources (Stryker): My friend BMD has left the building, whilst many will speculate on this i think without doubt he's demonstrated (even if only briefly) how to create interest within the market place, welldone and congratulations.

All the best


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(These are but opinions derived from my own experiences and thoughts and are not adopted as a statement of fact)

Sunday, 12 April 2015

DocsLaymanChatter XXXVII

After an exciting week at Horsehill investors feel stoked at the prospect of further movers and shakers in the alternative markets, in doing so private investors are now in an awfully vulnerable position as when enthusiasm peaks so does the chance of a snakes and ladders outcome. In such times it is clear private investors need to take some council with themselves at how easy trading / investing in these markets really is!!! - As a rule i always sit on hands and gather thoughts when hitting a big return, patience, planning and analyzing a situation helps me find some resolve in whatever direction i maybe intending on embarking.

The markets feel awash with positive sentiment, good will and big winners are on the cusp of all conversation, let me be crystal clear again when i say this '' In July the markets will not be like this '' thus one must make hay whilst the sun shines (Now) however do not fall foul of rushing feet first into the wrong trade. Often we see the euphoria of the markets as the catalyst to big collapse, I feel we have a little more to go so plenty of money to be made however always keep a sober and balanced outlook.

This week I caught up with David Bramhill which you can click and hear here:

I recently chatted to Andrew Bell of Red Rock Resources which you can hear here:

Today we will look at a bunch of companies making waves within the small-cap markets most of which will be companies you have heard of for a variety of reasons, I'm a firm believer of backing companies that will move based on market mechanics thus arguing an out and out technical or fundamental case may not be enough.

UK Oil & Gas: After huge gains from UKOG i'm now dubious to the big media hype surrounding the company, I'm sure that the recent interest in the company will be used to tap the market thus fear a placing or funding deal is pending, I do accept that the company looks to be in a much firmer place however don't see it as a company to commit to until we have clarity and visibility of funding the future HH 2

My thoughts on Horsehill (Special) can be found by clicking here:

Red Rock Resources: From all the aim companies i hold currently RRR is one i believe will make great steps similar to the moves seen in UKOG and other HH companies, a deal on Columbia is imminent and the wind of change appears to be blowing over Red Rock. MG are nearly all out and with the monkey off the back (it's death spiral) I can only see big big things near-term here '' Add to your list of stocks to follow ''

Sound Oil: Most of you will recall the talk of buying SOU for the stock of 2015. Shares are up well over 100% now giving the market cap of £75 million, I believe that Sound oils Badile assets gotta 30p value should it come in which would make the current SP look like small fry however to answer the masses of people that have questioned am I a buyer at this level I simply say not just yet. I have a decent free carry which i hope and believe will do well moving forward but protecting capital is paramount and until i see reason to risk it again I'll sit on my (free) hold  position until we hear more.

Union Jack Oil: Against many UK Onshore Oil & Gas companies UJO is massively undervalued, the company has a decent cash position circa £3 million coupled to very encouraging updates from Wressle 1. I anticipate that the recent uplift in all UK onshore plays like this will reflect in UJO's measly £5 million marketcap, I accept its yet to be the peoples favorite but its a matter of time in my opinion. Please click the above link to listen to the recent Audio interview.

Noricum Gold: Stay abreast of the news flow here, NMG have increased its portfolio so by virtue the news flow associated. I hear that the city tails are wagging again around this tiny gold company with the infamous Lenigas and Strang buying into the play '' for good reason ''

All the best


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(These are but opinions derived from my own experiences and thoughts and are not adopted as a statement of fact)

Saturday, 11 April 2015

Horse Hill Special

Well what a week it's been for all that have held,hold or traded Horse Hill stocks, many who follow the blog will have been aware of the significant gains taken in 2014 and yet again during 2015, but a week ago i felt that city flutters and order book movement was in itself suggesting a big big move. Those who follow me on twitter will have been crystal clear about this message and whilst the city tails wag for very little these days the all more convincing volume indicators were rising like a salmon at spawning season.

So what have we learnt from this week? well undoubtedly Mr Lenigas is the cremedelacreme of aim stock promoters, and whilst i accept that the KC may hold enough oil to exceed the Beverly hillbillies backyard  find, i remain cynical. With enough interest now to raise the additional cash the group will need to drill further exploration holes it now looks primed to be apart of the news for months and years to come. We can argue what will be from now until kingdom come however the main story here is positive sentiment for UK Onshore oil companies along with huge financial rewards to those who applied simple robust principles of '' Knowing the game '' some have done pretty well out of it. A buddy of mine hit £80,000+ and a lovely lady i chat with via my twitter feed had a tidy £20,000 return. One called it a lucky sell and the other a clever T+ trade, either way it's been a rewarding story. For those trapped as a buyer at 2p+ I fear you may have to let the early sub half penny buyers have there fun and also potential equity issues to come in.

The statement that stood out head and shoulders to me was when questioned '' how many jobs will this create '' and Mr Lenigas replied '' Thousands '' - This is about as bold a statement as one could expect, do i believe thousands of people will find employment from Horse Hill? Absolutely not... we may have a period where hunderd/s of contractors are onsite at one time but i see this as a brief flash in the pan moment. As I say i concede that Horse Hill has a brighter future now more than a few weeks ago although I never subscribe to the clever PR and Marketing of a product.

Who wants a furby, a teddy ruxpin, perhaps a my little pony or cabbage patch doll!!! - In reality these things come and go and whilst clever PR and Marketing can give a brief window of genius it rarely stands up for long, I see AIM to hold many of the same core values so whilst I hope and pray that we see more and more tangible evidence of greatness within the Oil space it would be fair to add caution rather than throwing it to the wind.

The UK Onshore now has an audience and whilst the HorseHill mob finance the next drill it maybe worthwhile to look at Egdon,Union Jack or Europa O&G as they have very much started to produce and sell oil from its wressle 1 assets north of Scunthorpe. Sentiment and momentum are 8/10ths of the law on AIM and I can see more and more people looking to find the next big Onshore mover/s

I take my hat of to Mr Lenigas and co for a well worked entry into Onshore greatness, if he can deliver a fifth of what they have been discussing I expect an exciting path ahead. As i'm somewhat cynical I'll be assuming the position similar to the red Indian scout at the battle of big wash - this is that of observer.

All the best


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(These are but opinions derived from my own experiences and thoughts and are not adopted as a statement of fact)

Saturday, 28 March 2015

DocsLaymanChatter XXXVI

This weeks blog is firmly based on today's audio, we talk a lot about recent events within the markets coupled to the education one needs to counter move or insulate against significant loss. 90% of private investors lose within the markets, many blow up their accounts within the first 1-2 years '' Don't become a statistic by trying to apply blue chip investment strategies against an aim (tier 3) company '' you're on a sure fire route to loss.

Following the masses down the road of perdition will have zero positive outcome, knowthegame....
This week we talk about Noricum gold, Teathers Financial along with an in depth look at how the markets work, the paramount need to unequivocally protect your capital '' As simply this is what keeps you at the table ''

To hear my analysis on the markets as well as #TEA #NMG and much much more click here

All the best


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(These are but opinions derived from my own experiences and thoughts and are not adopted as a statement of fact)

Sunday, 8 March 2015

DocsLaymanChatter XXXV

As my first trip of the year looms ever closer I ponder further the busy schedule for the month of April. Spain for 5 days then straight back and to the UK Investor show 2015 (click for tickets) to tackle my old friend and sparring partner David Lenigas, this time his bully boy buddy won't be there to prevent old Dave running away so finally he may answer some of the concerns from the 2014 confrontation. With a new bunch of questions set around another of his heavily associated mining companies.

This week my friend Tom Winnifrith was served with papers (injunction) in a weak attempt to silence him from exposing fraudulent companies operating within the alternative investment market or the '' Casino '' as TW. would proclaim. The corporate espionage and systematic milking of UK shareholders is enough to make the strongest of stomachs rench, sadly many investors never get to the bottom of things which in essence lets these charlatans and crooks off the hook. If Aiden Early or any other for that matter believes that serving papers is answer to his critics then i honestly believe he's about to get a pretty darn big bill from his appointed solicitors as he and any other who attempt to erase free speech will be serving more papers than Jamie Oliver has served hot dinners. The simple fact is these documents and articles will slosh about cyberspace for ever and a day, banging your hand down on Tom is like swatting flies with a sledgehammer, the annoyance and hard labours of it will wear thin when you realise that once Tom stops buzzing away he'll be replaced by another and another and another. I suggest the back alley sally executives who have been having a feral old time fiddling for the past few decades accept that the road to retribution lies ahead.  Aiden,Dave and Donald duck should all take note as the wheels of revolution are fully turning.

February into March has been steady for the portfolio and whilst many are hopeful for the next few months, I've resided to the fact that April onwards will see me holding a big slug of cash just incase things aren't so hot. You can always sink it in but getting it out is a very different challenge and one I don't want to be faced with. For now I'm expecting a decent few weeks ahead so lets look at what's hot and not as it may be.

UK Oil & Gas: A month ago UKOG was top of the pops by virtue of it's rise off 0.35p to 0.60p with a hive of activity in frequency and volume. 4wks on and the rumour mill is churning over once again, the retail community this weekend has reacted positively to the speculation and anticipation of news. If the stock breaks 0.62-0.65p then I firmly expect the shares to quickly change hands at a significant premium to today's price. '' 1p+ is very much an initial target ''

Trinity Exploration & Production: Unlike other Oil & Gas companies operating within the same geographic footprint, I see TRIN as a proper operator. The market cap is a fraction to peers after coming off hard from £1.20 to 20p. This week we have seen a renewed interest in the TRIN story and it's really is not hard to see why. The company has bonified assets which are operated by dyed in the wool oil men. Speculation is growing over the GSA being signed along with a clear visibility on financing which is rumoured to be siamese with the GSA and not from an equity raise (Placing)

Worthington Group: Have issued TW. with a gag order, OK many of you know that Tom and I have differences from time to time however we really do have to pay a close attention to Naibu's director who is serving time in prison and has been since Nov 14' or the squeaky clean Big Jim Ellerton who fucked UK shareholders in his quest for self fulfillment by the tune of millions. Maybe the Range Resources debacle is fresh in your mind too? '' Regardless of bogus claims regarding old winnie, the testament of time shows that the old tommy gun is pretty effective in battle ''

Noricum Gold: I can see why shareholders maybe be browned off with Mr Kunzel of Noricum however a clear shift of change has taken place, many in the retail community may not be ofay with junior mining practices but to put into laymans terms '' Diamond drilling '' is a proper form of sampling / gathering results. I have no knowledge of what these results will be but all the delays and negativity is priced in now. The company has up to a million quid in the bank coupled with potential meaningful news. - It looks a buy pre news drive '' derisk as the SP climbs ''

There are a number of companies that i believe will be trading significantly higher than today, Union Jack Oil cannot be worth less on these results '' The markets valuation is disconnected '' I fully expect this to become buoyant soon. Boxhill Technology is primed to rise once the old director has finished selling his stock, the director was potted for a lack of productivity. Teathers Financial has an A-list group with a Z- list valuation, visibility will instigate the move here '' eyes peeled on news flow ''. Paternoster Resources has been held back by a legacy holder (Zoltav) selling down its position, this week I had it confirmed that position is fully disposed thus expect solid relief to the upside on any kind of buying pressure. Westminster Group have been finding some decent traction in the markets this week, WSG as with many peers in SL have suffered at the hands of an aggressive epidemic which is now starting to subside. The company has recently released news on its ever growing roster of business which has clearly helped raise the spirits of long term shareholders.

Folks interested in meeting up in London or Manchester in 1H 2015 please register your interest for each or both events by clicking here:

All the best


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(These are but opinions derived from my own experiences and thoughts and are not adopted as a statement of fact)