Saturday, 20 September 2014

Docslaymanchatter XXVI

This week has seen some significant swings in the markets but nothing quite as fascinating as the Scottish referendum. I say this not because of the number voting or the result but simply how intriguing people are, even today folk believe that decisions like this are made by the people! It has been my opinion for a long time that minority capitalist communities control everything other than anarchy which is something that every regime in history or across the globe fear most. This is normally the start of change but in the modern western society we really are to well trained to revolt so in short we abide by decisions made by the few to control the many.

One man one vote is rarely ever successful as this concept is reliant on the democracy they live under being fair and honest '' I mean c'mon really '' - Enough of my opinions lets look at the markets...

In last few weeks we have seen a real uplift in the horse hill excitement which has helped the flagship UK Onshore oil play and associated companies as their share price rise like a salmon in spawning season. With this in mind and with a success of a discovery beneath them Union Jack Oil is showing real signs of picking up over the coming weeks more to follow, click here.  (to listen to the ADVFN podcast.)

The pounds been under the cosh from the Scots referendum aswell as macro economics fealing the heat from economic events, the brent price hasn't done any better however this is rumoured to be the end due to the majority vote strongly favouring the Union remaining whole.

Interestingly the markets showed renewed strength from the IPO of Alibaba and its instant hit with investors leaving early investors significantly up. This reminds me of the Royal Mail IPO which triggered a pretty good run from October 2013 '' Lets see if mid September is the trigger to the 2014 run '' surely all this money sloshing about shows some confidence.

Mirada: Mira announced a new contract this week, I have followed this story for a little while since my old pal Tom Winnifrith flagged it up at 11.75p with a 24p target price (I agree with Tom), I bought a little stock as the leaks from the city were good, needless to say the CEO released news mid week yet the windy markets didn't bubble with excitement. This lead me to connect with the CEO (Phone call) which can be heard here. I think you have to look at the bits investors have missed. I expect more news and soon

African Potash: The company announced decent initial results from its first hole drilling from its Lac Dinga potash project, however this was off the back of a very slight delay which i believe is the crux behind us not seeing a bigger market reaction, again this caused me to probe Ed about their findings and push a little on where he see's the companies recent developments. The result was typical of a decent guy like Ed Marlow  you can hear it here. Things look to be progressing very well as expectation appears encouraging for hole two (which is well on its way), The CEO is in country next week so lets see if we have more for folk to look into. The markets are driven on anticipation and expectation....

Union Jack Oil: Ujo is slowly becoming a household name as its share price has gently increased over the last few weeks, we accept that all great movers need multiple stimulatory factors so here are a few. UK Onshore is brimming with confidence (Look at HH) Union Jack have reported a discovery which will be worked over in a couple of weeks, also Union Jack expect the spud from its next investment asset. The company have secured a big chunk of cash, with acquisitions of near term or producing wells being the order of the day. The primary reason is demand, this little oiler was crabbing along for over a year and suddenly they can raise huge sums of cash against its market cap coupled to a significant increase in volume '' These metrics are enough for most '' - I also take great comfort from my old mate Zak Mir backing the technical aspects as the shares trade above the death zone of the 200d SMA.

Inspirit Energy: Insp have secured a major trial deal with house hold name Calor Gas Ltd, with big rumors of a deal with a top 6 energy provider the markets and investors seem to be surfacing to hear more on its mCHP boiler, with new blood (Flow) joining the company it seems that a bigger and widely anticipated deal is on the cards.

Mx Oil: I have high hopes from Mxo over the coming weeks & months but for those of you who need convincing moving early into Mexico will prove pivotal in business, then take a look at the private equity slipping $500,000,000 into Mexico click here Or to hear my own thoughts click here.

Sound Oil: Interesting developments occurred this week with Sound Oil's conference call being put back, this is a typical news move and I'm banking on it being good, If not we are meeting the company next week one to one so can drag him over hot coals or pat him on the back. Feel free to join us click here.

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