Friday, 19 December 2014

The Evolution Of Twitter

If a rabbit could tell you how much it loved carrots it would start by repeating itself like a child that wants to be given sweets or like gollam with his precious. The transition from eagerly wanting it to forcefully needing can be quick...

I find twitter has began to evolve this way, I want you to want it as much as I do, then you must need it as much as I need it. this horrific transformation takes place right in front of your eyes and should you dare not to mention something the reader wants you to, your systematically questioned about your person belief.

95% of people lose, I'm not one of that 95% so find myself asking, what do I get out of twitter? I believe I've acted in the best interest of myself and others around me by being open,frank and honest whilst giving an insight to the mechanism of the markets in the city of London.

If you have no point to prove then why engage in wasteful exchanges? The Christmas break is certainly time to reflect. Gold mines in Wales, Holding companies in Oz, Children mowed down in Pakistan, Sieges in Sydney and more spiders webs in Perth than a scenes from arachnophobia or perhaps its just a heroin like cravings from morons.

Do we really need Twitter.

All the best Folk's


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