Thursday, 13 November 2014

Stellar Resources - All Hat, No Cattle

Today I published a piece giving reason on why I believe Stellar Resources are a company now in big trouble, this is due to poor results in all they have done with little to no value creation. The company has been threatening for years to actually get things up and running at Clogau however the powers at be have failed in all attempts to get going.

Years have passed since the company promised to drill,prove,extract and mine in Wales yet today we see little evidence of anything other than jam tomorrow.

You can read my full shareprophets piece here

You can view the mine footage here

Further Images of the setup here GMOW & STG 

I talk more about my own opinion on STG here

What investors need to understand is the SP has no consequence to me as I have NO material gain from either a long or short position. The company was born out of fractured beginnings of which I shall start to piece together over the forthcoming weeks and months.

The local manager Raymond Roberts has left (gone) and no longer words with GMOW, STG directors are moving off!!! The company don't have the money to really get into any sort of production thus the leach that is the listing will need to keep tapping out in order to get funding away.

The boys from Bond St, St Helier are holding the fort for mystery Mick but like all good jigsaws we start around the edges and work in.

Check out:

47 Charles Street London

Check out:

Allied Trust Company Limited
Name -Clark
Name -Lezela
Name -Bryans

Check out:

5 Bond Street
St Helier
United Kingdom

Check out:

Suite 3B Princes House
38 Jermyn Street
United Kingdom

Happy hunting folks....


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