Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Lessons From The Jokers Of AIM

Christmas Cracker jokes from within A.I.M 2014

Last year I sat around the dinner table pulling crackers with the extended family, each of us had a small plastic flute inside which played a single note. As the nominated conductor flagged you in we blew the flute one by one to become a very basic orchestra. This year we have seen some really big Christmas crackers but these are my top 3.

1.) Lenigas said that Leni Gas & Oil (LGO) had no need or intention of issuing shares in a placing as some have speculated. He is fully funded to drill aggressively in Trinidad boosting output materially in the near term. (June 2014)

It's a CRACKER - LGO today announces that the Company has raised £7 million before expenses, by way of a Company arranged placing of 200 million new ordinary shares (July 2014) - The company went on to raise a further £2.3 million (Oct 2014) Totalling £9.3 million.

2.) We have carried out an extensive reevaluation of seismic data at Horse Hill, Then in response to a twitter question David Lenigas replied '' we believe we will hit the right side of the fault due to there interpretation of 3d seismic data...

It's a CRACKER - Neil Ritson confirms Lenigas must have been confused as we don't have 3d seismic data, (Only 2d) which left the usual typo error excuse all at sea as he had tweeted not once not twice but three times that 3d was on offer - IT WASN'T

3.) David goes quiet on Monday with the line '' I'll let the results do the talking '' (within a matter of hours prior) Lenigas comes out fighting suggesting naughty shorters were behind the fall which could lead folk to believe that a placing was not coming (which I suggested is exactly what would happen) oh and he was excited.... (Oct 7th 2014)

It's a CRACKER - The Board of UKOG is pleased to announce that the Company has raised £2,000,000 before expenses by way of a Company arranged placing of 166,666,667 new ordinary shares of 0.01p each in the Company (the "Placing Shares") at a placing price of 1.2 pence (8th Oct 2014) that's right the very next day...

I'm often asked do I not like David Lenigas? And my reply is the same, he's a master class at what he does!!! He's also trying to manage an ego the same size as his gut which is causing a real battle with reality.... '' Perhaps I'm an angel who was put on this earth to be the voice of reason '' or perhaps the devil within just causes me to keep digging into this despicable behaviour. The Aim regulators, the Aim investigators and the FCA and ASIC has a duty of care to all UK and global investors...

Never take all of what you read as gospel, take heed of the festive message: Carry out extensive due diligence and #KnowTheGame before risking your hard earned cash into the Aim circles, be wary, treat everything with concept and don't trust people who are offended if you don't give yourself to the markets easily '' It will snatch the life right out of your portfolio at the blink of an eye ''

Stay say, stay strong and stay on top.....

Merry Christmas, Happy holidays



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