Saturday, 27 June 2015

Potential Scam Being Operated - Beware

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Warning!!!! Please share, don't become a victim of this scam. 

It is understood that a man with a beret on looking militant accompanied by a weedy looking fellow wearing a pinstripe suit and '' Krays '' like glasses are rumored to be in the Trafford Centre operating this scam, one victim reported. 

'' Today I was walking through the Trafford Centre when I was approached by a smartly dressed man with a che guevara mask on  who asked me if I would like to smell his cheese. As he asked this he gestured his hand towards my nose which was in the extended palm position. Being a lover of cheese I saw no harm in taking the man up on his kind offer. 

As he brought his
 hand up to my nose what I hadn't noticed was that his other hand was in the clenched fist position at the base of his extended palm (see picture). When his finger tips reached my nostrils I could neither see or smell the cheese and it was too late to retract as his now perfectly aligned fist of the other hand was now traveling towards my nose at speed, which then struck me with considerable force.'' 
There was never any cheese! This was a scam to catch me off guard and punch me in the nose.
No matter how much you love cheese do not accept offers to "smell my cheese" off of people you don't know and for fucks sake never believe everything you hear in share world either. 

Keep your pecker up folks


Tuesday, 23 June 2015

DocsLaymanChatter - Midweek Special

As the markets become a mine field of lies,deceit, and dishonesty private investors feel the unsolicited wave of uncertainty rolling over them. The markets are rigged folks, the excessive level of corruption never really hit home until the anchors are slammed on the markets and things start to go in the wrong direction. Now before everyone runs out and hits the sell button you have to consider where in the cycle is your investment and will a drier liquidity level significantly change the game for you? 

We know that the markets slow down, we know that private investors are often stifled into selling at the wrong point and of course we know just how green private investors are. This leaves people with a conflicting sense of what they need to do against actually doing it. One has to take preventative actions however the bulk of the investment community start to take such measure right at the pinnacle of change and on the wrong side of a trade or investment. 

Never find yourself buying or selling on emotion, never find yourself allowing wider factors affect your day-to-day decision-making and for crying out loud, KnowTheGame folks... 

Capital protection is paramount as this is the foundation to what gives us the ability to invest / trade. Never lose sight of how valuable your capital is. 

Whilst the last 3 weeks has presented the shitty end of the stick towards private investors we must all remember that the markets are built by design to draw us into making the wrong decisions at the wrong time... hail a sucker rally or best a pre Grexit pump!!! I expect the heat will come back at the end of summer but a few bright days before could well be on offer. 

Don't expect miracles but use each and every roll of the dice to improve your personal position - '' Money can buy you a good dog but it can't buy you a wag of it's tail '' 

Savannah Resources: SAV recently announced a deal that all LT investors new it could secure, naturally any lag of news forces the impatient to exit on any sniff of interest however Rio Tinto is a little bit more than a flim flam deal so I expect to see many more twists & turns 3p area looks good value on what we know now against last week. 

CEB Resources: Came out of suspension among a lot of speculation with the SP getting anchored by the placees taking there fill and moving on, personally I see another MXO in the making and whilst this is exciting it all takes time. I have added to my already significant position and will intend to scale in further as news / deal flow should be pretty encouraging. Whitby is no stranger to value creation with his last shell running from $1.6m to $600m market cap.

Afren: Is the company under the watchful eye of aim, are we seeing the death role playing out of a celebrity investor name taking his place briefly on the podium or is it literally a pre crash rally to allow the boys out??? - Time will tell but I see folks making some money out of AFR over the coming weeks but it won't all be clean money. 

Keep ya pecker up 


Sunday, 7 June 2015

Investor Meeting Manchester to Join the London '' Get Together ''

The investor meeting in Manchester has been delayed and re scheduled for later in the summer, Both sets of attendees are invited to join us in the city in late summer. 

The event delay has come by way of overwhelming demand for London and the flexibility shown by investors with a serious interest. If they /  you are happy to travel to the city who am I to argue with that..

The last company to attended an InvestorMeeting in Sept. 14' has watched it's shares rise significantly, We hope to deliver a company with a strong and pragmatic outlook to match or exceed last years event.

Further updates shall follow here.


Note: We appreciate their maybe a small number disappointed thus will look to try and schedule again for autumn. 

Friday, 5 June 2015

How the TiT's intend to work on AIM

Hey Folks,

Some of you will be aware that I've personally shown some concern Re: the recently announced new (subscription based) tip TiTs / blog site. Let me be clear about my rationale behind showing resistance towards the concept!

As I believe 90-95% of punters on aim are losing or struggling to break even, I feel that this concept preys on the weak and vulnerable, winners won't pay for this information but somebody at a loss would (or in fact say anything) if they thought it could help recover lost life savings. To suggest you are the closest thing to inside information is reckless and misleading, the pitch is based around charging you £10p/m for privileged or worse insider information. The practices within the aim exchange are positively shocking as we see on a day to day basis thus naturally sites like this have been born out of a '' Do as we please attitude '' which is immoral, unethical or illegal.

As I show resistance to the concept, I myself have thrown my head between the foot & ball, yet again picking up more additions to the doc holiday hater bus. Frankly i see this as a compliment that injecting hours of time to try to steel or hijack my credibility (built up over years within the markets) as flattering, but proclaim -

I will not be deterred no matter how hard these agenda's are pushed, this is the oxygen I need to carry on in a market which I see as bent,corrupt and habited by ruthless scoundrels trying to invent new and ingenious ways to climb the greasy pole...

Self promotion and prophecy comes in all guises and I myself accept that running a blog (like this) or acting as a small cap market commentator could be viewed as contradicting to this piece, however I believe showing a consistent responsibility from consistent winning results as a far cry from running shotgun over a weak or displaced community.

Often the analogy '' Winners focus on winners & Loser focus on winners '' is quoted.

I tend to think winners can lose and losers can change, but you have to show dignity,humility and most of all a commitment,drive and motivation to become comprehensive at what you do no matter how improbable an idea it may first seem. The aim markets are a mystery to many which makes securing a solid foundation similar to navigating the horn or Africa - Pirates ahoy, but in time you reap what you sow...

I want to stress new ideas and holistic thinking is not something I've ever been against (regardless of bogus claim)  I have a good record of helping people with new ideas, although not all ideas thought up in a pub are good ones. I believe that the concept of charging for something you shouldn't or may not even have is wrong, creating a new site to compete with others (or better work alongside) as a great idea, we all need to start somewhere.

For those behind the idea? Well some have a checkered background, Others have none - This is not a personal thing just a simple rationale behind my thought process. I genuinely wish the team at TiTs or the California Joe blog all the very best in promoting and selling the idea to the private investing community or the wider corporate fool however as the dragons den saying goes '' I'M OUT ''

At least until we have a more responsible attitude shown towards the product and its people, the testament of time will tell....

Keep your pecker up