Saturday, 31 January 2015

David Lenigas '' Refers me to his lawyers ''

The great David Lenigas after the release of my Stellar Resource research document, refers me to his lawyers:

''This has just been sent to the litigation lawyers.''
David Lenigas
Clearly the document which was published at the shareprophets here was enough to get a bee in old Daves bonnet, I mean collating information which is available within the public domain and from an enterprising line of questioning from the UK's '' Freedom of information act '' was just too much for the serial entrepreneur and aim director. I guess the whole freedom of speech theory is lost by bully boy's who automatically refer those with the balls to speak out to his '' Litigation Lawyers '' my fomral response here is: '' fuck you and i'll see you in court '' If fat Dave thinks by sending such an email response to me is some kind of warning shot over the bows then he is sadly wrong, Long before I decided to share my research findings, I spoke with industry experts, I also gave the companies (STG & GMOW) time to review the document in which I encouraged them to:
Or refute any claims within the document which were inaccurate, inappropriate or they felt warranted comment. I also point to effect on the comapnys shareprice at time of release. The mathmatical gangsters will find the document has had no detrimental financial effect on the company at the time of release.
If by tweeting via social media has some type of impact I'd say Dave should look closer to home, he himself has already run into a modest bottom slapping from his advisers after misleading investors by commenting (3 times) that HorseHill had 3D seismic data. '' Which it did not '' (according to Neil Ritson)
Now I accept that UK Oil & Gas is in better shape than the markets are valuing it, infact I'm a shareholder however this does not detract from the utter reckless red faced manner in which Dave operates.
I now await the next move by the big dog, but if the mediterranean Oil & Gas case is anything to go by then I shouldn't need worry too much as the judgment by Mr Justice Males commented:
'' The claimants case fails at every stage '' in Ref to litigation between LGO energy (Formerly Leni Gas & Oil) and Mediterranean Oil and gas (subsidiary Malta Oil) . - March 2014 (Find that judgment here)

Perhaps the big fella should hire Mog's counsell to stick it to me at least they could say they've had recent success's dealing in litigation cases with Dave. Robin Williams once said '' Never pick a fight with an ugly person, they've got nothing to lose ''
I'm something of a star wars geek, this notification reminds me of a certain Owen Delstar the officer in the republican army who fought in the Mandalorian wars... I won't dribble on any further on this just yet but I may do in the future. (Geeks like me love star wars trivia)
All the best
* Kindly I have accepted Tom's invitation back to the UK Investor show 2015, I've been mulling over it for sometime but today made the decision that facing companies that mislead or worse need to answer for there actions so now look forward to engaging in my favourite past times '' see ya'll there...''

Thursday, 29 January 2015

The Fall Of Management Resource Solutions

Management Resource Solutions pitched up on aim only a matter of weeks ago, with all the gear and no idea the companies shares started to drift from the outset. Sadly I bought the (30p) IPO promote as the company gave a good account of itself, with a few whispers from decent city guys and the scene was set.

Whilst I accepted the short period of time on the aim exchange for the fledglings wasn't being kind to them i also took the statement made to me by the CEO as credible on 5th Jan 2015:

''We will be discussing an announcement for later this month.

This coupled to the announcements via official and unofficial lines (media reports) where the company (MRS) informed '' We look forward to updating the market in January '' based on these statements and my own findings I took the company on face value so to learn on the 29th of January that the company intended on making no official release other than interim's, coming before the end of March 2015... - 

The smarmy pup at the PR company (FTi) really tried to run the rule over me with his clever comments ''  what would you like them to do '' by way of sarcastic suggestion of no material changes, no update '' - and there had been no material changes in his eyes...

My response to this in no uncertain terms was unrepeatable but followed the line of '' Listen you cheeky little prick, is it too much for shareholders to expect, the company do what it says and that performance has been disappointing to boot ''

The CEO miraculously corroborated with a statement in which a reply came via email 10 minutes after i put the phone down to (FTi's) PR twit . The CEO claimed i was now asking in an aggressive manner, which is funny as nearly all execs that I have pulled up on such shenanigans unanimously question the way in which i ask a question.

After the shocking broker valuation of 38p i felt compelled to investigate further! - It is rumored that MRS were a little shy on completing a number of financial transactions. Did this result in both the companies turnover being affected as well as having a material effect within the broker analysts valuation? Was this related to payment received from Papua New Guinea?

(Note: Rumors are not facts until we can prove them)

MRS CEO was proud to talk about the company's year on year performance (doubling turnover year on year for seven years) which i have to say was part of the appeal to me here from an established company, however I now ask has today's '' Rushed out RNS flagged yet another red flag ''

All along the company intended on doubling turnover accept today the company said:

 it is anticipated that the financial results for the year ended June 2015 will be materially ahead of full year 2014.

Which is not the magic double claim now is it? The RNS smacked of desperation as this release was only constructed to counter a drop which was created by the failure to meet the expectation of the markets which they have created.

After reviewing the Admission document it also shows a key (significant) shareholder's ends in March, this would then potentially open the floodgates once again.

Daniela Athan, who will be directly or indirectly interested in approximately 16.6 per cent. of the Enlarged Share Capital on Admission, has undertaken to the Company and (for so long as it is the Company’s Nominated Adviser) Northland that (i) for three months from Admission she will not dispose of any interest in the Ordinary Shares in which she is interested on Admission

This presents yet more uncertainty and whilst I accept that the company if able to meet all of the expectations and milestones originally set out would have done well, the clear change of sentiment and momentum will now fuel a lacking of confidence.

The markets expect profits to be ahead - so must now exceed that
The markets expects turnover to double - the markets must exceed this
The shareholders expectations and company performance are fragmented

It does not take a rocket scientist to work out where this is going! On that basis I hope I have done the honorable thing in sharing my own bitterly disappointing analysis.

IPO 30p
Today 15p

Todays audio on what's changed with Management Resource Solutions here

The next few weeks could see further loss, buyer beware...



* Note: 12th January the chairman's other aim company went into liquidation - Again why no Rns when it happened?

Saturday, 24 January 2015

DocsLaymanChatter XXXIV

This week we have seen some insane moves in both Afren & Enquest both could have made and lost you money, however these companies have each released data which has surprised the markets but could we have foreseen such events? It's my humble opinion that the board of directors being shady (Questioned over unauthorized payments) and struck off is a key flag to avoid, following up we are seeing and hearing Afren could possibly default on some of it's debt which leaves a wide open gap for a further thrashing or a speculative rebound. In such circumstances you are running a real risk and although i accept that the teens are not a bad entry point, you could well be dancing with the devil.

Enquest on the other hand are putting some simple practices together in order to help combat the fiscal change in it's OP, recovery rates are not so cheap yet with some clever and measured changes the company can rise out the fifty buck storm in oil (for now).

IGAS look to be in the shit in more ways than one, the OP tanking, shale permissions looks questionable and to top it all off the board (like a few others) have been taking liberties in office which has lead to numerous accusations over the moral behavior of its CEO. Sentiment in fracking has dried up somewhat which is really being shown out in the company's share price. The unequivocal fall from grace has been hard, however the fish bone in the throat is the money IGAS board has received as part of the equity first scandal.

Sable Mining has shot up by 250% which is great for intraday traders or those bargain shop opportunists, however they need a lot of cash and I don't see they have it, the iron ore game is screwed for at least another year or two and of course Liberia has had Ebola & Civil unrest to tackle. I can see this initial move triggering a lot of volatility which again presents the opportunity to make or lose fortunes. But for me the recipe could go toxic thus sit in the bleachers watching this play out.

Emotionally retail investors are starting to feel the heat of what can only be described as a liquidity famine, this has left many many investors seeing mirages in every direction they travel. The dry abyss that we seem to come across is now starting to tire private investors out, but i urge each and everyone to remain measured. The markets are built by design to empty your accounts, stupid irrational decision making can not only hurt you, but also set you back years. Remain calm, confident and coy, but more importantly you really must adjust the dial to suit the prevailing markets.

Today I had a chat with a truly decent man that had suffered a nasty shock which may act as a reminder of what life's all about, Thankfully and by the grace of the gods this experience has ended well however it's one story that resonated closely to my own life experiences, On this note I suggest folks remind themselves what,where and how they hope their journey through life will play out. Never forgetting '' If you don't have the peace, love and harmony of a happy life around you, then much of the market battle is already lost ''

A very sobering 4 minute audio here may resonate '' Life - It all goes back in the box '' 

Union Jack Oil: Unofficial images are popping up on twitter with a renewed interest in the stock, I've remained patient throughout the Wressle 1 (discovery) process, which is now at the flow testing area in the cycle, this play is not without risk however at 0.18p the upside is huge to the downside which is protected by £3m cash balance. On this basis (if your speculative) this is just about the best time to join the story, make your decisions and enjoy the ride - If you're looking to take a decent measured risk I see UJO now as that micro cap oil company to consider.

Management Resource Solution: On friday Northland capital offered it's initial coverage with a Buy recommendation at a 70% premium to its share price, needless to say this is post news which has been quoted from the company. Clearly we expect this to be comforting however expect to see MRS follow it's year on year performance over the previous 7 years.

Westminster Group: With the Ebola chatter slowly starting to swing the corner i'm hopeful that WSG will be repaired for its commitment in SL, life and troubles we experience are absolutely nothing like that of the people of West Africa. I for one hope the change in sentiment and decline in Ebola cases stimulate the extension of better fortunes to blow over the security company.

Nostra Terra: The share price dropped as if hit by Mike Tyson last week but to me this is nothing more than a blinking cheapening of the company that are in actual fact making much more positive steps within its field. A negative reflective hit has come from the U.S shale which is not what Ntogs about hence I see an uplift and correction from here (0.17p)

UK Oil & Gas: I have expected a nudge in direction for a little while, looks like we are waiting a little bit longer however don't be surprised if this gets a hot poker up the backside.

All the best


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(These are but opinions derived from my own experiences and thoughts and are not adopted as a statement of fact)

Sunday, 18 January 2015

DocsLaymanChatter XXXIII

Another day another dollar! the markets are full of discontempt, dissolution and drama. One can ponder over the correct use of time or infact his/her purpose within the stock markets, from personal experience when the shit hits the fan previously i took myself away for a little over a year learning (From an incredible teacher) technical analysis which 80% to 90% of my trades are made. I have found over the years that the markets mechanism is just about as important as any other divergence or indicator, thus understanding this is paramount.

I spent all of half an hour analysing the complete flaws in Brokermandan's recent piece on Wressle 1. or the utter rubbish in his claims from his last UK onshore scoop however come to the conclusion life is to short to bicker.

I have however constructed some thoughts here so feel free to listen or not as it may be

When people are suffering in the markets emotions run high, the trick here is to remain as balanced as possible, no article can change the OP or sentiment surrounding it! no opinion without factual based evidence shall have any great detrimental effect however your due diligence should be the answer to your final decision making. The markets are fraught with deciet,lies and misinformation and this is from the unlikeliest of places, BOD's, PR companies, Tipsters & Commentators etc etc. Much of this is a bi-product of how the very arena (small cap markets) are formulated which makes simple tasks extremely difficult, but if you #KnowTheGame and what you're up against then you have a fighting chance.

UK Oil & Gas Are a company I'm backing once again and within the same price region. Ukog is yet to stir however contrary to BMD's claims of big scoops which lead to a share price collapse, I myself prefer to be the lone voice talking about a company at the bottom end of the cycle. Many of you are aware that about a year ago I mentioned this company whilst responsibly suggesting the entry and exit. I admit i wasn't 100% correct but 400% is not to be sniffed at. I think we will see a mammoth run again soon here regardless of OP.

Rare Earth Minerals Sadly you cannot take the management seriously when you read statements from the operator suggesting they have not seen recent reports released by REM, this opens a can of worms as to what's going on? we then find the company (against DL suggestion) was infact raising cash '' yet again '' I do hope for investors that REM comes good however have my doubts. So until all parties start singing from the same hymn sheet i remain cautious. I do however believe if the RSI breaks down we may see 0.60p but accept that if the RSI holds 50+ then a return (rebound) to 1p+ is very much on.

Frontera Resources Seems to be growing with anticipation, this is not a new story! the CEO has been slogging it out since the late 90's in true Aim oil fashion this story is extremely compelling. If it starts to get any real traction other than the annual pump for funds then I'd say its worth considering it but buyers beware that your targeting 0.50p region on the downside and a few pence to the upside. On that basis it would seem fair game however my own DD on the company and its management leaves one big question mark ?

GoldenSaintResources Appears to have jittered on expected news, however the vibe picked up again friday so this could well be the indication that the green lights coming on news/deal flow. Remember folks an uplift in volume and interest (particularly in bad times) is a big flag for news, couple this to a cheeky pull back a few sessions earlier and you have the recipe for RNS - stay tuned...

Union Jack Oil Contrary to the audio above, its pretty simple you either see £3m+ in cash (£4.4m mcap) with a 3-5 well program as a buy,sell or hold. I believe the downside is limited against a decent run of a potential few hundred percent. On that basis its '' job done '' but for gods sake lets not bitch or bicker.

BP. I mentioned on my twitter feed a few days ago when we witnessed the crazy drops in Enquest, Afren and BP that BP (Although not too popular) would be a safer haven for some of your cash, we may see further spatz of volatility but this provides oppourtunity with the likes of BP. - Happy hunting folks.

Savannah Resources Has been the focus of much debate but at these 2.2p levels the company is starting to look attractive, they need to get the hard core value RNS out instead of the spurious ones and P.I should really point the finger of blame to the company rather than fellow investors as clearly decision were made which have not be great for those who backed the story at 3.6p. The CEO has a bit of making up to do but I'm sure he has the minerals (quite literally) to do this.

All the best


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(These are but opinions derived from my own experiences and thoughts and are not adopted as a statement of fact)

Sunday, 11 January 2015

#DLC Weekly Round Up 11/1/15

Today's weekly round up (click here) or follow the link below, total commitment is the key to generating traction and success, I wish you all the very best this trading week.



All the best


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(These are but opinions derived from my own experiences and thoughts and are not adopted as a statement of fact)

Saturday, 3 January 2015

DocsLaymanChatter XXXII

So we are a day into the New Year, A pretty drab day that consisted of low volume, disheveled interest and an all round holiday feeling so whats for 2015?

First and foremost understand the game, before you play it blind like a Las Vegas blackjack tourist who sits at the table to throw a few hundred bucks into the hands of the house, the croupier may make you feel good about what you're doing but the voice in your head afterwards that says you just took part in a game which only outcome was negative expectancy and loss... #KnowTheGame

Life as a private investor can be extremely rewarding but often is hugely damaging, financially, mentally and physically, I tweeted today '' why would you fear a black or white gang banging street kid taking your prize possessions yet roll up investing into Aim daily '' - There is a simple message here.

We make decisions and choices each and every moment of every minute,hour,day,week and month of our life, If people believe success is born from careful consideration or reckless chance taking whilst testing strategies in order to break the code of AIM then sadly your chance of becoming a statistic is 90-95%. Why? because the stock market game is designed to win, the small cap sectors evolve with the players to always stay a step or two ahead of them, it becomes more aggressive, it grows much stronger and it nearly always takes what it needs to survive... '' It consumes you, it absorbs all that it needs to continue '' 

Of course I'm that odd, angry conspiracy crackpot but regardless of personal thought you can go and find the hard evidence of the devinci calls which have been served up continually for your use giving insight into the markets of how the game is being played, the recipe for success comes from complete commitment..... 

Over to the markets:

Sefton Resources: Are now likely to suspend any minute pending the complete breakdown and collapse of Sefton/Hawker dealings with the Bank of the West, these guys have pushed their luck much too far, not only on chicken feed propositions but also questionable back door dealings. Old habits die hard and sadly P.I's could be at a total loss here soon. Everything that is wrong with aim can be found in this companies closet let me tell you...

ARMS: I made a twitter call which pretty much summed up by the minute how things would play out, knowledge, experience and understanding the mechanics makes this possible! you will not get this by following the thought process everyone else has or infact structuring your decision making the same way as those inherent losers.

Union Jack Oil: UJO has an interesting future, with (discovery) wells due to commence flow testing coupled to the heavy cash position in a very weak junior space, i see a 2 pronged approach, add additional assets at favorable prices whilst forging strong relationships with faster growing JV partners. - Best case we see further gains in the SP in the very short term (Days & Weeks) with the Worst case being a short term fail leading to a longer term reshape of it's p/f through strong cash position. 

Golden Saint Resource: GSR has seen rumors bandied about with regards to news from its batch/process samples etc. After some digging I can confirm whilst there is much to do in order to reconcile the heavy losses investors shoulder, It does help point to short term relief which maybe the stepping stone they need to bounce aggressively up from here. The more pressing bunion on its backside is Darwin, the route out of this hole is to terminate any business with them under such terms. 

African Potash: Can Afpo go down? well of course anything is possible however its my belief the bottom is being hammered out and once things start to surface from Ed Marlows recent trip to the Taj Mahal then you may well just see a bumper ride. '' Yes thats right, Ed has been to India '' Make of it what you will but if a deal is done with them then expect huge returns from today's share price. 

Paternoster Resource: I've talked a lot about PRS over the years, I've rarely felt as positive about the near term future of this company as I do today with its current cash position, Investment roster and new strategic investors. at 0.25p on a binary basis the stock looks well placed to the upside.

Rockhopper & Falkland Oil and Gas: I'm scantily aware of the current OP but then I'm acutely aware of the markets condition and the OP back when the Sea Lion discovery was made. Lets not dilly dally here folks, RKH has a big chance out in the South Atlantic and the beauty of it is PMO (Premier Oil) are carrying the exploration costs - I see the Falklands becoming a very very interesting play for 2015 but not without some chance of risk, however the first drill and the build up should be the best.

UK Oil & Gas: As much as I have shared my thoughts on my old spa Leni, I'm no mug when it comes to picking them at the right time. Whilst some are speculating what the company are going to do I'll give you a good idea.

HorseHill - News on its proven value likely to hot up nicely.
DECC 14 bidding round - Winning or JV on new assets.
Portfolio Insight - UKOG specific news to be updated.
Finally - DL secret weapon.

Anyway the fantasy players believing in Stellar Resources Gold,Coal and HH assets I'd say you have one chance of success (Real success) but its really not all cricket... 

After being asked about Sunrise Resources I'll just say I'm sitting on what I believe will be a big kick in the nuts or a nice new motor, there are many reasons why I believe in SRES but you can't push water uphill so when the sectors are cooling you have to be dogged enough to take it on the chin whilst the cyclical trends change '' And they will folks, and they will ''

So for now lets keep eyes on the next 2-3 RNS from Boxhill Technologies (box) and Sperati CA (spr) starting next week we will see the recovery of one and the start of the beginning with another. I'll be following these companies closely as further incredible changes are likely to play out this year. Look at the next few releases and the people who are not posturing to get involved with SPR or the Casino growth coupled to its financial gaming gateway improvements by Box.

All the best


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(These are but opinions derived from my own experiences and thoughts and are not adopted as a statement of fact)

Thursday, 1 January 2015

Happy New Year To One And All

Today we embark on a new year and a new journey, I hope 2014 has been everything you wanted or needed it to be. 2015 provides opportunity as well as risk thus we shall whittle down all that is crappy about aim and look for everything good in the hardest, corruptest yet potentially most rewarding exchange in the UK.

Understanding the mechanics of aim is alien to most people as it entails going against most of your natural instincts, this is something of a mental exercise that one has to embrace and practise in order to master the steadfast qualities needed to blossom when investing / trading the aim market. #KnowTheGame

In the first quarter of this year I'll battle my own demons of how useful engaging in social media actually is, this is not prejudice to anyone or anything but simply some inner analysis of what one gets from partaking in this virtual world. I carried out an experiment via social media, the findings have been staggering and whilst I see the advantage of using this facility I also see the pitfalls, it appears the mindless disease of the bulletin boards are spilling through every retail crevasse. The aimless over promotion happens both in corporate circles and retail communities. Aim listed companies pay millions of pounds out in marketing and PR, many are mercenaries who measure success by the number of fee's they secure each year rather than the quality of the businesses they represent or infact there performance.

In late 2014 we had national newspapers liking HorseHill to Dallas - Utter shit

Directors Talk the gap filling gateway to news which was designed to make accessing / collating news, media and information quicker in order to help decision making, the potential was there when it first set out although now I fear a different service is on offer. If you make the news or worse if a company is allowed to provide its own coverage then you have a situation on your hands which can become toxic quickly, I have no hard line view on DT and we shall see how they go in early 2015 however if it replicates the back end of 2014 then I expect it will quickly fall into the PR outlet bracket similar to Edison or Proactive, I have expressed my concerns frankly with the founder/owner to which there has been no response. Lets be clear about the service you are offering, also lets not fanny retail investors up that they are getting a full picture of news if its is being tailored around a clients needs or requests which is then layered or placed as the '' Big news of the moment whilst ignoring blatant flaws ''

A line from Pink Floyds wish you were here: '' Did they get you to trade your hero for ghosts '' resonates

Onto other business, Sefton Resources Are on the brink of collapse after backroom deals between Hawker / Sefton and The Bank Of The West are exhausting, The funding for their proposed deal was pulled after the oil price (OP) collapsed leaving any future looking extremely clouded. The people pulling the strings here are not Sefton nor Hawker but the BOTW as they hold control through the debt, its my belief that the BOTW are growing weary and aware of the strokes being pulled by the company as they try to jedi mind trick master Yoda (BOTW)

This is a very stupid and dangerous game to play, trying to pull the hood over the head of The Bank Of The West, one which i believe will end in all certainty badly for shareholders, unless a white knight rescue comes in. This is unlikely thus the company could be suspended as soon as Monday week, I believe that multiple defaults have taken place leaving confidence of resolution now extinguished. The deals have continually broken down due to poor construction or blatant pisstaking, The Bank Of The West are left with no option... '' Yoda's final and biggest lesson is about to come so buyer beware '' as the house is about to come crashing down on Sefton and its crony brigade.

Keep your peckers up