Thursday, 4 December 2014

Well well well, my old spar David Lenigas appears to be back....

I have to say I'm pleased for investors to see Leni back as he can use his greatness to calm the market and preform one man magic yet again but please folks no moaning if it goes tits up!

Personally I think Leni is a bit of a wrongen but at the end of the day he's a nice guy according to me old mucker BMD '' who am I to argue '' Welcome back Mr Lenigas and lets hope you can make all those UK Oil & Gas investors some money. 

The rumour is UK Oil & Gas are about to embark on a special sort of journey, one which could involve unicorns, trolls and angelic wings (Ok I made the last bit up) however the words out that UKOG has been hammered down to hard and regardless of the oil price today their is much work to be done, I used to watch Paul Daniels with amazement and whilst I accept now as a grown man PD was hardly the best magician he still remains my favorite.

I asked a source why does Dave always insist on looking up at the ceiling when having his picture taken, I pissed myself when they responded '' David only likes to discuss things when the SP is moving upwards hence the picture message, now all the shits out the way he's back with a bang '' 

I'm getting too old to keep putting out the warning '' be careful '' so now I say go for glory magicman as the last trick will be a tough one to come back from....

Enjoy the show folks.... 


Note: I have not confirmed this is 100% David Lenigas but have requested confirmation from DL

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