Thursday, 24 October 2013

DocsDay @ Proactives One2One Forum - Manchester 23rd Oct 2013

On Wednesday I joined the train heading to Manchester piccadilly armed with a few thoughts about the forthcoming evening hosted by proactive investors Craig Ribton. As a flat cap ignoramus northerner I landed in piccadilly like a second world war evacuee lost and without any clue how I would make the short journey to the midland hotel.

As Rick Deckford was to the blade runner, BrokermanDaniel was to me the hero of the hour. I called Dan who proclaimed I should remain calm and in all its grace the spirit of ecstasy appeared with a cleanly shaved BMD at the wheel. '' Hop in Doc manSlayer '' and off the midland we proceeded.

On arrival outside the midland the Real sociedad fans had made themselves known singing and chanting as they marched onwards to the evenings fixture, Dan and I caught the tail of the crowd at which point my desire was to run with the pack over to old trafford however sadly this was not to be.

On entry to the hotels ' game on ' suite refreshments were generous and the ladies managing the attendees were pretty pleasing on the eye, the business end of the evening was well presented, I met Simon a really pleasant guy with a fragrance of common decency or the unknown sharp dresser who loved to talk business although by his own admission hadn't got a pot to piss in other than his Falcon Oil investment. On that note I hooked up with Philip O'Quigley Falcons band leader who did a great job of pitching the company to the room and had gained a bunch of folks talking shop. Like a decent scouse ram raider I threw my topeneth in grounding the chatter back to reality, '' The Hess deal collapsing was nothing short of dreadful news '' Old sharp dresser who was actually a really nice guy had lost touch with commonsense and thankfully I was there to save him!!!

Anyone who see's big oil leaving a deal regardless of circumstance can never be classed as good for us (falcon). with sharp dresser now on the level and Phil back in charge we chatted about the future of falcon, Philip managed to broker lunch with the me based loosely on him closing a decent deal before christmas and thrusting the company back up the chain somewhat. Initially I was torn between Philip having jam on his egg or a very shrewd operator.

I conclude  falcon are down to the stabber but the games not over yet and should our man backup his book and deliver the deals he alludes to in his truly encapsulating manner then i'd suggest '' As I did to sharp dresser that now is a time to carry out some further DD and invest '' Phils offer of me buying him lunch once the deals done was a classic jedi mind trick and one which nearly had me '' I think the £100m back towards £1bn would suggest he has a lot of work to do in order to earn his reward. I genuinely wish him luck and will write more publically of my thoughts on Fog and its investment case or not as it may be.

Anglo Asians (aaz) CFO rolled in late however it didn't need the professor to woo the audience as simply the growing production figures, reducing cash costs and increasing revenues had my eyes rolling with $$$ signs. I think the fact the Board recently passed a resolution to potentially buy back 2.8m shares, grow the business or announce a divi reinforces now the company have no reason to complain as its them holding the key in stimulating the share price.

All the best


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Saturday, 19 October 2013

DLC Vol. XII - Company Round Up

Here are the DocsLaymanChatter thoughts:

Into the action and the companies fronting the small cap investors campaign.

Orogen Gold - The company has its placing away with WH Ireland now valuing the company at 2p. With a snip of a bull run in gold then expect Ore to reflect the sentiment throughout its mcap.

Bowleven - Blvn are at a pivotal point now, brakes off and up to 75p-100p or a drawing back to sub 60p, the Monday session should be the indicative day imho. Look for a new high forming and a high low on the close of the day.

Tomco Energy - Tom have fallen on its own sword once again as it contracted back towards the 1p level however now present an investment case at the current level.

Westminster Group - Wsg have formed a new high in it's historical chart which is quite something when you look at the price action. Zak Mirs 95p looks set from a technical point, with a fundamental reminder that the contracts pending could quite simply change the game here.

Sphere Medical - Value to the upside far outweighs the down check the review above.

Nostra Terra - Ntog have really suffered of late with confusion over the value the company presents, In my opinion the company need to draw a line in the sand and translate unearthed value.

MTV - The closet chartist must have been on the coke to give a 0.05p valuation but then who am I to give a balanced view here as I find it increasingly difficult not to fall about laughing.

Inspirit Energy - The company offer energy reducing technology, this week seemed a good time to mention how valuable this product could be in the wake of further energy hikes.

FastJet - Flew nearly 100% on the last TA mention on the and whilst I'm not fully subscribed to the story the upside looks to far out weigh the downside both technically and fundamentally. Value with the buyers over a multi tranche investment.

Anglo Asian - I have mentioned AAZ recently based on the decent cash costs within the market, They can deliver tangibly and now have to be considered a multi bagger over the next 12 months.

LekOil - Lek are now on the cusp of announcing the finalised interpretation of Afrens initial drill at Ogo-1 which has already been presented as a significant find exceeding expectation thus is already a bumper find. The ST-1 came into play to simply validate how big (BiG) really is. I tipped at 37p and still maintain this is likely to be a real winner.

This week I'll be heading over to the one2one forum in Manchester to hook up with the old militant BrokermanDaniel to take a look at the event presented by proactive investors. I have reservations of the actual value of uber expensive media outlets, however feel opinion through conjecture is not good enough for DLC readers so I'll be in town to counter some of pretentious flannel which has become the foundations of aim and the markets assault to empty P.I's pockets with piss and wind productivity

Feel free to say hi...

All the best


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(These are but opinions derived from my own experiences and thoughts and do not adopted as statement of fact)

Sunday, 13 October 2013

Weekend Chatter XI

Good Morning Market Moguls, We have WC XI which is truly the toilet of stock market reviews...

Above's picture we see all that is beautiful of the downstream oil game and having spent a decade frequenting these places across the continent than its fair to say that the imprint of such endeavours are embedded for life along with Irish folk,Indie and 80's music.

Thanks Lyth for inspiring today's 07.30am blog with simple minds, Over to the markets and more importantly golds fall through $1280, Ok the bears are resurfacing on the cry for the call down to sub $1000 but for this to happen I guess you have to subscribed to the 2014 trend being a poor one and although the drop below may indicate the reemerging feeling of uncertainty I'm still subscribed to 2014 being something of a positive continuation of aims recovery.

The facts on the wider market view against golds price are relative to the global affairs, at risk of sounding reckless the senate are a bunch of tossers just as the UK political house '' They all piss in the same pot whilst showing a scant regard to the 99.5% of the rest of their own people '' As you can tell I'm not a huge political fan as nearly always the motivation is to restructure and change when the reality is capitulate and syphon, The stock markets to me are no different fundamentally or morally as most of the intent can be lost when monetising ones passion.

Back to the rat race that is Aim, This week we have seen some devastating examples of the best and worst in aims spin! often when highlighting a trait the P.i's crawl out of the woodwork defending their investment/trade pick with the inherent belief they are going to prevent fellow retailers seeing straight through the yarn, Lets get a few things straight:

* P.I's defending a claim when not seeing the lightning bolt coming after the thunder need some serious consideration on their own market interpretations regardless if their '' so called respected posters on a forum ''

* Companies claiming to be fully funded and then drawing down in back to back placings to accelerate their projects are actually just drawing down on the markets plumped up feel (There taking advantage) They can't word it this way so look to dress it up - Its bulls-shit folks

* Brokers/Research houses and many other outlets just spin the wheel of fortune for a company as the carousel of cash transfers into the corporate pockets.

* 90% of people lose in the stock market and the £8 billion from failed listing from IPO to list to delist (fail) let alone funds raised in open market is all in the coffers of the corporations not the very people that supported them.

We are talking small cap here people not some high cap operation, '' How the hell do hundreds of companies disappear and nobody ever really mentions it? Who really is aware of this and who actually cares?

In essence its all academic in statement and of no real consequence although many who think they understand the arena they navigate have little to no concept of reality so therefore suggest its Tina Arena and not the stock market arena.

Before I fall from the soap box lets hop over to moves in the week where in brief we look at movers and shakers:

Paternoster - Jumped off the bottom from speculation of a Brady completion, IMHO the stock was still trading bullish above the 200d Sma yet trading at the bottom of the cycle. Speculation and interpretation fuse together here whilst punters decide.

Physiomics - Shot its load to 0.25p on the news of a major pharma JV however the integral piece of information was left out (Its mean worth to Pyc) based on this and the need for cash the SP has sobered up leaving a few angry heads. The science is good but the ship is run like a slave ship.

Anglo Asian Mining - I wrote about these before the gold dropped through the range but needless to say the cash costs are good and they are actually meeting targets, Goldie's maybe hard to pick but when the spot price is fluffed up AAZ present a real recovery to 50p+ the piece from shareprophets is here

Beacon Hill - Bhr come from oversold for a rebound from 1.2p to 1.4p from a technical aspect, with lots of suggestion on value here mainly through conjecture that target will get met.

Ecr Minerals - The enigma that is player power comes into effect here with the bullish over egging the company and the bears running it down on old regime cock ups. The board has been restructured and the dead limbs removed however in my opinion the very fact the company is still going is to the testament of the new bod, This is why at 0.10p i mentioned it and today at 0.30p although I hope the expectation of both bod and investor base is well managed. '' Steady away folks ''

Sound Oil - The company reports positive data from its assets in northern Italy yet the share price collapses, I would say the sentiment has dissipated as investors see no reason to hold before the drill goes in again coupled with a broker note giving a lesser BUY rec. seems to be the catalyst to the drop! Hopefully I'll be catching up with CEO JP soon....

Victoria Oil and Gas - I held a technical positive on vog at 1.25-1.3p however the stock triggered the sell indicator at 1.15p which changed my stance from bull to bear, Pretty simple case when the Rns come out to say the main player J.Scott had fled back to his old haunts leaving Vog in the dark. I'll watch to see how the company recovers but sentiment is low with fundamentals weak and unable to hold their own council.

Brushveld - Look to have come onto the radar as an institution sells down its position leaving bmn lukewarm and down on its luck, On the upside the retail have bought the story and now see bushveld as cheap, I flagged up the stock and believe the E1trader makes a relevant point here however there is/has been a background seller so until that is sold out then the SP will fluctuate. Hows the company for cash and development?

Motive Tv - The joke continues here I guess the insoluble nature of investors here will likely cost them heavily in the pockets particularly if you bought the last pump at 0.03p its not a serious investment but an out and out punt similar to that of the flying Scotsman's 100-1 chance in the 5f flat sprint in a straight line with its hooves tied behind its saddle.

Leni Gas - Upped its Bopd to 500 barrels setting a milestone which it intends to work on, BMD seems to have had the calling card on this with ears to early rumor and the share price reacted with a lift. Can Leni get up to the 1000-2000 bopd? If so then the 2p game could be back on but we wait with anticipation.

Thor Mining - Thor is on its arse and the recent gold swing really has made no odds to the company, Thr have banked its cash from placing so the wholesale price given, I sit and await the retail invasion similar to that of rockport boots in my native Liverpool.

Well folks as always if you have any questions then place them here on the blogs and I'll happily answer or give some opinion, Can't guarantee it will be what you want to hear although open,honest and frank.

Keep your powder dry, lock in gains and don't believe the hype

All the best


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Saturday, 5 October 2013

Weekend Chatter X

This week we see the outfall from the political drama of the U.S shutdown accompanied by the tug of war over gold. My own views are firmly hinged to the gateway of future value in gold thus believe the small cap exploration and production companies will once again rise like a phoenix as the spot prices breaches $1320 as with all things small cap risk in your p/f  has to balance with a conservative yet aerodynamic nature - ''When the tide turns we anchor down, In the meantime we swim with the current''

This week I caught up once again with Paul Doran chief extraordinaire and all round good egg! Like a sketch from Harry Enfields '' The Scousers '' Barry,Gary and Terry thrashed out two hours worth of growth investor value against the Russian roulette of aims smallcap. I would honestly say for anyone struggling with the Mexican market.... (((Cough)) I mean the alternative investment market I would strongly recommend Paul's invaluable translation of the ubber class to the more recognisable proletariat interpretation. After a lot of discussion the most interesting point I found to reaffirm my  belief was regardless which genre of music you prefer the rhythm of the markets simulate similar emotion,reaction and exasperation!!! '' Particularly if you're bad at it.

As I take the Chucho el Roto approach I thrust straight into the usual attack on current events and the markets through the eyes of an old journeyman...

This week I gave a heads up on Orogen Gold and while the kick in the nuts news of placing often rocks the very core of any company the reality here was 0.30p to accelerate developments of a high grade asset can only bode well - You can find the publication here

Bao appeared to get some ramp attention as have Tvz,Acp,Pyc and Rem so we can never rule out the player power in the aim however the risk factor flies off the hook thus something I recommend to avoid or at best remain disciplined.

Historically we are on the cusp of continued bullish activity within the markets as the city fat cats look to guarantee their huge Christmas bonuses, game is back on after the summer break...

However the initial backlog of the bears retreating may see some less convincing attacks on the global arena however I proclaim this to be a buy opportunity into some decent value stocks.

Last week I took Bowleven at 56.5p with a TP of 75p or a 100p on sniff of rumour... '' The journey looks to have started upto 63p for starters ''

The level of ignorance towards risk is just outrageous and would take this brief opportunity to convey the message of sobriety against hope, we wouldn't take this risk by doing a forward roll back and forth across the M25 so why do it with your finances and then expect the outcome to be an unscathed positive.

The shareprophets have landed Malcolm Stacey and for those unsubscribed (which is free) Mr S is a formidable force and master class, the announcement has me feeling excited about the prophets glowing future which is a testament to the editors hard work and efforts.

The other pieces of news comes via comrade BMD who reports '' Rumor '' of uprate in the Bopd output from Lenigas (Lgo) Trinidad assets. Dan also highlights another subject at the forefront of my mind and that's Nostra Terra's news of its cash award $1.2mln as well as promising interims.

Back up the chain and one I don't often cover is Carnival (CCL) who look to have landed at 2000p giving a £3.7bln mcap, Whilst the initial rebound seems to have played out I'd suggest taking confirmation and trading the 20-30% back up to 2600p should there be no further nonesense in the markets otherwise its 1700p - '' The catalyst being the 2000p marker failing ''

One of the salient points whilst chatting to a CEO last week was the number of people that actually view the so called major smallcap news outlet that is proactive investor, the bench mark to my claim is the interest in a post i generated gathering more than x 10 views than proactives...

If you want to request tailored coverage we are always happy to do so weather that come via the array of much smarter folk than me at or myself personally here.

On a number of occassions I've asked for some interaction from the tens of thousands of readers both here and SMVP. '' If you have a subject to brouch then this blog is happy to interact with comments,requests of all kinds ''

Another blog will be out midweek so for now adiĆ³s y buena suerte....

All the best


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Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Skin In The Game...


Binomial definition applied to the recent bumper risers in the micro-cap market. The reality is the odds are against you in the Aim market particularly if your relative experience of the smallcap market is one based on theory or conjecture.

Today we have Physiomics and tomorrow it will be something else however the reality is the binary bet made at the base level or core average has just swung off the hook when the retail become excited, Often this is based on expectation derived from hope or wishful thinking as the facts stand there is no name given to the major nor is there any revenue value attributed to either party.

My guess is Pyc like many need to get their funding drive away and having had some experience of Mark Chadwick I think you will find whilst the science and ideologies are great at Pyc the facts ascertained from this news release are hazy at best.

Should Physiomics get a decent deal with revenue stream then the share price will motor another 100% however should the inevitable happen then the mid-late buyers will scurry out like rats on a sinking ship leaving a small number with a disaster on there hands.

Physiomics is nothing more than a coin flip stock at the current level thus the risk of failure against the chance of success has to be answered. I personally hope Pyc demonstrate something of real material value but also warn that company directors with little skin in the game often show a scant regard to the price action.

This is non-specific to Pyc however should become a barometer to the newbie shareprophet subscriber looking for simple,basic guidelines

All the best Doc

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(These are but opinions derived from my own experiences and thoughts and do not adopted as statement of fact)