Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Thoughts Moving Ahead...

As of the 1st September (today) I shall be open to working on projects which create shareholder value and stimulate positive expectancy, this will not come from working as an IR/PR relation to a company but more open to discussion which leads to a winning formula. I anticipate some people will question this announcement and statement so for the avoidance of doubt I DO NOT work with or in any capacity formally with public listed companies currently but more importantly DON'T want to be ring fenced from considering an extended idea pathway which may-well lead to positive expectancy / returns. Having worked tirelessly for 5 years within the aim markets and much longer within the wider markets, I believe the winning formula is not to act as a conduit or mouth piece for companies but more offer a solution translation between the retail and corporate disconnect thus affording both worlds the opportunity to interconnect.

There will be NO paid for promotions nor will I deviate away from the current method of working within the markets as an out & out investor. I have found personally that remaining a lone voice in the face of prosperity or adversity as the crux to securing credibility which appears to be in scarce supply within the London Markets. I want to reiterate this is not to suggest things will change but more allows me to remain transparent to followers etc in my idea's of helping to harness value for listed companies and its shareholders. During my time there have been many many offers to align me with certain operations within the City which in turn I have never felt compelled to engage however as time draws on I have passed up the opportunity of input as I've never felt there was the acceptance to do so. I now feel a sense of clarity which may enhance my ability to find solutions & success from my experiences.

I hope this message is open,clear and to the point. '' Ultimately I'm an investor running a majority held (retail) Hargreaves Lansdown broking account looking to compound gains from a well structured strategy '' which now involves the potential to engage ideas which lead to enhancement.
All the best

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