Saturday, 11 April 2015

Horse Hill Special

Well what a week it's been for all that have held,hold or traded Horse Hill stocks, many who follow the blog will have been aware of the significant gains taken in 2014 and yet again during 2015, but a week ago i felt that city flutters and order book movement was in itself suggesting a big big move. Those who follow me on twitter will have been crystal clear about this message and whilst the city tails wag for very little these days the all more convincing volume indicators were rising like a salmon at spawning season.

So what have we learnt from this week? well undoubtedly Mr Lenigas is the cremedelacreme of aim stock promoters, and whilst i accept that the KC may hold enough oil to exceed the Beverly hillbillies backyard  find, i remain cynical. With enough interest now to raise the additional cash the group will need to drill further exploration holes it now looks primed to be apart of the news for months and years to come. We can argue what will be from now until kingdom come however the main story here is positive sentiment for UK Onshore oil companies along with huge financial rewards to those who applied simple robust principles of '' Knowing the game '' some have done pretty well out of it. A buddy of mine hit £80,000+ and a lovely lady i chat with via my twitter feed had a tidy £20,000 return. One called it a lucky sell and the other a clever T+ trade, either way it's been a rewarding story. For those trapped as a buyer at 2p+ I fear you may have to let the early sub half penny buyers have there fun and also potential equity issues to come in.

The statement that stood out head and shoulders to me was when questioned '' how many jobs will this create '' and Mr Lenigas replied '' Thousands '' - This is about as bold a statement as one could expect, do i believe thousands of people will find employment from Horse Hill? Absolutely not... we may have a period where hunderd/s of contractors are onsite at one time but i see this as a brief flash in the pan moment. As I say i concede that Horse Hill has a brighter future now more than a few weeks ago although I never subscribe to the clever PR and Marketing of a product.

Who wants a furby, a teddy ruxpin, perhaps a my little pony or cabbage patch doll!!! - In reality these things come and go and whilst clever PR and Marketing can give a brief window of genius it rarely stands up for long, I see AIM to hold many of the same core values so whilst I hope and pray that we see more and more tangible evidence of greatness within the Oil space it would be fair to add caution rather than throwing it to the wind.

The UK Onshore now has an audience and whilst the HorseHill mob finance the next drill it maybe worthwhile to look at Egdon,Union Jack or Europa O&G as they have very much started to produce and sell oil from its wressle 1 assets north of Scunthorpe. Sentiment and momentum are 8/10ths of the law on AIM and I can see more and more people looking to find the next big Onshore mover/s

I take my hat of to Mr Lenigas and co for a well worked entry into Onshore greatness, if he can deliver a fifth of what they have been discussing I expect an exciting path ahead. As i'm somewhat cynical I'll be assuming the position similar to the red Indian scout at the battle of big wash - this is that of observer.

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