Sunday, 26 April 2015

DocsLaymanChatter XXXVIII

After a less hectic week this week we hear much of Olympus falling as the Greek woes slowly starts to increase on the fear-o-meter, to mimic Draghi of the ECB its getting critical but not quite imminent - does this mean we are being prepared for a slap around the EU face as the earthquakes start to rumble again regarding the single currency collapse. It's early days yet (apparently) but stay tuned or more importantly on your guard.

The markets are compressed with terminology/facts of misinterpretation which often causes conflict and confusion, this is one of the many reasons when communicating with other investors within the private investment world i believe we should be forgiving or understanding. Money,fear,loss can manifest itself in mysterious ways which is a sad reflection of the outfall of the darker parts of AIM. As investors lose on AIM there emotional level evolves into a manic state of mind which again is a bi product of the markets allowing the game to issue you a final knockout blow. Don't become a statistic of the game '' Know it ''

This week we look at a few very different companies for very different reasons, liquidity is a stable part of your investment diet, never be caught up in too many illiquid stocks at any one time... - Hear todays ADVFN podcast with Justin (Sharepickers) on Red Rock, African Potash, Prospex Oil:

African Potash: A company that has been very rewarding yet somewhat disappointing has recently give away its biggest sign that its road to recovery precedes the once thought road to perdition by doubters, Chris Cleverly is very much onboard with some very near term dynamic moves. The recent AGM should have been a formality in making room to issue the 2nd and final tranche of funding coupled to the axing of its Bergen instrument which has single handedly hammered the price from 2p down to 0.4p. A year ago 5p was the main level of attack and whilst this seems a distant memory I can very much see a quick rebound to 1p+  the retreat down to current levels seems harsh and now unnecessary (Bergen goes, the price will rise) I fully anticipate very near term buoyancy.

Prospex Oil: The little unknown company has recently been flagged up, Formerly Premier Gold (PGR) the company of old crashed against the rocks leaving the shell which was rescued via a CVA / clean up by the new management team. Now Prospex Oil after raising a slug of cash and with a newly formed board appears resonates very much with a little unknown Mx Oil (This time last year) formerly Astar Minerals. Some may remember the 1p to 5p move there and I very much get the feeling that PXOG is a mirror image. Ironically the MXO doubters were quickly put in there place as the shares have consistently traded at a significant gain leaving Prospex as the next highly anticipated and very much unknown shell looking to move into near term O&G acquisitive space. If they secure a close to home onshore asset then expect shares to soar, if they sit on there hands for 6 months then expect a troublesome future. '' I'm a speculative buyer of the stock ''

Red Rock Resources: Andrew Bell has been fighting on many fronts and whilst the brave samurai has been busy (nearly falling on his own sword) it would appear that with all of the debt removed, remuneration reduced and far less liabilities it looks to me that 0.08p will be the foundation to the companies recovery story. I expect the shares to trade up somewhat assuming AB keeps concentrating on doing his job rather than the usual lack lustre spivvy old money roll as an executive. Things have changed and RRR and Bell need to do a days work as well as enjoying the city life of boozy lunches.

Mx Oil: Shares have soared recently on a highly anticipated update on acquisition progress, MXO has been a real gem for penny investors and we stand by for the long awaited news flow. During the UK Investor show Mx Oil was particularly popular - Pretty Polly or Pretty Exciting '' You decide ''.

UK Oil & Gas: Sadly my popularity on UKOG has dried up, after 1000% of gains called on this company, from a time when very few people even knew what they were doing back in 2013/4 It pains me to say that UKOG looks a sell rather than a buy. If an equity issue comes or the funding of a second hole kicks in then I strongly believe the shares value will decline. I do however want to wish David all the very best for a peach of a promote and also wish all holders/ex-holders a bright and fruitful future. I'm 99.9% sure that hundreds of billions of barrels won't be secreted from Horse Hill (Weald Basin) but very happy to be wrong, the risk now is above and beyond even me.

Sefton Resources (Stryker): My friend BMD has left the building, whilst many will speculate on this i think without doubt he's demonstrated (even if only briefly) how to create interest within the market place, welldone and congratulations.

All the best


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