Sunday, 8 March 2015

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As my first trip of the year looms ever closer I ponder further the busy schedule for the month of April. Spain for 5 days then straight back and to the UK Investor show 2015 (click for tickets) to tackle my old friend and sparring partner David Lenigas, this time his bully boy buddy won't be there to prevent old Dave running away so finally he may answer some of the concerns from the 2014 confrontation. With a new bunch of questions set around another of his heavily associated mining companies.

This week my friend Tom Winnifrith was served with papers (injunction) in a weak attempt to silence him from exposing fraudulent companies operating within the alternative investment market or the '' Casino '' as TW. would proclaim. The corporate espionage and systematic milking of UK shareholders is enough to make the strongest of stomachs rench, sadly many investors never get to the bottom of things which in essence lets these charlatans and crooks off the hook. If Aiden Early or any other for that matter believes that serving papers is answer to his critics then i honestly believe he's about to get a pretty darn big bill from his appointed solicitors as he and any other who attempt to erase free speech will be serving more papers than Jamie Oliver has served hot dinners. The simple fact is these documents and articles will slosh about cyberspace for ever and a day, banging your hand down on Tom is like swatting flies with a sledgehammer, the annoyance and hard labours of it will wear thin when you realise that once Tom stops buzzing away he'll be replaced by another and another and another. I suggest the back alley sally executives who have been having a feral old time fiddling for the past few decades accept that the road to retribution lies ahead.  Aiden,Dave and Donald duck should all take note as the wheels of revolution are fully turning.

February into March has been steady for the portfolio and whilst many are hopeful for the next few months, I've resided to the fact that April onwards will see me holding a big slug of cash just incase things aren't so hot. You can always sink it in but getting it out is a very different challenge and one I don't want to be faced with. For now I'm expecting a decent few weeks ahead so lets look at what's hot and not as it may be.

UK Oil & Gas: A month ago UKOG was top of the pops by virtue of it's rise off 0.35p to 0.60p with a hive of activity in frequency and volume. 4wks on and the rumour mill is churning over once again, the retail community this weekend has reacted positively to the speculation and anticipation of news. If the stock breaks 0.62-0.65p then I firmly expect the shares to quickly change hands at a significant premium to today's price. '' 1p+ is very much an initial target ''

Trinity Exploration & Production: Unlike other Oil & Gas companies operating within the same geographic footprint, I see TRIN as a proper operator. The market cap is a fraction to peers after coming off hard from £1.20 to 20p. This week we have seen a renewed interest in the TRIN story and it's really is not hard to see why. The company has bonified assets which are operated by dyed in the wool oil men. Speculation is growing over the GSA being signed along with a clear visibility on financing which is rumoured to be siamese with the GSA and not from an equity raise (Placing)

Worthington Group: Have issued TW. with a gag order, OK many of you know that Tom and I have differences from time to time however we really do have to pay a close attention to Naibu's director who is serving time in prison and has been since Nov 14' or the squeaky clean Big Jim Ellerton who fucked UK shareholders in his quest for self fulfillment by the tune of millions. Maybe the Range Resources debacle is fresh in your mind too? '' Regardless of bogus claims regarding old winnie, the testament of time shows that the old tommy gun is pretty effective in battle ''

Noricum Gold: I can see why shareholders maybe be browned off with Mr Kunzel of Noricum however a clear shift of change has taken place, many in the retail community may not be ofay with junior mining practices but to put into laymans terms '' Diamond drilling '' is a proper form of sampling / gathering results. I have no knowledge of what these results will be but all the delays and negativity is priced in now. The company has up to a million quid in the bank coupled with potential meaningful news. - It looks a buy pre news drive '' derisk as the SP climbs ''

There are a number of companies that i believe will be trading significantly higher than today, Union Jack Oil cannot be worth less on these results '' The markets valuation is disconnected '' I fully expect this to become buoyant soon. Boxhill Technology is primed to rise once the old director has finished selling his stock, the director was potted for a lack of productivity. Teathers Financial has an A-list group with a Z- list valuation, visibility will instigate the move here '' eyes peeled on news flow ''. Paternoster Resources has been held back by a legacy holder (Zoltav) selling down its position, this week I had it confirmed that position is fully disposed thus expect solid relief to the upside on any kind of buying pressure. Westminster Group have been finding some decent traction in the markets this week, WSG as with many peers in SL have suffered at the hands of an aggressive epidemic which is now starting to subside. The company has recently released news on its ever growing roster of business which has clearly helped raise the spirits of long term shareholders.

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