Saturday, 28 March 2015

DocsLaymanChatter XXXVI

This weeks blog is firmly based on today's audio, we talk a lot about recent events within the markets coupled to the education one needs to counter move or insulate against significant loss. 90% of private investors lose within the markets, many blow up their accounts within the first 1-2 years '' Don't become a statistic by trying to apply blue chip investment strategies against an aim (tier 3) company '' you're on a sure fire route to loss.

Following the masses down the road of perdition will have zero positive outcome, knowthegame....
This week we talk about Noricum gold, Teathers Financial along with an in depth look at how the markets work, the paramount need to unequivocally protect your capital '' As simply this is what keeps you at the table ''

To hear my analysis on the markets as well as #TEA #NMG and much much more click here

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