Saturday, 27 June 2015

Potential Scam Being Operated - Beware

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Warning!!!! Please share, don't become a victim of this scam. 

It is understood that a man with a beret on looking militant accompanied by a weedy looking fellow wearing a pinstripe suit and '' Krays '' like glasses are rumored to be in the Trafford Centre operating this scam, one victim reported. 

'' Today I was walking through the Trafford Centre when I was approached by a smartly dressed man with a che guevara mask on  who asked me if I would like to smell his cheese. As he asked this he gestured his hand towards my nose which was in the extended palm position. Being a lover of cheese I saw no harm in taking the man up on his kind offer. 

As he brought his
 hand up to my nose what I hadn't noticed was that his other hand was in the clenched fist position at the base of his extended palm (see picture). When his finger tips reached my nostrils I could neither see or smell the cheese and it was too late to retract as his now perfectly aligned fist of the other hand was now traveling towards my nose at speed, which then struck me with considerable force.'' 
There was never any cheese! This was a scam to catch me off guard and punch me in the nose.
No matter how much you love cheese do not accept offers to "smell my cheese" off of people you don't know and for fucks sake never believe everything you hear in share world either. 

Keep your pecker up folks


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