Sunday, 12 April 2015

DocsLaymanChatter XXXVII

After an exciting week at Horsehill investors feel stoked at the prospect of further movers and shakers in the alternative markets, in doing so private investors are now in an awfully vulnerable position as when enthusiasm peaks so does the chance of a snakes and ladders outcome. In such times it is clear private investors need to take some council with themselves at how easy trading / investing in these markets really is!!! - As a rule i always sit on hands and gather thoughts when hitting a big return, patience, planning and analyzing a situation helps me find some resolve in whatever direction i maybe intending on embarking.

The markets feel awash with positive sentiment, good will and big winners are on the cusp of all conversation, let me be crystal clear again when i say this '' In July the markets will not be like this '' thus one must make hay whilst the sun shines (Now) however do not fall foul of rushing feet first into the wrong trade. Often we see the euphoria of the markets as the catalyst to big collapse, I feel we have a little more to go so plenty of money to be made however always keep a sober and balanced outlook.

This week I caught up with David Bramhill which you can click and hear here:

I recently chatted to Andrew Bell of Red Rock Resources which you can hear here:

Today we will look at a bunch of companies making waves within the small-cap markets most of which will be companies you have heard of for a variety of reasons, I'm a firm believer of backing companies that will move based on market mechanics thus arguing an out and out technical or fundamental case may not be enough.

UK Oil & Gas: After huge gains from UKOG i'm now dubious to the big media hype surrounding the company, I'm sure that the recent interest in the company will be used to tap the market thus fear a placing or funding deal is pending, I do accept that the company looks to be in a much firmer place however don't see it as a company to commit to until we have clarity and visibility of funding the future HH 2

My thoughts on Horsehill (Special) can be found by clicking here:

Red Rock Resources: From all the aim companies i hold currently RRR is one i believe will make great steps similar to the moves seen in UKOG and other HH companies, a deal on Columbia is imminent and the wind of change appears to be blowing over Red Rock. MG are nearly all out and with the monkey off the back (it's death spiral) I can only see big big things near-term here '' Add to your list of stocks to follow ''

Sound Oil: Most of you will recall the talk of buying SOU for the stock of 2015. Shares are up well over 100% now giving the market cap of £75 million, I believe that Sound oils Badile assets gotta 30p value should it come in which would make the current SP look like small fry however to answer the masses of people that have questioned am I a buyer at this level I simply say not just yet. I have a decent free carry which i hope and believe will do well moving forward but protecting capital is paramount and until i see reason to risk it again I'll sit on my (free) hold  position until we hear more.

Union Jack Oil: Against many UK Onshore Oil & Gas companies UJO is massively undervalued, the company has a decent cash position circa £3 million coupled to very encouraging updates from Wressle 1. I anticipate that the recent uplift in all UK onshore plays like this will reflect in UJO's measly £5 million marketcap, I accept its yet to be the peoples favorite but its a matter of time in my opinion. Please click the above link to listen to the recent Audio interview.

Noricum Gold: Stay abreast of the news flow here, NMG have increased its portfolio so by virtue the news flow associated. I hear that the city tails are wagging again around this tiny gold company with the infamous Lenigas and Strang buying into the play '' for good reason ''

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