Thursday, 27 June 2013

Real thoughts and discontent

Today is just another day in the office for many but we as retail investors have to just pinch ourselves and remind one another this is really nothing new. Each Summer we see a gradual slow down as the markets unwind for summer.

OK the games a little different this year as the global melt down chatter hits the buffers again (I'm unconvinced) yet we witness Gold hit a 50% retrace of the highs towards 61.8%. All said and done we all know that the material value is not in paper however the global community don't yet seem in a hurry to go back to solids.

Why is that? Well we hear and see all the technical and terminal reports released daily sharing opinion and viewpoint with a bunch of reasons why our economy is in poor fettle.

I'm going to list a few things we didn't know last year:

Today double dip recession reports say we actually didn't suffer an official double dip recession although we were struggling. ( Major political motivation was based on it ) '' Think that answers that question ''

Banks are making much more positive noise. '' Again a complete contrast ''

Builders and house prices moving out of the black days of 2011-2012. '' Finally the money is being released from the banks which again reinforces my belief that the shit smells better today than yesterday ''

Indices have been running a muck and now its the turn of the currencies. '' Gold will statistically rebound ''

The long and short of it is I do see a slowdown but it has similarities and of course I see the flaws in the small cap sectors particularly in the ones that won't offer a sniff of action.
Perhaps I'm bipolar and see good and bad days ahead but i firmly believe that each sector is being worked from the top down and back up again and for this reason won't be jumping from any high buildings just yet.

Today we complain about the weakness in one sector as we view unvalidated highs in another.

There's nothing economical about the economy as the basic foundations are loosely based around waste and excess

That's the modern world folks and one through the eyes of a layman.

All the best Doc

* This is dedicated to the poster who emailed me '' My luck is i could fall into a barrel full of tits and still come out sucking my thumb ''

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