Sunday, 9 June 2013

Weekend Chatter vol. III (2nd-9th June 2013)

Overview of the week

After what has been a positive week we look at the value past and present, I continue to believe that Global Petroleum are well undervalued and with positive news on multiple fronts bursting to add material value my opinion is to BUY.

Thoughts here:

After the success of Paternoster resource I looked at a number or shell/holding companies and I have to say that my concern is that many of these are used as cash cows, I contacted one and thought the director taking the call was going to cry as he felt instant pressure from some simple yet direct questions. I also spoke with another company who only wanted to communicate through one line to keep a consistency in what the company were conveying! ( Is that to say you can't both follow a simple principle and sing from the same hymn sheet? ) Probably not and probably because a bunch of these companies are nothing more than legal money spinners for toffs who know how to play the system.

I will follow up Monday and if I don't get a firm chat with the company I won't wait on reviewing a dog and a diamond of the shell/holding sector. KEEP THE EYES ON DLC...

( These are high risk plays and if you get it wrong you hurt! On the contrary PRS was a right shout but time to look at undervalued companies now )

Sound Oil to seem to have preformed well since a chat with CEO James Parsons, Sou seem to be on the cusp of great things... They are now producing and exploring with Nervesa ready to roll and Rapagnano tilling up revenue.

Sound Oil here:

Bahamas Petroleum seem to be back at the 4p Buy area with a 3rd try at this level, I'm now keen to see if the stock erodes a range and falls to a new 12m low or firms up breaks out towards 7.5p again... One to follow and often manipulated by investor groups trading.

Some thoughts here:

I'm still pragmatic about gold stocks being taken as purchase of solid gold is not the only advantage play for the productive investors.... Whilst I maintain Medusa Mining, Shanta Gold and Minnow Oregon Gold look relatively cheap I also recognise the Platinum drum being beat so look to BUY AQP again from 35p to 42p with a view to selling for significant gains once again. Perhaps the need to wait whilst the recent shooting of a mine union representative is needed before committing more than 1st tranche in.

Lots happening on the BB and the usual Sunday targets for the Friday ramp buyers goes ahead once again. Always more valuable to follow a potentially profitable play long before the weekend otherwise we might as-well believe in money tree's

Frontera (Frr) Play the usual jedi mind trick on investors as they fly from 0.5p to 1.3p on little to nothing and then deliver a wind and piss Rns, Same old same old from the Ceo. ( I will add that the company have either suckered P.i's for years and years or actually believe they can get the lead balloon in the air )

Keep watching for updates on forthcoming shell, Undervalued natural resource stocks etc

Hope all are winning and having a great end to the week, all comments answered

Regards Doc

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(These are but opinions derived from my own experiences and thoughts and do not adopted as statement of fact)

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