Saturday, 1 June 2013

From Home At A Glance

As I return home to the UK after a great break in the sun regenerated by Cypriot hospitality I glance across the markets at a few points of interest.

I'm not focusing to much on Paternoster Resource as requested as I have said enough already, at sub 0.30p after beating the drum and loudly. Why?
Simply the fundamentals looked right and the CEO made a great trade in early 2012. ( I will be sharing some further opinion as to why I took a bunch of profit whilst holidaying )

The company now look to be realising  portfolio value whilst gathering in popularity. I now watch in anticipation to see how these micro investment funds preform. Paternoster clearly are spreading their wings in flight over retail markets with Bison Energy hitting Sky news thus stimulating the private investors into a frenzy which for me is always an invitation to lock in some gains and de-risk until i can validate the move and how it maybe factored in ( Or not as it maybe  )

Most are aware I write for the website with no introduction from TA specialist Zak Mir who himself covered PRS here:

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All are free to register, sharing a pragmatic and diverse writers point of view.

Regardless of my individual thoughts on Nick Lee, Paternoster resource or Bison Energy the facts were there for all to see once scratching the surface. For those that sling mud early at the writers including myself it maybe time to lick your wounds and register/sign up for the daily update!!!

I have been keen on GBP for sometime and hope to provide a Q&A and coverage soon. (watch this space) The company has sold off assets in the states and has more cash than the current marketcap as it sits on the Namibian frontier with a bunch of cash and data room open to offers.

As I sat with Marius and panicos discussing the dark cloud that has hung over Cyprus the sobering and typical village chatter was sealed by this '' We have food in our stomachs and wine on the table ''

Perhaps the 60,000Euro sports car outside a quaint taverna does not fully correlate but the sentiment certainly does. Sunday we look at the wider picture of the Aim and smallcap markets as the FTSE and Dow un-ravel we expect to hear the noise of the money returning back to the saloons and bars of the Aim markets.

Spotting the good from the bad and down right ugly.

All the best Doc

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