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Global Petroleum Update (11.06.13)

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Today we hear that Global have confirmed the sale of the Eagle ford asset for $510,000 which is further cash into the coffers which sit at around £15m cash which means the company is trading below cash value!!!

Global Petroleum appear completely unloved as they are charted into frontier operations in Namibia however the risk of the E&P sector for an Oil and Gas smallcap is significantly de-risked by its cash and tangible value.

Marketcap £12.7m
Net Assets £19.5m
Cash         £13-14m
(Exchange rate £1=$1.65)
Share Issue 199.45m

Must see news coverage below

Nambia News One Channel: http://www.helioschariot.com/category/namibia/

Helioschariot - Murombe Drill - 3 Source Rocks
New presentation out – here. Count the source rocks  (Courtesy of the helios website)

The focus on HRT follows a simple principle of reflective material value to Global and its interest in Namibia, The company are looking to broker a high value deal with its data room open and considering all options tabled.

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This shows the potential of the region. Any drilling success by HRT will see Global’s shares rocket.
I regard it as a matter of when and not if the region is pegged on the map. Given Global’s mammoth cash backing it appears a low risk play on this potential.

The arguement why not position in another operator in Namibia? frankly I don't see another company with more cash in the bank than its marketcap, Low cash burn, acute tangible value of over £15m with Intangible value of £21m before completing any further joint venture/s

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