Sunday, 7 July 2013

Weekend Chatter IV

Andy Murray has won the first set and challenging the second as I write my take on the week's action along with some attributing factors....

This week I wrote a piece on Bowleven, the company has all the hallmarks of a decent play which could quite frankly launch from the current share price! BLVN have upped their game by progressing in Cameroon in a tough market, Simply the company is in a better position operationally yet the share price has swung from 50p-100p-50p area once again.

The piece is here:

Whilst speculators and bears bash gold I still remain relatively bullish and have been buying Medusa Mining at around £1 as the upside is clearly huge, Check the website for opinion.

I'm also going to mention Scancell Holding (SCLP) the company seems to have a great support so would look on a bad shout stop out at 44p however the company's price action seems to suggest 60p initially SCLP have traded successfully above the 200DSMA since Feb 2013 with a brief visit below the 200DSMA as the Rsi wound down before quickly rebounding  upto current level 49.5p

 Scancell has made huge fundamental claims as they look to jockey the company into a sale position. Although speculation on the forums is obscene (Usually Jibba Jabba) I actually like what the company represents and the transparent approach they are taking. More to come on SCLP on clearer technical picture or fundamental change.

I had a great chat with Matt Lofgran of NTOG and will speak more about the company but feel the 0.40p area is a bunch of value going onwards as the company breaks even at Chisholm as they are exploring/drilling and producing.

The link is here:

In general the retail seem to have pockets of opportunity out in the markets and i believe the offers well constructed opinion from a robust and dogged roster of writers. (Sign up free today)

Outbound we tip toe along as the natural resource sector is labouring under the cloud of its current cyclical trend which is pointing towards an uplift towards the year end. Its not gone forever as some suggest and the good times will return. But each time there are new dynamic plays to ride like seabiscuit.

Don't be left holding an eternal hope, rather scour the market for undervalued well set up companies trumpeting a genuine tune....

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