Monday, 17 June 2013

Tuesday Chatter Vol.I

Yesterday morning we wake up to the Lrl news which was obviously a stinker however the company always try and stem the rot with some positive hindsight/foresight bla bla bla... '' Folks this is the game '' We can never be certain but more often than not a companies hardest call is to deliver good or bad news in the right way and at the best time.... Sounds simple ay? Although statistics say otherwise.

I'm told that Lrl have cash covering its position! As do New World Oil however they are not alone as I recently covered Global Petroleum (Gbp) who also have a cash coverage with some interesting projects in the Mozambique channel and more importantly Namibia. Serica (Sqz) have just farmed out announcing BP who have taken 3d seismic costs with rights and responsibility to drilling/well testing costs should the data be favourable, which highlights New & Lrl are not alone out there!

They just have a negative stream around them right now......

Mar City announce a £5.8m contract today which might explain along with other recent announcements why the company has moved up significantly. '' Is this leaked and known news? '' and is it factored into the share price.

Gkp have been under a fair bit of pressure after the CEO moved over a huge chunk of his share interest which spooked the market which was well played on. Gkp have made plenty of news over the years since its  bumper rise from 11p to 450p, Is it not time that shareholders started to ask about the game play around the company, surely they have something in their arsenal to echo the significant value Gkp has, I mean it was stuffed down the markets throat at one point. '' Start asking the questions of who is actually pulling the strings ''

Medusa mining was a wrong shout by me at 168p as today it opens around 115p.
MML are well undervalued and my advice is to look at Buying into weaknesses!!! When the worm turns it will correct quickly in my opinion.

As 8am fast approaches i run to publish this piece and sadly without some other key topics. Look in later this week.

All the best Doc

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