Tuesday, 4 June 2013

U.S Oil & Gas June 4th

The Information The Real Investors Needed

After all the cock and bull from factions of forum posters the truth is they all sat in a room like good little boys and watched the CEO of US Oil and Gas deliver this:


Above is six and half minutes of chatter after arriving late due to not having the stomach to neck his last pint of the black stuff before hot tailing it over to the meeting. I mean surly he had dutch courage and a bunch heavies to deal with 60-80 unhappy investors? Wrong.... He waltzed in like Matilda with some seemingly spell bound hocus pocus....

Bri then went on to present some technical chatter here:


Twelve minutes here with the six minutes above and the half dozen questions and the game was over to the shock and disbelief of disgruntled investors? Wrong..... He even received a clap!

What the hell was all the wind and piss about on both forums? Well I'm sure some who claim to know more than others have nothing to worry about and their investments safe and in good hands! simply because they feel or proclaim to know something the real investors don't!!!

Truth is that this is utter shit as the company themselves find arriving at a location on time and in the right hotel is something of a challenge or the fact that they can't make simple comms on time comprehensively to NDOM state authority or the fact that the presentation of the company from 2012 with its projected activity and delivery actually coming up with a big fat fail.

USOP may work EB2 and all may not be lost at EB1 but it seems there are to many balls in the air at once for this team with the school boy technical error's made which the Bod seem to have to revisit and clear up. None more so than these type meeting.

Convey the right message with conviction.
Be on time
Accept a reasonable level of responsibility for your own actions
Give the genuine shareholders the same courtesy as all involved

USOP are still proactive and pragmatic in delivering hydrocarbons and value and I'm not here to argue, Should they do 10% of what they say then things could well see a change in the horrible downward trend.

More to come from Us Oil & Gas soon at the 2013 AGM but don't expect fireworks as the big shouters are big pussy cats and unlikely to represent any investor unhappy with the past 12 months.

Attend yourself if you have anything good,bad or ugly to say! (I'm not suggesting anything other than reporting facts) '' I still however would like to speak with BFP,MM,Lols,TF,Wiggy '' All for very different reasons i hesitant to add and particularly would like to thank MM for his invite even though he failed to contact me to date.

Before anyone asks I see value in E&P Oil & Gas companies but prefer to look at ones with decent cash positions with minimal risk and tangible value similar to Global petroleum, Here:



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