Sunday, 25 August 2013

Weekend Chatter Vol. VI

Today we look at cycles as an extension of the SMVP piece here, Once we as investors clarify the markets mechanic/effect on one and all we then look to determine our own pathway through the quagmire.

Nostra Terra  Has fallen at the hands of speculators,rumors and conjecture using the calculation 2+2 = Whatever? The point being the stock is in the BUY zone yet the piss and wind comments on bulletin boards have set a despondent and depressed attitude.

The complete contrast has been SER who managed for a long time to create an environment of hope based on the suggestion that Dr Ali report would be the catalyst to all things good, currently we have Tom Winnifrith and Dan setting the stall out in a way aim regulators should have done with the Nomad continuing investigations. '' How good does it actually look ''

REM Investors hit the jackpot with the stock nye on 10 bagging returning a pretty penny for the speculative buyers.

The Aim market continues to share the feel good factor with precious metal opening the can now letting the producers with a $1300+ cash cost back into the game.

Gold futures rallied to an 11-week high on Friday, after disappointing U.S. new home sales data dampened speculation the Federal Reserve will begin to taper its bond-buying program as early as September

Elsewhere on the Comex, silver for September delivery rallied 3% on Friday to settle the week at USD23.73 a troy ounce, the strongest level since May 9.

On the week, silver future prices advanced 2.1%, the fifth straight weekly gain. Silver prices are up almost 24% since hitting a three-year low of USD18.19 on June 28, placing it firmly in bull-market territory. (Full article here)

This week I covered Bmz, Tom and Ser at offering a layman opinion on whats hot,not and not yet... Black mountain appear on the cusp of a major correction as the company go from non revenue making explorer into a tangible producing operation, a rising silver price can only be a good thing. TomCo are likely to have news as early as mid-late september which should start to wake up the P.I's.

Finally Sefton resources resonate like a benny hill sketch here

I have stated on the SMVP site we would start to go interactive which has seen a chat with a few seasoned Investor/traders should DLC readers want to join in then please feel free to leave comments.

Looking ahead we have a number of key points to remember regarding the stock markets...

1.) Embrace the gains in the small cap - Hold the same stance on de-risking and locking in gains

2.) We are seeing relief not a full on bull run - Value the downside to limit loss and maximise gain

3.) Don't subscribe to the dream and fantasy of a brand spanking new sports car! keep the used mondeo approach just a little bit longer.

Mining stocks are lifting after 12 months of pain with precious metals mirroring, natural resource including Oil and Gas are but a number of sectors that are showing signs the valuation curve is about to blow...

I don't advocate shooting from above the rim thus maintain a responsible,robust and reliable approach to the markets.

Midweek we focus on a number of opportunities the whooping and hollering have missed. Enjoy the extended break and all the best


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(These are but opinions derived from my own experiences and thoughts and do not adopted as statement of fact)

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