Sunday, 11 August 2013

DLC Weekend thoughts

In the wake of choppy waters we look back at this weeks action in brief and validate thoughts shared both here and DLC. For most of 2013 I have been discussing on my twitter feed and old FB page the lackluster value in SXX! This week some of the fears have been felt.
Sirius’s: finger in the hole type approach had to come to an end sooner and whilst the retail are feeling the pain i suspect at 9-13p they start to present some potential and worth for the more savvy looking to enter.

More on Slme,Ecr,Prs,Ntog,Sou,SclpGbp,wsg and rrr here:

(Fridays post from SMVP)

I had a request from John Arnold to clarify my position on Ecr Minerals. '' I think i have been clear that i support the new look Board of directors and also the responsible attitude they show to salaries,remuneration and expenses ''

The previous board clearly spent a heap of cash and delivered little. I hope this is the positives needed.

The con's may be possible unrest which could eventually encroach on the Itogon asset along with the implosive sentiment the previous Bod initiated.

All in all I'm swinging towards the bull than the bear whilst i work to clarify my thoughts

Regards Doc

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(These are but opinions derived from my own experiences and thoughts and do not adopted as statement of fact)

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