Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Today's Tuesday chatter

As we run the rule over the markets today

We see some obvious changes in the small cap sector, Sirius minerals (Sxx) plums new 12m lows and the old trick by the company to stem the flow with a meaningless RNS has lost its attraction there are a bunch of companies that use this method to talk out or up a situation. Today's news also announced that relations with its broker had fallen down.

 The Company's brokerage contract with Jefferies Hoare Govett ("Jefferies") has been terminated and Jefferies will cease to be a broker on 26 August 2013 at the end of the contractual three-month notice period

We also see Red Rock Resource (rrr) take off on its sale approval of the Greenland asset, I mean Edison's say its worth an insane amount in the share price and who am i to argue but will say this '' The whole story looks complex and unattractive '' They have a chunk of debt and will no doubt need to get on a funding drive.

Paternosters (Prs) share price goes up on Nav expectation and whilst its nice to see Paternoster at a sensible level I don't see how they can exceed the previous Nav value to much the two now appear to have aligned.

Scancell Holdings brush themselves down after the of over cooked news as they today trade at 39p. The shareprophets.com had the call correct and will be revisiting the previous review over the coming days.

Afri holds (Afri) 1.5p as the company present some of its fleet complete with livery, The newly formed company seem to be paving the way to bigger things

Lenigas (Lgo) looks to be filling a gap on its trajectory to 1.05p, Bopd capacity upgrade should be influential on actual recovery or another visit to the dark days of 60's.

Magnolia pet (Magp) investors now seem settled at the current share price of 2.45p, The constant release of news now wearing thin and the realisation that cheese and crackers could potentially cost more than some of the recovered from its RNS releases, '' I'm not as sure as i was at 5p that the train would derail further I would say that the engines got alot to do in order to get its load moving back up ''

Lek Oil (Lek) are still on the sidetrack which can't really go against them as the Afren Jv partner have already announced decent numbers, anything else is a real bonus which could have a real impact on the 38p buyers.

Frontera Resource (Frr) swings back towards the 1p? I'm not convinced this is anything more than a piss take these days.

Rialto Energy (Ria) show 12% up over two trades worth £3,000 yet the SP is £1m more - Talk about trade action not meeting price action.

Sound Oil (Sou) Closing mid price is right on the pivot point to rebound back into support or another slight tip of the scales towards 9.5p, early trade will dictate the divergence 

Petropavlovsk (POG) trips up on the gold test, as we hold the litmus paper in the air we have a reality check on gold and the stocks that correlate - Pog is starting to look cheap again! responsible multi tranche buying starting around 73-68p won't do to much harm in the greater scheme of things.

Medusa Mining (Mml) saddled with a problematic upgrade. Now the company's production has slipped below expectation which is having an awful effect coupled with the gold cries. I anticipate buying at the pound/teens or possibly £1 are not out of the question.

San Leon (Sle) 5p area with a Ceo who was drawing off upto £1m a year salary, I must readdress this to validate my thoughts and quantify the value of paying that amount from its performance. '' Is this a fact? i'm checking the maverick journal ''

Sefton Resource (Ser) Continuously I read how the Jim is doing investors proud etc etc. '' I just see a bunch of desperate shareholders trapped and lost in finding a resolve '' When SER release news that warrants a decent rise and offers its shareholder some upside then I'll give such posters the credit and doff my cap to the cappy tan....

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