Thursday, 22 August 2013

The passage of time...

'' Let there be light ''

Wow what a week so far! Aim has been red hot with a number of turn rounds from Ecr and Solg both have seen huge rises, Although nothing on REM who have galloped up to 1000% over recent times.

The quiet man is RRR who are looking to be turning a very bad run into a light relief as the share price starts to react to the asset sale news. KIBO have been doing really well coming from the June low point of 2.5p up to todays 5p with JV news likely to add a significant chunk of upside. My only thought is the JLP JV which turned out to be a bunch of hot air.

CPP seems to remind small cap investors the risk they take when entering a party zone late when all the other clubbers are home in bed!!!

SER has been an absolute shocker, Its a disgrace to see some of the immoral actions of that company and against my better judgements of the past I offered the short sell rec at 0.42p to 0.30p which has nearly come twice in as many days click here

ZIOC jump out the range from 10.5-12.5p hitting 14p in quick time, I guess the market are starting to see that there is a stonking upside against a limited downside. Early TP 20p with a long term TP of 55p.

NTOG still trade flat again another pending big runner IMHO. Won't bleat on to much but would say that the piss and wind rumours of a placing are only that and it may be worth the unsophisticated investor looking at the unpriced significant change that has happened. BUY

ORE keep pushing ahead off the 0.25p tip at the stock is likely to trade higher again.

I wrote three pieces this week, two published and one in the system, Black Mountain is here but will speak more of this in the weekends round up.

I will catch you all for the weekend round up with one word '' Cyclical trends.....  ''


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