Friday, 2 August 2013

Nostra Terra Oil & Gas

It's Friday again and the end to another week, I have covered a few companies this week with a strong focus on Nostra Terra oil & gas after an extensive chat to CEO Matt Lofgran, I'm acutely aware of the Jedi mind tricks Bods on aim try when speaking about there undervalued, well placed, super duper cooper trooper business they are running! '' Often this is a crock of shit and the companies are looking for funding,struggling to get funding or knee deep in the quagmire as they attempt to make a life saving executive decision to initiate recovery...

I called Matt off the cuff a little while back with a focus on perhaps some of the darker parts of the company, I actually had some preconceived ideas about Nostra and its CEO. After our brief chat i decided to look at Ntog closely which motivated me to write the recent reviews as well as a interviewing Matt himself.

I have to say my findings on the company and the CEO were a real surprise, Matt is a down to earth, easy going, highly motivated, hard working guy. Ntog have showed a real turn of foot after its rise like a Phoenix from the brink of disaster. (one day before the plug was pulled)

What's been achieved?

* Assets are outperforming by significantly exceeding expectations against peer comparators
* The company are now on something of a level footing (as best aim companies can be)
*  Gastor's $85m acquisition encircling Ntog-Ward speaks volumes
* The company has started to break even or in fact go black ahead of schedule
* Operators with operations that can unlock upside in a bear market will do well in a bull run.

Whilst Matt appears calm at the water's surface i believe under the surface he is paddling tirelessly to add lower risk, high reward upside to the value curve.

It presents a good binary bet for the investors looking to paw the smallcap oil & gas sector as aim becomes ISA able. I'd like to wish Matt and Nostra all the very best in the future and hold a personal opinion this is a success story waiting to happen.

The article is here:

The Uki 2013 presentation by M.Lofgran is here:

All the best Doc

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