Sunday, 1 September 2013

Weekend Chatter VII

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This week I took on Mining Maven via Shareprophets tipping small cap Oil&Gas companies against MM small cap mining companies each day for a week. Initially I expect the Mining Maven selections to race ahead a little further initially however feel I have the security against the high volatility/reward picks.
The full story is over on SMVP here:
The outlook remains of great interest as I hold the thought that we will have one last weak bear raid before the confirmed bull run actually takes hold. Aim still looks relatively good as i believe the bears  are aware how poor the next raid will play out hence now hedging,closing and looking long on the small cap sector.
Noricum: Had some decent news which helped underpin a decent correction in the market, Golds now turning its sights on $1450 and the Aim is still warm.
Goldstone: Has perked up showing the appetite for the miners currently
Blackmountain: Proceeds to grow on speculation of mine production news being somewhat imminent, What is pertinent to Bmz is the direct relationship with the bullish mine/metal sector.
Nostra Terra: Trade down as investor confidence weakens by despondent/depressed posters which is usually a dirty big Buy signal to me, The markets missed a signal here which is why '' I'm In ''
US Oil&Gas: Circus still ongoing as Investors are stifled by an all round lacklustre performance, Investors deserve better and should look to channel energy into the full story and those standing on the BOD.
Sefton: The battle over Jim Ellertons reign is over with mission accomplished, In order to broker the end of the war I assume it will come when my friends Tom Winninfrith and Dan Levi are fully compensated with a open letter of apology (However this is how I see it and not an actual fact)
Sound Oil: With investors now posturing for the nervesa news I couldn't go this week without mentioning the eternal support from Crudehope whose birthday recently passed. Perhaps JP could throw up the bonza results to compliment Crude turning 60 ;-)
Lek Oil: I spoke to both PR companies last week regarding Lek. News in September! Sp pulls back briefly and the stock is sucked up (Classic play) - This is now looking more and more like a 50-100p stock in no time at all as the JV discovery news is extended on from '' Significant discovery '' I'm not sure how Afren will word this but it could well sound like a GKP like Rns.
Red Rock Resource: RRR lifted after news the Greenland asset has sale agreed which will leave Red Rock with a fair interest and a bunch of cash '' hence the SP reaction ''
FastJet: Fast has been slow coming forward with a death spiral funding agreement and a tennis game of news -place, news - place rally shareholders are now feeling down on there luck! The story at the surface seems superb however the background moves not so!
Rem&Solg: Epic runs in both companies have really rewarded investors over the last few weeks however all good things come to an end. (Reducing capital exposure is never a bad thing)
Bowleven: Bowleven seem to be back at the 50-60p area which for me is as good a value stock as Xel,Rkh etc as the market really are not giving this company the relief (Yet)
Companies to watch in my opinion are Rkh,Fri,Wsg,Avn,Nfc,Gbp,Bp,Afri,Tom to name a few
I hope you are all enjoying the bouyant time but not getting ahead of yourself. '' Lock in gains ''
All the best
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