Sunday, 21 July 2013

Weekend Chatter Vol. V

Good Afternoon folks,

Looking back at the previous weeks bearish remarks towards the gold price it would appear we have some relief and steady stay at $1300 (Ish) Following some dreadful drops in gold stocks it is still my belief that the listed vehicles with a clear strategy,good tangible value and competitive cash cost will perform well.

After a chat to a number of companies on Silvermere Energy its clear that things can't possibly have been as steady going as one would of thought looking at the news flow and quick demise of its project and no doubt soon to be board. I asked Mr Morrison would he like to partake in a Q&A to explain the problems faced by SLME however the jury is still out as to whether he agrees or not as the case maybe.

Sound Oil Announced it had reached TD and the Q&A I did with James can be found here at the

Initial Buy Rec here (65days ago) -

The volumes in the aim market are representative of a dull weekend in Blackpool and whilst many grow tied the tenacious of experienced investor/traders are looking to identify the last slap down to the market before the turn in trend. We have no clear signs this has started but general market activity/volume is usually a good laymen rule of thumb.

GKP have jumped up as bottom feeders secured more cheap stock and shorters run a muck from retail investors speculating and conveying their unhappiness towards the BOD and CEO word. Selling 10m shares was never going to go down well.

'' If you smell a turd then usually you see it '' - Re: GKP Sp after the news.

Micro cap - Paternoster Resource pull the trigger again as it went oversold with a rise from 0.28p- 0.4p late last week, Still no firm news although NAV update is due, I don't see any significant reason for it to rise or fall.

Scancell was stupidly over cooked and whilst the news has not been clear to its P.I's its eventual bounce back to 30-40p will fall in line with the minor dilution to support advances in its pipelines toward sale early 2014.

Piri - Are due accounts and from my making they have a bunch of cash and a investment in a shale play, Is this IGAS or NOP (It looks good news either way) Maybe worth a very small speculative punt. (Watch out)

Zioc - The company I have been harping on about for what seems an age! (Potential 10 bagger) watch the media pick up on this over the coming months

Thats it for today but as always back tomorrow (Hopefully with reasoned opinion to validate some of the brief touches on the weekends chatter, Please share, thanks for reading)

All the best Doc

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