Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Sound Oil Q&A with CEO James Parsons


Q. 6) James Clearly the Nervesa result pegs Sound Oil on the map now in Italy, Do you have any further comments in regards to the future of Sound Oil and its likely hood to harness its investors with tangible value to couple to its significant upside in Badile,Laura, Zibido and Strombone etc.

So far we have demonstrated that we can deliver at the drillbit – and that is critical for any small cap oil company and will expose our investors to significant upside in Italy. However our strategy is broader than that and includes growth outside of Italy and consolidation with our competitors locally. We are looking to build a European / Mediterranean business of some scale and have a team to deliver that which is a blend of commercial, technical, operational and financial capability. The recipe for success here is a mix of a strong portfolio and a capable team with a clear strategy and high energy action orientation.

James can I take the opportunity to thank you on behalf of myself, and the Investors for taking the time out in a busy schedule by projecting a clear vision to your retail shareholders.

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