Thursday, 11 July 2013

Scancell Holdings

The other day Scancell (LSE:SCLP) saw its market value halve as it announced a conditional Firm Placing of 20,000,000 new Ordinary Shares at 22.5 pence each to raise gross funds of approximately £4.5 million. Its new backers are various EIS and VCT funds managed by Calculus Capital. In addition, and in order to provide Qualifying Shareholders with an opportunity to subscribe for new Ordinary Shares at the same price, the Company announced an Open Offer to raise up to a further £2.0 million (before expenses).
The fall looks overdone as the new issue of equity and its value should not have wiped £50m off the market cap. I concede the pricing of the offer may have soured sentiment but that should only be a short term issue.
Why raise cash now? Simple – Scancell was running on a near empty tank and needs to cushion to further validate its technology so that it can secure the best possible sale price later this year.

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TP 40p

This week I have covered a number of company's and expressed my repelling stance towards the bear calls on gold, needless to say the news broke and the spot price rallied so doom and gloom on the back burner....

After declining the possibility of spreading my wings writing for a well known outlet this week. I still remain intrigued on the outcome of a pending meeting with a company next week that i believe are offering up the right kind of prudent content to help navigate the markets, which would be a contrast to the daily reviews over at my residence the where the likes of Lucian Miers and Evil lead the charge on the short sell whilst Tom,Dan, Steve and Donald share some fundamental calls.

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