Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Motive Television Plc (Mtv:Ln)

10 Billion Shares in Issue

10 Directors and Senior Management members

One Vision

Okay folks some midweek chatter and perhaps a reality check for all the investors awaiting a significant rise to: 1p fantasists 10p and Martians £1...

Lets look at 2013:
Issue of equity announcements 8 times

Start 5.5Bn shares in issue

7th Jan
29th Jan
4th Feb
18th Feb
1st March
6th March
15th March
22nd March

To Date 10.39Bn Shares in issue

Guys I don't want to piss on any ones chips here but you have a company that have issued more stock than Lenigas on meth amphetamine!!!

Retail investors need to get with the reality of this company who's major shareholders are mainly nominee accounts (Other words Joe Bloggs down the dog and duck)

I was tipped to Buy and asked to cover Motive (MTV:Ln) In the last bunch of accounts the company appear to be losing three times more than they are making yet reducing there loss by 18% wow...

There tangible assets hold little value with the intangible assets £9m or in other words the company is losing cash quicker than global bankers and really have a book worth of potential which may or may not come to fruition but the question i would be asking right now is does it take 10 people to make a royal cock up?

The company are burning much more than they are making and are setting the benchmark lower than a snakes belly in the self harm of dilution...

I'm not going to spend to much time looking at the product's and services as it could easily be snatched away from them when you look at the state of affairs on the surface...

Good luck to all holders and if there is a sniff of profits then lock them in...

Until next time kitty Kats 

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(These are but opinions derived from my own experiences and thoughts and do not adopted as statement of fact)


  1. Wow...

    Crews/P&D's and track records...

    Bla bla bla, PRS has a great cash position (As much as the market cap) They will also report a superb revenue stream and profitability which will exceed many in the peer group. They have positions in Plutrus at 0.25p (Sp 0.6-2p) QFi @ 7p now 12p to name a few...

    The truth is this thread is not about PRS but MTV ~ A company that has issued a outrageous amount stock via placings in 2013...

    I'm not sour on MTV I'm just advising P.I's take profits as soon as its presented...

  2. I advise taking profit from dog stocks


  3. Posts removed as the stock dropped after a rise! My advise take profits seemed to be the right shout on this occassion... All constructive opinion welcomed '' Ranting however is for the fool hardy ''