Sunday, 3 March 2013

Outlook For March 4th - 8th 2013

Outlook - Bull Amongst The Bears

After a awful weekend of relocating the family its time to try and find the longs in what looks a shorters playground. We look at a few stocks that I've been happy to chat about here and across other out lets.

Jkx Oils looks a Bull in the Bear market
( 80p Target Price )

Xel Looks a Bull which shall transfer straight to the Bears for some further gains and then a swift pull back.

Paternoster Resource: Hold the key to Pandora's box in the End of Year results, Some disclosure first on the companies position and then update next weekend

RockHopper look to be cheap at 140p (As reported on twitter 150p up with enough to top up at 130's in a bear market)

Solo Oil has the rumour mill turning over potential deal that's pending ( 0.629p looks top unless the actually land the GIANT of deals.... As we know the norm is crazy rumours and little likely hood )


With Oil falling to 2013 lows and the doom and gloomers out in full force its perhaps time to consider the Gold rebound that's looming, I hear the drops to ridiculous lows as real possibles but then that's the bears making all the noise. My thoughts are Gold will rebound and once the more bullish city folk get on top we'll see a more realistic Gold value, Should the summer come early then we all know how they go from paper to solids leaving the stocks and taking in the commodities (Again good for gold).

Follow the gold trial and the companies that present value right now

Shanta Gold 18p
Orogen Gold 0.42p
VGM 21p

One to follow MML (Australian Goldy)

Chiffa Chats

On what are always entertaining chats with my old mate chiffa ' The King Of Swing ' I deliver these words.

ICH long for 5% at 1930
HOIL long for 10% at 187p
TT. short at 325 for 10% down to 290p
PFD short for 10p at 88p
Average trade is 7 working days
PS. XEL short like fuck at 123p
One of the universal features and a position I have adopted strongly is swing trading which has delivered far more profits in poor markets than Investor Holding, Hands down and In my opinion there are not many better at this than Chiffa in the retail world.
The markets don't have a great outlook but hey a shot of redex and the markets a buoyant again!!! The problem is we seem to be to high with the obvious eventuality is a right old pull back....
This is the market and this is the game we are apart.
We could spend all day shouting from the rooftops about the fundamentals of a company or the historical data but unless the square starts to fit through the triangle when the worms turned we have to get out of the water or follow the current rather than swim against it
well folks a brief one tonight as busy following the drip of rainwater on the window...
Remember take some off the table and de-risk those positions, Protect the capital and don't get sucked into the vile pumping of stocks and those that orchestrate it.
All the best Doc
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(These are but opinions derived from my own experiences and thoughts and do not adopted as statement of fact)

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