Sunday, 17 March 2013

Bulletin Board Avatars

Avatars on stock market forums has been a bone of contention or subject of integrity for some time, Which leads me to this subject matter and in response to questions of '' Who if anyone do I rate in regards to BB posters. ''

The reality is you really don't know who's of good stock (Pardon the pun) and who's not! We also have little Idea of understandings or skills set one-another may have accrued over there investing/trading life span.

I can honestly say from my own experience that I have spoke with many Avatar/Id's over the years and only a small number to date have demonstrated a true,clear and comprehensive knowledge rather than the hoards of dilettante fools playing at it.

I'll review a few old guys who still mingle on LSE in particular my old haunt before they decided to ban me for offering a obtuse view point on OPE as around that time a collective were projecting bumper numbers and results which '' Heck you guessed '' Never came.

These posters are respected and proven and damn good at what they do:

GaryN  ~ Great guy and proven in his acute stock picking
Philski~ A poster with Industry knowledge and modest manner
MJ84   ~ Top rate poster with a keen eye for numbers
SteveJ ~  Sareums resident long termer and totally decent bloke

I think these 4 are people you could question and expect to get a high quality response from a historically proven person.

I'm not going to forget the Taters,Jamie012002,Crude,Zorns etc However its important to focus on those willing to interact regularly and have the skills set to offer the level of response you as a newbie wet behind the ears or a failing investor lost and looking to get some relief into there investment portfolio

I won't comment to much on the relentless dogged actions of the charlatans that incessantly bark at my word.

Drosso2 ( A guy who couldn't Identify a legitimate outcome from a fantasy )
Wassatt (Angel Mining's top ramper who appeared on a crew mailing list)
BrickBradford ( Ex oil man who doesn't know his onions from his olives )
Pornix ( More threats than Gaddafi ~  Although I still wonder to this day why I received images of a burly bloke in red stockings wearing only a stetson!!! '' The mind boggles '')

Or a few poor soles that target the Doc Holiday name as they were stung on grade A pump in Leed Petroleum,Whilst I was asking genuine questions these folk were quacking the same tune as the counterparts hinged with what they believe to be fact and life changing information which turned out to be a dung beetles dream (similar to the Usopians or the Ope Investors)

I only give reasoned opinion and refuse to hold grudges against anyone as often the people who suffer most are those that have been sucked in by the markets or a group of ruthless traders.

Before I'm labelled narcissistic I do have to say '' I hold myself in the highest regard '' And regardless what your personal thoughts are on me there is a message amongst this Sunday drivel

Good Luck


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(These are but opinions derived from my own experiences and thoughts and is not adopted as statement of fact)

I think Sadaat may have found his own ability to accept a obtuse of contrary opinion difficult and though a nice enough chap he may not yet hold the minerals to moderate groups successfully

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