Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Midweek Chatter ~ Attraction to significant gain

As we see the crazy rises across the board in Aym,Tps and Neos to name but a few. Clearly the Markets makers and the collective forces at be are working tirelessly to maximise unrealistic rises in single sessions by squeezing every ounce of enthusiasm from its partaking crews.

The wild and exciting arena that offers instant riches appear to much for any novice or experienced Investor/Trader yet the catalyst to your outcome is the ability to circumnavigate these situations and take profits before your left with a 30%,50% or even 70% negative in your position, Suddenly the boards go quiet and the tumble weed rolls through town with the resident smoking guns gone. Many novice and inexperienced traders sit shell shocked at the terminal at what seemed a great investment with a party like atmosphere.

This is specifically designed to be this way and when the MM see opportunity they will make there money all the way up and down, Its there job to!!! 

The recipe was correct with market and the investing/trading collectives 

Sucker punch

When we look at the stocks mentioned these are only recent examples to the layman and nothing personal as one hooks up with Tata and another has holdings announced you could argue the rise is warranted and I'm not against that or disputing it although I am projecting a serious need to question oneself when joining into these wild and dangerous environments.

Are you fully aware of the risk?
Do you have the skills set to navigate the play?
Is this a realistic environment?
Have you really set your stall out with fundamental and TA research?

I'm not here to tell your granny how to suck eggs I'm appealing to those who are set to suck there first egg and prevent it lodging firmly in there throat. 

Plenty more to come this week and Twitter has a few stock thoughts...

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