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Paternoster Resource


Paternoster Resource News stream and Value

Paternoster have had a variable 12-15 months as they traded at a premium to the Nav with not so much going for it back in early 2012 and now trade at a significant discount with further Investment disclosure and Accounts pending release which will demonstrate a highly profitable and positive Investment/Revenue position and portfolio.

Current disclosed Investments as they stand and the +/- position


Brady Exploration £161,000 -17%
Quadrise Fuels £218,000 estimate +56%
Plutus Resources £720,000 +260%
Astar Minerals £110,000 -63%

Current undisclosed Investments as they stand 

Andiamo Exploration             £200,000
Shumba Coal                        £160,000
Bison Energy                        £200,000 estimate (Speculated)

Warrants Held
Leed Resources 166,666,667 exercise @ 0.15p

(valued at market value where possible)

The company appointed Nick Lee as Ceo and re-branded the company as a Micro Inv. Fund as the completed an early coup on LDP and taking significant gains in IPSO now Plutus. 

Thoughts and figures from December 2012:

Updated Jan 2013

What is quiet clear is the company have made great leaps forward under the surface after the huge surge in cash profits from the Ldp trade in early 2012. One full year on and we now have around three times more cash with no likely cash calls and a healthy Investment portfolio.

Core Value

TOTAL INVESTMENTS £1,770,000 (Unrealized profit £390,000 +28.1%)
Probably outperforming most indexes and benchmarks

CASH circa £1,300,000 - 1,400,000

Shares in issue 577,857,956
Net Value 0.55p
Share Price 0.31p
Discount 44%


Potential Value
When the Unlisted companies list it should provide another significant uplift in the NAV. Also the potential of RTO's for Brady and Plutus could provide further uplift. Should these pieces of the jigzaw fall into place you could expect the Share Price 0.70p+

This is the disclosure we expect will become more transparent which should reveal further gains on listing and reverse take overs. Paternoster hold a clean and jerk cash position protected by a decent cash value yet ready to take any advantage of weakness in further investments as the CEO Identifies potential with whats seems an ease. As QFi languished Nick dropped in and took stock at 7p to add to the impressive Ldp and Plutus scalps. 

When we look at the PRS (Paternoster) Peer group it seems that Paternoster are tripping over itself as the Core & Potential value as they have healthy revenue and profits on the book with further coming as the second group are revealed.

Bison Energy

As we are seeing today news is filtering out into the public domain from a diverse investment select.

Paternoster Resources are underweight, reiterating a BUY recommendation

As I review the maverick journal I'd like to add that the technical perspective looks to be maintaining a bullish trend as it has in bulk traded over the 200dsma in 2013 with a golden cross mid Jan 2013.

I expect the worthwhile news over the next week or so.

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