Friday, 1 March 2013

*USOP* Update

Basic as a badgers arse

Having looked at some information, Researching/Investigating Us Oil and Gas I felt compelled in a previous blog post to throw the Usopians a bone!

The genuine Investors are being peppered with lead daily as the bigger and more aggressive marketeers rule the roost and suppress sensible thinking with Jedi mind tricks....

One threatens me with libel for quoting a email received in June 2011 by the author who was himself, '' Stone the neighbours Dog ''

I have to say that I do believe they will flow Oil from Eb1 which is a result within itself if you look at Wildcat drilling,

From what I hear Usop have some Oil but they have a S-Club7 like collective commentating across various outlets...

I'd start to be wary of the longtermers as they have been around long enough to get wise to the game play that the markets have to offer and generally have an association one way or another, I however feel happy to comment as things unfold and I'll happily change my opinion on possible/potential positives and negatives brewing under the surface as the project plays out...

After wild threats when reporting this company its clear that there is a huge bunch of bad feeling amongst investors/traders alike, I can confirm I have never held a position or intend on it until Usop find a listing outside Gxg or the alleged Kaiser house.

I now draw attention to the high impact wildcat play and potentially ground breaking acreage Usop hold, With some of the donkey work out of the way and hydrocarbon shows in the drilling report (Sign of O&G) Its time for the company to analyse yet again there data...

Did it migrate?

Are there problems at the hole with waxing/separation or gunk as Knapp refers?

Sources familiar with the Hot Creek Valley operation have told the I-Team that, in addition to light crude and the thick gunk, Nevada is known for a third grade of oil, something akin to the Texas-quality crude that is the standard in the industry. The company needs time, perhaps months, to figure out how much is out there

On the contrary In Elko County, an even bigger oil project is being launched. Noble Energy, an international oil firm, is investing up to $300 million to look for oil in the shale-rich deposits near the town of Wells.
"Noble Energy is pretty excited about our position. We've established 350,000 acres in leases in Elko County. We have a tertiary age project. We think it could be full of oil," Jeff Schwarz.  "Noble Energy is pretty excited about our position. We've established 350,000 acres in leases in Elko County. We have a tertiary age project. We think it could be full of oil," Jeff Schwarz.

Should Usop be one of the very lucky ones and hit the highs similar to Felix Baumgartner! In this kind of drilling in the geographical location I'd say that the sub quid buyers will see profit...

However we are talking hundreds not thousands of Bopd Imho with Eb2 rumoured to be having the pads set down its possible the spud goes in before the results come out on Eb1... Which in itself could feed more happiness into the retail world!

Companies have to work hard to recover Oil in this region and from a well with a tough C.o.s, So to be fair to the crews on the hole it may be more constructive to focus on what drives the market/company your invested rather than the testing outcome right now. '' I've seen share prices fly just before a announcement on dusters and on the contrary fall just prior to a gusher ''

There are ruthless unscrupulous folk in the stock markets and none more so than those invested (Probably trading) US Oil and Gas...

I'm glad to counter this with some decent honest folk... 

All the best Doc  

Wake up to the illusions
Wake up to the honesty and its keepers
Wake up to the mechanics that drive it
Wake up to the reasoning
Hope & Good Luck is state of mind
(These are but opinions derived from my own experiences and are not statements of/or matter of fact)


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