Thursday, 1 January 2015

Happy New Year To One And All

Today we embark on a new year and a new journey, I hope 2014 has been everything you wanted or needed it to be. 2015 provides opportunity as well as risk thus we shall whittle down all that is crappy about aim and look for everything good in the hardest, corruptest yet potentially most rewarding exchange in the UK.

Understanding the mechanics of aim is alien to most people as it entails going against most of your natural instincts, this is something of a mental exercise that one has to embrace and practise in order to master the steadfast qualities needed to blossom when investing / trading the aim market. #KnowTheGame

In the first quarter of this year I'll battle my own demons of how useful engaging in social media actually is, this is not prejudice to anyone or anything but simply some inner analysis of what one gets from partaking in this virtual world. I carried out an experiment via social media, the findings have been staggering and whilst I see the advantage of using this facility I also see the pitfalls, it appears the mindless disease of the bulletin boards are spilling through every retail crevasse. The aimless over promotion happens both in corporate circles and retail communities. Aim listed companies pay millions of pounds out in marketing and PR, many are mercenaries who measure success by the number of fee's they secure each year rather than the quality of the businesses they represent or infact there performance.

In late 2014 we had national newspapers liking HorseHill to Dallas - Utter shit

Directors Talk the gap filling gateway to news which was designed to make accessing / collating news, media and information quicker in order to help decision making, the potential was there when it first set out although now I fear a different service is on offer. If you make the news or worse if a company is allowed to provide its own coverage then you have a situation on your hands which can become toxic quickly, I have no hard line view on DT and we shall see how they go in early 2015 however if it replicates the back end of 2014 then I expect it will quickly fall into the PR outlet bracket similar to Edison or Proactive, I have expressed my concerns frankly with the founder/owner to which there has been no response. Lets be clear about the service you are offering, also lets not fanny retail investors up that they are getting a full picture of news if its is being tailored around a clients needs or requests which is then layered or placed as the '' Big news of the moment whilst ignoring blatant flaws ''

A line from Pink Floyds wish you were here: '' Did they get you to trade your hero for ghosts '' resonates

Onto other business, Sefton Resources Are on the brink of collapse after backroom deals between Hawker / Sefton and The Bank Of The West are exhausting, The funding for their proposed deal was pulled after the oil price (OP) collapsed leaving any future looking extremely clouded. The people pulling the strings here are not Sefton nor Hawker but the BOTW as they hold control through the debt, its my belief that the BOTW are growing weary and aware of the strokes being pulled by the company as they try to jedi mind trick master Yoda (BOTW)

This is a very stupid and dangerous game to play, trying to pull the hood over the head of The Bank Of The West, one which i believe will end in all certainty badly for shareholders, unless a white knight rescue comes in. This is unlikely thus the company could be suspended as soon as Monday week, I believe that multiple defaults have taken place leaving confidence of resolution now extinguished. The deals have continually broken down due to poor construction or blatant pisstaking, The Bank Of The West are left with no option... '' Yoda's final and biggest lesson is about to come so buyer beware '' as the house is about to come crashing down on Sefton and its crony brigade.

Keep your peckers up


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