Saturday, 31 January 2015

David Lenigas '' Refers me to his lawyers ''

The great David Lenigas after the release of my Stellar Resource research document, refers me to his lawyers:

''This has just been sent to the litigation lawyers.''
David Lenigas
Clearly the document which was published at the shareprophets here was enough to get a bee in old Daves bonnet, I mean collating information which is available within the public domain and from an enterprising line of questioning from the UK's '' Freedom of information act '' was just too much for the serial entrepreneur and aim director. I guess the whole freedom of speech theory is lost by bully boy's who automatically refer those with the balls to speak out to his '' Litigation Lawyers '' my fomral response here is: '' fuck you and i'll see you in court '' If fat Dave thinks by sending such an email response to me is some kind of warning shot over the bows then he is sadly wrong, Long before I decided to share my research findings, I spoke with industry experts, I also gave the companies (STG & GMOW) time to review the document in which I encouraged them to:
Or refute any claims within the document which were inaccurate, inappropriate or they felt warranted comment. I also point to effect on the comapnys shareprice at time of release. The mathmatical gangsters will find the document has had no detrimental financial effect on the company at the time of release.
If by tweeting via social media has some type of impact I'd say Dave should look closer to home, he himself has already run into a modest bottom slapping from his advisers after misleading investors by commenting (3 times) that HorseHill had 3D seismic data. '' Which it did not '' (according to Neil Ritson)
Now I accept that UK Oil & Gas is in better shape than the markets are valuing it, infact I'm a shareholder however this does not detract from the utter reckless red faced manner in which Dave operates.
I now await the next move by the big dog, but if the mediterranean Oil & Gas case is anything to go by then I shouldn't need worry too much as the judgment by Mr Justice Males commented:
'' The claimants case fails at every stage '' in Ref to litigation between LGO energy (Formerly Leni Gas & Oil) and Mediterranean Oil and gas (subsidiary Malta Oil) . - March 2014 (Find that judgment here)

Perhaps the big fella should hire Mog's counsell to stick it to me at least they could say they've had recent success's dealing in litigation cases with Dave. Robin Williams once said '' Never pick a fight with an ugly person, they've got nothing to lose ''
I'm something of a star wars geek, this notification reminds me of a certain Owen Delstar the officer in the republican army who fought in the Mandalorian wars... I won't dribble on any further on this just yet but I may do in the future. (Geeks like me love star wars trivia)
All the best
* Kindly I have accepted Tom's invitation back to the UK Investor show 2015, I've been mulling over it for sometime but today made the decision that facing companies that mislead or worse need to answer for there actions so now look forward to engaging in my favourite past times '' see ya'll there...''

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