Sunday, 18 January 2015

DocsLaymanChatter XXXIII

Another day another dollar! the markets are full of discontempt, dissolution and drama. One can ponder over the correct use of time or infact his/her purpose within the stock markets, from personal experience when the shit hits the fan previously i took myself away for a little over a year learning (From an incredible teacher) technical analysis which 80% to 90% of my trades are made. I have found over the years that the markets mechanism is just about as important as any other divergence or indicator, thus understanding this is paramount.

I spent all of half an hour analysing the complete flaws in Brokermandan's recent piece on Wressle 1. or the utter rubbish in his claims from his last UK onshore scoop however come to the conclusion life is to short to bicker.

I have however constructed some thoughts here so feel free to listen or not as it may be

When people are suffering in the markets emotions run high, the trick here is to remain as balanced as possible, no article can change the OP or sentiment surrounding it! no opinion without factual based evidence shall have any great detrimental effect however your due diligence should be the answer to your final decision making. The markets are fraught with deciet,lies and misinformation and this is from the unlikeliest of places, BOD's, PR companies, Tipsters & Commentators etc etc. Much of this is a bi-product of how the very arena (small cap markets) are formulated which makes simple tasks extremely difficult, but if you #KnowTheGame and what you're up against then you have a fighting chance.

UK Oil & Gas Are a company I'm backing once again and within the same price region. Ukog is yet to stir however contrary to BMD's claims of big scoops which lead to a share price collapse, I myself prefer to be the lone voice talking about a company at the bottom end of the cycle. Many of you are aware that about a year ago I mentioned this company whilst responsibly suggesting the entry and exit. I admit i wasn't 100% correct but 400% is not to be sniffed at. I think we will see a mammoth run again soon here regardless of OP.

Rare Earth Minerals Sadly you cannot take the management seriously when you read statements from the operator suggesting they have not seen recent reports released by REM, this opens a can of worms as to what's going on? we then find the company (against DL suggestion) was infact raising cash '' yet again '' I do hope for investors that REM comes good however have my doubts. So until all parties start singing from the same hymn sheet i remain cautious. I do however believe if the RSI breaks down we may see 0.60p but accept that if the RSI holds 50+ then a return (rebound) to 1p+ is very much on.

Frontera Resources Seems to be growing with anticipation, this is not a new story! the CEO has been slogging it out since the late 90's in true Aim oil fashion this story is extremely compelling. If it starts to get any real traction other than the annual pump for funds then I'd say its worth considering it but buyers beware that your targeting 0.50p region on the downside and a few pence to the upside. On that basis it would seem fair game however my own DD on the company and its management leaves one big question mark ?

GoldenSaintResources Appears to have jittered on expected news, however the vibe picked up again friday so this could well be the indication that the green lights coming on news/deal flow. Remember folks an uplift in volume and interest (particularly in bad times) is a big flag for news, couple this to a cheeky pull back a few sessions earlier and you have the recipe for RNS - stay tuned...

Union Jack Oil Contrary to the audio above, its pretty simple you either see £3m+ in cash (£4.4m mcap) with a 3-5 well program as a buy,sell or hold. I believe the downside is limited against a decent run of a potential few hundred percent. On that basis its '' job done '' but for gods sake lets not bitch or bicker.

BP. I mentioned on my twitter feed a few days ago when we witnessed the crazy drops in Enquest, Afren and BP that BP (Although not too popular) would be a safer haven for some of your cash, we may see further spatz of volatility but this provides oppourtunity with the likes of BP. - Happy hunting folks.

Savannah Resources Has been the focus of much debate but at these 2.2p levels the company is starting to look attractive, they need to get the hard core value RNS out instead of the spurious ones and P.I should really point the finger of blame to the company rather than fellow investors as clearly decision were made which have not be great for those who backed the story at 3.6p. The CEO has a bit of making up to do but I'm sure he has the minerals (quite literally) to do this.

All the best


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(These are but opinions derived from my own experiences and thoughts and are not adopted as a statement of fact)

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