Friday, 6 February 2015

3D Dave '' A Man Of His Word Or A Wanker? ''

So 3D Dave alienates himself from the very retail investor he uses his twitter feed to communicate with? not a great move for 3D Dave but hey don't take my word for it, take the rafts of folks who feel you are persecuting them for holding a different view than you.

The Draconian dictatorship may work with the paid for services in and around the city but the everyday punters need people to help fill in the gaps, sadly your dislike for me or your power hungry ego is driving you down into the shit you've created for yourself.

We know 3D Dave, is a loose cannon with the facts:

3D seismic @ HH                    - Fail 
No LGO placing                      - Fail 
No REM placing                      - Fail 
Ukog fundraiser                        -Fail

Just a few of the claims that 3D Dave had claimed were not on the agenda but actually were being worked or worse to proclaim you have some technology you actually ' do not '

On Monday you attended the ' Free Speech & Liberty Pizza House ' to promote UK Oil & Gas, a company I believe will go up in value (By the way) however the irony comes in the small hours when you tweet out to your followers:

'' All on my twitter, if i see you follow that Doc Holiday avatar you will be blocked ''

Now in order to be a man of your word you must ban a whole host of people, so I'll help you by pointing out folk you must block immediatly. Now I have a very funny feeling you won't remove  these people as this will stop you getting your word out. However it will help genuine private investors understand just how little they mean to you as clearly if you '' Block Holiday Followers '' then you should do so without prejudice, That's assuming you value each person equally '' I fear you do not ''

Harpers - Block
Christian Dennis - Block
Craig Ribton - Block
Matt Lofgran - Block
Solo Oil & Gas - Block
Darren Attwater - Block
Zak Mir - Block
Tom Winnifrith - Block
BrokerManDan - Block
Shareprophets - Block
Malcy Graham Wood - Block
Gary Newman - Block
Ben Turney - Block
TipTv - Block

The above people, you follow or they follow me, remove them immediately? or pipe down you egotistical clown, your own blinking company is following me. Your making yourself appear very silly with this cavalier attitude.

You won't block these people because they have an influence, respect or decency that you need.

For those of you that have been banned as a result of not bowing to 3D Daves bonkers request I salute you.


Block (Doc)

Todays DLC Audio Here, 3D Dave, Tom W, Corruption, Reform

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