Sunday, 7 September 2014

DocsLaymanChatter XXV


After an extended summer holiday this year I don't feel I have missed a thing! which was the feeling I had anticipated prior to making the decision to throw a black spot into the last 5yrs following things extremely closely. I believe over the next few weeks I can fill in the necessary gaps but accept If I'm adrift on a meaningless chapter in the markets particularly as the last 4 summers have been shite then I'll have to live with my decision. Well Its good to be back and enough of my waffle....
I'd like to draw attention to a few compelling pieces in which we see the agadoo type business conducted by our old friend Peter Landau, I'll be carrying out my own due diligence on these articles but it looks compelling to say the least. '' Whilst long term investors are diluted into oblivion the Landau related company reeps $70,000 p/m (click here) '' You have to be shitting me....
The other piece I believe reveals the possibility of how business could be conducted away from the prying eyes of retail investors comes in this article: '' Potential illegal requests (click here) '' you have to be shitting me...
The cold hard facts sadly are most private investors are lacking slightly in their research and this is down not to the lack of intellect,effort or will but the very fact that people apply trust,logic and legality to the way these companies are run which are listed on the smallcap / aim market.
This is fatal and has wiped billions from small retail (private Investors)  accounts leaving tens of thousands of people feeling unlucky, inadequate or worse in serious trouble '' wake up now to the unethical market practices '' use examples and evidence of bad practices by making a mental and physical note to yourself that this is a corrupt,dark and sometimes dangerous environment to house your hard earned cash.
Without wanting to continue with the Edward Woodward like approach there is some life and prosperity within Aim. '' This is the challenge to us all '' to root out and find the flower which blooms in adversity, As I roll into my second year of this blog we shall look at such companies by reasoning and understanding their appeal. Likewise we highlight the Japanese Knotweed of the markets whether this be a director,company,nomad or adviser that demonstrates rogue practice/s.
Leni Oil & Gas: Very Odd move by David to step down, after the company has been on an unprecedented PR drive whilst releasing a bakers dozen of RNS's in close proximity prior to the exodus of the chairman this leaves an unpalatable question as to why? (This is ignoring the flannel public statement fannied to investors) - make a note as i feel we maybe revisiting this...
UK Oil & Gas: Sadly the company failed to make the best of the strong technicals which were aligned to a pivotal part of the companies development, The lack lustre PR drive or poor attempt to show the action at HH through a 3 second video on youtube left many disappointed. Lets not get carried away and take this as all bad news as its simply a step back or setback. The likelihood of an oil discovery is good and if the truth be known I'd say we are very likely to see some success at HH however the momentum has been struck off a little, I watch for the rebound prior to speculation on news.
Nostra Terra: Announced last week that they are taking a bigger step into the E&P game, this is monumental for ML and the Ntog team in my opinion, often the company stick with a tight binary outlook leading to reserve,recovery and revenue on a smaller basis. If things start to liven up in Wyoming then I'd expect a further shift to the upside of current levels.
Gulfkeystone: The international community as well as western press are now firmly posturing toward the fight against ISIS and whether David Icke believe's the Islamist State is nothing more than a propaganda tool in order to hoodwink the west similar to WMD the long and short of it is most western civilizations can't take seeing heads literally rolling on TV or in the papers, as JFK once said:
''Mankind must put an end to war before war puts an end to mankind''
On this very basis I see a cavalry like ending which will result in GKP returning to 150p+ however we watch in anticipation and offer a deep regret to all those poor folk affected by the extremist believes peddled as the muslim religion, '' This is not the case and most who follow the Muslim faith do not condone this sort of behaviour ''
I will this week be looking much harder at finding the next big mover so please follow me on twitter here:

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